Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 – TRAILER

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 - TRAILER

Friends, Here is the first right TRAILER to James Gunn's second Ugachaka movie. at the 5.5.17 In U.S.&A, with us a week earlier (!) at the 27. April 2017. And now: Showtime!

Set to the backdrop of Awesome Mixtape #2, Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” continues the team’s adventures as they traverse the outer reaches of the cosmos. The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mysteries of Peter Quill’s true parentage. Old foes become new allies and fan-favorite characters from the classic comics will come to our Heroes’ aid as the Marvel cinematic universe continues to expand.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer

Wolves at the Door – Trailer and Poster

Wolves at the Door - Poster

That Katie Cassidy crying even six years after their last film genre (A Nightmare On Elm Street) controlled, proves the actress in the following TRAILER for Home Invasion-Slasher „The Wolves at the Door“. was staged the work of Annabelle director John R. Leonetti. However, before we „The Wolves at the Door“ gets on the canvas face, we have yet to adopt the current year. The film is expected on 2. March 2017 make local cinemas uncertain. Finally, embodies Cassidy none other than Sharon Tate, the former wife of director Roman Polanski, the most 9. August 1969 was murdered in her villa brutally by members of the Manson Family, while Polanski was on tour in Europe. The film is to get along completely without references to real events.

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WOLVES AT THE DOOR Official Trailer (2016) Horror Movie HD

Escape From Cannibal Farm – Trailer and Poster

Escape From Cannibal Farm - Poster

In „Escape From Cannibal Farm“ to press cannibals, Hillbilly and mutants the jack in hand. The British horror film directed by Charlie Steeds (Labyrinthia) then also acts, when had from the usual suspects „The Texas Chainsaw Massacre“, „Wrong Turn“ and „The Hills Have Eyes“ teamed for a joint campaign, romp around more merciless to their unsuspecting victims. Accordingly big is the charge of blood and guts, which Kate Marie Davies, Barrington De La Roche, David Lenik, Rowena Bentley, Toby Wynn-Davies und Peter Cosgrove, get cut around the ears. before 2017 We break at the hapless Harver family side but not in the British hinterland…

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Escape From Cannibal Farm (2017) Official Trailer [hd]

LASERPOPE – Trailer and Poster


Part Pope – Part Machine – All Laser! „LASERPOPE“ is something between blasphemy, Killertrash, superhero, Rodriguez and middle Raul Richter and Micaela Schäfer. what? And, properly rated Friends! The whole is the final project of Lukas Rinker and Henrik Gieselmann the University Mainz and the TRAILER to LaserPope kills just about anything that might be a holy ;)

Laserpope is a small Indie-Project from the clerical abyss of german genre cinema. Please watch, njoy and share the living hell out of it.

Look at, let the mouth open and then a strong Coffee tilt or brandy afterward. hach, you have this Trash love. greaT.

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Attack of the Zombies Lederhosen – Trailer and Poster

Attack of the Zombies Lederhosen - Poster

in February 2017, to the Zombie-make comedy by filmmaker Dominik Hartl the home theater uncertain. A native of Austria horror film tells of the popular snowboarder Steve and his girlfriend, during a photo shoot in the mountains Lost move. Refuge you are looking for in a remote après-ski tavern, where just rages a wild party. The situation gets totally out of control, as a zombie epidemic pours upon the land, both humans and animals into mindless killing machines transformed…

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Attack of the Zombies lederhosen - trailer OV

Siren – Trailer and Poster

Siren - Poster

The V / H / S-spinoff leaves Lily go on manhunt again! Chiller was of „Amateur Night“ so impressed, that you have the basic idea to the men eating sirens now expanded to feature length. Here the first TRAILER the full-length variant, the most 2. December initially limited in US cinemas starts and it published a few days even commercially. The spin-off from the pen of Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski tells the horror story about a bachelor party, gets the completely out of control, as a man-eating Monster hermacht in female figure on the celebrating company. Can they shake off the bloodthirsty sirens and its deadly horror-missed curse? In the director's chair took Gregg Bishop, got famous by „Dance of the Dead“ and its V / H / S Viral Short Film „Dante the Great“, an old acquaintance Place. A German premiere is not yet known at the current time…

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Siren | Official Trailer [hd] | Chiller Films (2016)

rings – New Poster and Trailer

rings - New Poster and Trailer

The renewed reunion with Plagegeist Samara has a new theatrical release and can now still up 2017 in coming. The focus of the sinister machinations but is no longer time Naomi Watts, but the new signings Alex Roe and Matilda Lutz. John Galecki (Big Bang Theory) personified in the film the protagonist Professor Young, their hapless characters stumbled on the mysterious, guarantees stumble deadly film, of every spectator kills within seven days. Even the iconic Video is back again from the predecessors also play a role…

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rings | TRAILER #1 | DE

Incarnate – Trailer and Poster

Incarnate - Trailer and Poster

Blum House Productions has a gun in the pipeline and presents on 2. December the San Andreas-director Brad Peyton (Journey 2) staged „Incarnate“. It Aaron Eckhart embodies an exorcist in the treatment of a 9-year-old boy. Meanwhile supernatural abilities call unintentionally an evil figure from his past to life - with horrifying consequences. Aaron Eckhart may after his appearance in „I, Frankenstein“ thus again compete against the supernatural horrors of the underworld and take the male lead. The director took Brad Peyton (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), while Ronnie Christensen (Dark Tide) the screenplay for the supernatural horror-Thriller contributed.

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Aaron Eckhart stars in "Incarnate"

The Walking Dead: What is the start of 7. Season should know

Nearly half a year we had to wait, until Zombies again are within reach, but soon the time has come and the 7. Squadron „The Walking Dead“ Starts! At the premiere of Season 7 FOX offers a special service: Once the 1. Episode in the original language as early as 4.00 shown in the morning. Who spoilers so want to go out of the way, therefore arises very early in the clock. All other episodes are then regularly from Monday to 21.00 broadcast aM. Other important information, Speculation and news, we have summarized again here for you.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Finally the wait is almost over. In a few hours starts Season 7 „The Walking Dead“. Shortly after the US premiere also German fans will enjoy the new episodes. You've already forgotten, what happened in the last scenes? Then there is the refresh a Fast forward by John Cleese or one of us, the last episodes of 6. Squadron: After Rick and his people have obliterated a camp of Saviors, think you, that the new enemy defeated and is defeated. Life in Alexandria on as normal. Suddenly there are complications in pregnant Maggie (Lauren Cohan). You want it as soon as possible bring Hilltop, where there is a trained physician, can help her. But on the way there suddenly members of Saviors block the roads - more, than previously ever seen.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Ultimately grope Rick and his men into a trap of Saviors. Finally, shows for the first time leaders Negan (with his baseball bat Lucille. He tells them, that he will teach them a lesson, by he will kill one of them. Overall kneel eleven main characters at this time before Negan: Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl and Eugene. The finale ends with, that Negan striking out with his baseball bat and kill one of the characters. Wen? That was the great mystery of the last months. More advance would like to test, when it comes to 1. Episode of 7. Season hits, makes our quiz.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Meanwhile both have Greg Nicotero, and actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirmed, that in the premiere of 7. Season "The Walking Dead" will be more than just a victim. In addition to the character, who was beaten to death in the finale of it, there is still another loss for people Ricks. Fans must therefore already now adjust psychologically it, that the comeback of Zombie-Series with the loss of several main characters starts. A gloomy season premiere, which is to leave the group of our survivors completely broken. Among the eleven main characters, the need to fear for their lives, are four Women. Nevertheless, many fans and many years are „Walking Dead“-experts agree, the survival of the female characters, we must not fear. Negan is cruel, would kill in this situation, but not a woman, since the Comic-readers agree.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

AMC published nearly three minutes of 1. Episode, the especially a conversation between Rick and Negan show - shortly after the cruel murder. Rick schwört Deny, that he would kill him sooner or later. Then Negan grabs an ax and pulls Rick in the caravan. If he loses his hand now? This rumor spread like wildfire on the Web. Even in the comics loses Rick a Hand, However, by the Governor and not by Negan. Then draws the eye of the camera over a bloody mess On the bottom. Nearby Daryl is ceiling. Finally, you recognize, it is not only the blood - there are the remains of a head. The other survivors are obviously so in shock, that you can hardly hear them in the background. The whimpers and screams are almost completely silenced. Negan won and thus initiates a gloomy 7. Season one of the zombie series.

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The Walking Dead - New Season 7 Sneak Peek!

Abraham to be killed according to various rumors as the first character. His death we have already seen in cliffhanger short. Shortly thereafter, it shall die, another character. Daryl disobeyed Negan and is killed in a cruel manner: Negan kills another character - due Daryls disobedience. In this character, it should be calculated act to Glenn, is beaten before the eyes of Maggie to death. In the comics „The Walking Dead“ there are in this situation, only one dead: Glenn. Therefore, many fans were after the cliffhanger safe, that he was killed by Negan. Apparently to this assumption - though minimal delay - true. If the leak rumors, Abraham dies first. Glenns death should be inspired by the comic book. In addition to a recent call for Maggie, to the scene to be similarly represented graphically and brutally. Squeamish viewers should better keep his eyes here.

"The Walking Dead" Squadron 7: Two new teaser with unseen scenes and new images

If Rick does not lose his hand, which means the little speech about the „right hand“ really? To this we must take a step back, to look at the group and decide, Who is Rick's right hand among the survivors. Most fans would probably respond Daryl Dixon or Glenn at this point. If this is true, results also Negans talk sense: Daryl is - the Knowledge We of the shooting - deported to the Sanctuary, so would Rick lose an important man at his side. And if the rumors are true, that Glenn, as in the comics, is killed by Negan, are two long-time friends and advisers as „right hand“ Missing. Moreover, there are indications, that we in Season 7 another group will get to know of opponents: DIE WHISPERER. Speculation about the introduction of this hostile group are not new. Even with the release of the trailer was rumored, that were seen Whisperer. On top of the casting call for another leader, which should be seen in the new episodes. And now even the Instagram image (see below).

You’ve been warned – #TWD premieres October 23.

One of The Walking Dead (@amcthewalkingdead) gepostetes Foto am

But what does this picture have to do with the Whisperern? In the comics kidnap a number of Alexandria residents and kill them not only, they behead their victims and even impale the severed heads on. At this point we want to mention any names, but the Whisperer are responsible for the death of several „Walking Dead“-main characters. Negan is not therefore the only threat, lurking outside the walls of Alexandria on the survivors. At „The Whisperers“ is it a group of ice-cold killers, which are equated with the „Wolves“, we in Season 6 to have met. They are a kind of cult, wearing the skin of the biter as masks and thus move among them and live among them. It took its name obtained by, that they would like to chat whispers - they talk too loud each other, they could thus attract the attention of the zombies on yourself. They are led by a woman named Alpha.

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The Walking Dead - Season 7 - Comic-Con Trailer

AMC has also published a summary of the new Season. This gives us a foretaste, what the survivors of the zombie apocalypse expected future. The English original can be found on inter alia „„. Here freely translated:

Until that time, our characters have survived conflicts ... disease, Hunger, hundreds of undead, tragedies, Betrayal and unimaginable loss. This helped them respekteinflössend. Powerful. Unstoppable. To start the 7. Season taken them this power. Spotted security and stability. They have created a home. they thought, the world would be their. they thought, They know the world. They were wrong. The first half of 7. Season shows our group broke, shattered, mourning and as they pick up the pieces, while forced to live in oppression.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Negan brought the survivors with success under his control and with brutal means and a deadly and cruel example, What's on, if they oppose, convinced, after his Rules to live. Other characters do not know, what's happened, because they were separated by an incident or of his own accord from the group - they will learn, that they can not escape this new turn of her world. This season is about half of these characters, the need to start from scratch. The overall theme of the season is "start over". The world is not so, as they thought. It is larger and more dangerous.

In particular, the second paragraph seems to Carol, Morgan, Heath and Tara to play, have been separated from the original group. But even they can not escape the violence and the influence of Saviors and Negan. It is a dismal season for the characters, since we 2010 accompany in their struggle for survival.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Eight Character Posters

Disney has devoted the main actors behind the nascent rebellion with a private character posters and as a foretaste of the upcoming theatrical release „Rogue One – A star wars Story“ released. By Gareth Edwards-directed work starts on 15. December of this year, the first stand-alone movie from the Star Wars universe. It takes place during the events briefly „star wars: A new hope“ (1977) and tells the story of a group different heroes, undergoing combination, to steal the secret plans of the dreaded Death Star. Filmed Rogue One of Godzilla-Creator Gareth Edwards, the stars like Riz Ahmed, Diego Luna, Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen, Donnie Yen, Mendelsohn, Jiang Wen, Alan Tudyk or Forest Whitaker were available.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Eight Character Posters
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Eight Character Posters
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Eight Character Posters
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Eight Character Posters
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Eight Character Posters
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Eight Character Posters
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Eight Character Posters
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Eight Character Posters

The Windmill Massacre – Trailer and Poster

The Windmill Massacre - Poster

Later this year, the first encounter with the diabolical killer awaits us from „The Windmill Massacre“ directed by Nick Jongerius. It tells the story of an Australian tourist, which makes fleeing from their own past in the Netherlands Halt. In order not to attract attention and to avoid the authorities, mixes them undetected among a group tourists, explore by bus the hinterland. When he gives up on the street in the middle the mind, remains them no choice, than to seek protection in an old barn next to a windmill - precisely those windmill, to have been processed in the once human bones…

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THE WINDMILL Official Trailer

Prey – Poster and Trailer

Prey - Poster

new TRAILER to Dick Maas (Amsterdamned, blanks, The Lift) lions-horror „Prey“, in which a broken-lion holding the residents of Amsterdam in breathing…

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Trailer de Prey — Prooi (hd)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – New Trailer and Poster

Star Wars Rogue One – Poster

I like the brand new TRAILER to „“ and I like, that everything looks pretty varied, you see so many different areas, and also, that all this somehow round and impressive acts. The lying stone type with lightsaber's just a really nice touch and anyway makes a very solid impression. Lots of new shots, Flashbacks with JyN Erso (Felicity Jones) as a child, gigantic ex-Jedi Statues in ruins and Father plows through the scenery! If horny. But how much remains of the grim war movie after Disney fixation by the now completed reshoots, we will see at Christmas. The cast is pretty great and the soundtrack also…

The story of Rogue One play before 1977 published „star wars episode IV: A New Hope“. In the center of the narrative is a Boy rebel group, which fights against the empire and trying to prevent the construction of the Death Star. Together with shady bounty hunters steal the rebel plans of the new superweapon and fall in the crosshairs of the oppressive empire around Darth Vader.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer #2 (Official)

Phantasm 5 Ravager & Remastered – Poster and Trailer

Phantasm 5 Ravager & Remastered - Poster

„Phantasm 5: Ravager“ and „Phantasm: Remastered“ are about to premiere on the big screen, because both titles are still to be shown this October as part of a limited theatrical releases including reissue. more than 35 Years old horror-Classic shines for the first time in digitally re 4K, which was supervised by one of the biggest fans and commissioned: „star wars: The awakening of power“-Director J.J. Abrams. at the 7. October, also closes the circle, if the long-lost „Phantasm 5: Ravager“ the grand finale of „The evil“-flickers series on screens and for a final reunion with Angus Scrimm aka „The Tall Man“ from Don Coscarellis 1979 the released and horror classic makes. On its head it has once again Reggie Banister apart. For remaining cast the final Phantasm film include names like Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury und Kat Lester.

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Phantasm Ravager The Tall Man is back in exclusive trailer ¤ZombiE¤
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Phantasm: Remastered Official Trailer #1 (2016) Angus Scrimm Horror Movie HD

Fantastic Film Poster of Grzegorz Domaradzki

The portfolio Grzegorz Domaradzki swells now almost over all of the celebrities. Especially great are his screen printing-Poster, he has created for various clients. Here he puts films like First Blood, Taxi Driver, Ironman or the troops to Rick Grimes perfect way to show. Some of his works, we fished our times, but also looks absolutely times when Behance past.

Fantastic Film Poster of Grzegorz Domaradzki

Ouija: Origin of Evil – TV Spot and Poster

Ouija: Origin of Evil - Poster

Blum House to invites Halloween again to a, to pick up the dusty Ouija board out of the cellar and make contact with the afterlife. But be careful! You never Knowledge, who or what answers the questions. The protagonists „Ouija: Origin of Evil“ would guarantee left their hands off, if they had known, which would not cause their actions for consequences. Origin of evil may be a second part of the remainder, acts within its range, however, as a standalone work. From debut, who had some plug criticism two years ago, wanted to distance themselves as much as possible. Even actress Olivia Cooke brought her disinterest in a direct successor to the Expression. Whether with Mike Flanagan (Oculus) the man and director was found, everything depends? On the big screen we see the beginning of all evil from the 20. October. Located is the action in Los Angeles from 1965. In the film, have a Boy Mother and her two daughters enjoy it, people to scare yourself with a Ouija board. They lead by the nose, because unseen let the two girls during séances wiggle tables or incurred terrible noise. The Haunting ends, seems obsessed as the youngest daughter of cruel powers. Faced with their worst fears begins a nightmare, which it can command only stop, if they make it, the forces, they have called, return again. But evil stops for nothing…

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Ouija: Origin of Evil - In Theaters October 21 (TV Spot 2) (hd)
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