First ever TV appearance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are now more relaxed-shallow acoustics because energetic punk-funk of yesteryear. How about over and the boys were naughty, Show the following pictures of the very first TV appearance in 1984…

Red Hot Chili Peppers (First Time on TV) Interview + Get Up And Jump in 1984

DBD: Gold – Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop has added a new song, not only „Gold“ ie, but also accompanied an eponymous film with Matthew McConaughey. This film should also eventually mid-April to come to our cinemas and Video to the song you see already times a few very nice scenes. but why it should not actually go, we should nevertheless rather delight in this smoky bluesy voice of Iggy. the song was written actually by Danger Mouse, Director Stephen Gaghan and film soundtrack composer Daniel Pemberton. Somehow this is true but nevertheless as the new song by Iggy Pop. I am not like…

Iggy Pop "Gold" Music Video

DBD: Schatteboxe – ZüriWest

Five years have passed since the last album Züri West Bern and recently we have the new song „Schachtar gäge Gent“ belongs. Here is a long song from the upcoming album „love“, that the 24. March will be published…

ZüriWest - Schatteboxe

DBD: Schachtar gäge Gent – ZüriWest

Five years have passed since the last album of the Berne. at the 24. March brings the band to Kuno Lauener her studio album „love“ on the market., a foretaste of the new plant provides the Single „Schachtar gäge Gent“…

ZüriWest - Schachtar gäge Gent

DBD: Where’s The Revolution – Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode are with their new single „Where’s The Revolution“ politically: „Who’s making your decisions? You or your Religion? Your government, your countries? You patriotic junkies.“ The new album „Spirit“ appears on 17. March…

Depeche Mode - Where's the Revolution (audio)

DBD: Automaton – Jamiroquai

The first song to Jamiroquai 7 Years is also the title track of the upcoming album „Automaton“, already on 31. March appears. Fits Sunday chill sound with flashigem Video – Or so… ;)

Jamiroquai - Automaton

DBD: One will be – Bela B

Yesterday is the new single „One will be“ from the upcoming album „Bastard“, the for the 17.2.17 is scheduled, appear. Here the Video, which in collaboration with director Florian Moch and the Augsburg Puppet Theatre has arisen. As might be expected was, provides the man, they called horse, a seized from the life story to the finest Country-Gallop, in a Western fan daydreams into his favorite films, before it catches up with the sad reality…

Bela B - One will be (Official video)

Hallelujah Money: Gorillaz veröffentlichen Anti-Trump Song

Hallelujah. Just in time for the inauguration of Donald Trump sign the Gorillaz with the political song „Hallelujah Money“ back after six years. Gorillaz are supported in the apocalyptic ballad of Benjamin Clementine. Hallelujah.

Gorillaz returns after six years with the apocalyptic „Hallelujah Money“ Video, the first taste of their new record which is coming later this year. The band has issued this song on the eve of the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump to serve as commentary on a politically-charged, historical moment. #wearestillhumanz

Hallelujah Money (Feat. Benjamin Clementine) - Gorillaz

65 Rock songs in five minutes

Starting in the '50s to Anthony Vincent playing with friends until the present. A really nice trip through the history of rock.

65 Songs - A Journey Through Rock 'N' Roll | Ten Second Songs


In „That Answer“ new music video is ¥ o-landi Vi $$ he responsible for adult content, with lots of smoke and naked skin about Nothing…

That Answer - FAT FADED FUCK FACE (Official Video)
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