Rebuilt Predator Armklinge

„Man at Arms: Reforged“ is known for, Weapons recreate from known video games and movies. So the Master Sword from Zelda velvet shield or some utensils from Batman's arsenal was, for example, already forged. Now the deadly, extendable Armklinge from Predator-Films on the series: Two serrated blades, flash extendable and incredibly sharp, which is the melee weapon eponymous highly intelligent aliens from the Predator movies. The replica can be as always impressive and was of course equipped with the rapid deployment mechanism and equal unleashed on poor watermelons and head-Dummies. The weapon is not only dangerous, it is also!

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Predator Blades (Alien vs. Predator) - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

Predator: Dark Ages – Trailer

Always Fans again surpass itself and create incredible, their Love express. In this case, several pals have teamed up to create a new part in the Predator-To provide serial to bounce back. In Fan-Short „Predator: Dark Ages“ occurs at the Predator against a group of medieval knights. The film was written James Bushe and play Adrian Bouchet, Amed Hashimi, Sabine Crossen, Ben loyd-Holmes, Jon Campling, Joe Egan and Philip Lane. Here is the summary reads:

Set during the Crusades, the faith & fighting skills of a group of Templar Knights is put to the test when they encounter the Predator. Their battle is the thing Myths and Legends are born from.

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Thermal Vision Dutch aus Predator

Yeah, dass ist mal ne Actionfigur! I think I want this, but I do not know so exactly, whether I really, really wants. You get the idea. It is absurd but that's why even just mega cool. In our Amazon Partner Shop there are just six pieces to € 21.90…

This special version of Dutch authentically replicates how the Predator sees him using his heat vision. The figure is cast in translucent green and is painted with “hot spots” of yellow and red. Comes complete with rifle, pistol and knife accessories.
“Just be careful you don’t drop it into a muddy puddle, or you’ll never find it again.”

Thermal Vision Dutch aus Predator

Like „Original“ Predator has appeared with Jean-Claude Van Damme

Wie der "Original" Predator has appeared with Jean-Claude Van Damme

Some time ago, mused makeup FX legend Steve Johnson, with his usual mixture of candor and humor about the ups and downs of his award-winning career. Among his Nightmare Time at Boss Films as Creature FX Supervisor and the first unfortunate Predator, which was played by the Belgian martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme. Below there for you a Video-Detail of the shooting and here you get to see the whole interview…

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PREDATOR - Original Suit with Jean-Claude Van Damme

(via Stan Winston School)

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