Muslim Ban: Help Wahid enter the US

Bohemian browser Ballet has with „Muslim Ban“ again a wonderfully humorous tip about current world events. Setting is an American airport and the goal is to, As Apple-Developers Wahid in the US&enter A. No more and no less. In the era Trump'schen but may just be a real problem, especially if you look like a Muslim. Unfortunately, the game is quite short, but nevertheless makes fun – and who can say of himself, that he has gambled during the lunch break an entire game? ;)

Muslim Ban 2 – Game Trailer

Wie Snoop Dogg Trump Clown abballert

The latest Video Snoop Dogg „BADBADNOTGOOD“ plays in clown Hausen and reflected in a colorful manner, the states in the US&A again. The orange Donald „Clown“ Trump is also present and is appreciated by Snoop with a clown gun…

Snoop Dogg - BADBADNOTGOOD - Lavender (Nightfall Remix)

America first, Mordor Second

This application is video but definitely my Schatzzzzzz! I share it, unlike other quite happy with you. In the following clip Sauron flattered a bit of an at Trump and proposes Mordor for second place ahead. Perhaps he wants even the gold of Trump, to forge itself a ring out…

America first, Mordor Second

Baldwin decomposed Trump & Bannon in Saturday Night Live

In this funny clip „Saturday Night Live“-Episode of this week, Alec Baldwin accepts the identity of Donald Trump and mocked mercilessly whose diplomatic gaffe – as the botched call to Australia or the „Bowling Green Massacre“. Trumps Neo-Nazi advisor, Stephen Bannon, appears to him here as Reaper and influences President Baldwin…

ARVE Error:
thats all folks! - Video not available

Border Wall: IKEA offers a convenient alternative for Trumps Mauerbau to

IKEA offers a lower cost alternative to the originally planned wall version of Trumo, probably 15-12 would cost billions Doller, for just 9'999'999'999,99 US dollar. the „Border Wall“ comes in the typical IKEA design and of course quickly and easily assembled. According to government spokesman Sean Spicer President Trump reviewed the offer currently. In the basic configuration, the wall is according to plan 10 Meters high and 3144 Kilometer lang, but can be extended in height and width as desired. Only the warranty is on 5 limited years…

(via The postilion)

Donald Trumps Gesicht als Bremsspur in den Unterhosen 💩

The Easy Tiger Corp from England sells white Unterbuxen with Donald Trump's face as skidmark. Those things look really crappy out, but who can bear it or wants, can the parts of the piece £ 14.99 Buy here. All proceeds from the sale of underpants with Donald Trump's face as skidmark go way directly into the fund of the legal department of Easy Tiger Corp, since the Company is certainly sued by Trump soon. It could, however, also be a Fake News… :)

ALI COLA: A coke for each color

The Hamburger beverage company sets an example against xenophobia and to promote tolerance: „Outside they are different. Inside all the same. What should apply to people around the world, is already establishing for Cola“, called it on the website. With every bottle sold is here „Kiron„, an online university for Refugees, supports. Founded ALI COLA Aydin umutlu. How the Internet can be seen, itself had the hamburger on the statements Thilo Sarrazin with the publication of „Germany abolishes itself“ so annoyed - people with an immigrant background are less intelligent and difficult to integrate - that umutlu with the establishment of „ALI COLA“ wanted to make a stand against xenophobia. The company therefore saw itself from the outset as a company with a socio-political message.

The world is an invisible group

Who rules in reality this world? Hans-Jürgen Jakobs, renowned journalist, about the balance of power in our world…

The world is an invisible group
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