Album Review: Peter Pan Speedrock – Buckle Up And Shove It!

Peter Pan Speedrock„, yes there's still the! And a new album, there are also! The Eindhoven hardcore punk rockers Speed ​​knock the listener with the new album „Buckle Up And Shove It!“ a loud, violent, brachiales and again fast and fun piece Music around the ears. It is sweaty, hot, Loud, dirty, and the opener admits again really on in the dried ear canals of Speedrock-friend. How a V8 engine they swish through their tracks, with proper attitude and „Motorhead“ be duly Regards. By its ninth studio album they put in the usual way by and fight through a lot of full-throttle rockers. The Krawallbrüder with the rapid names are back!

Peter Pan Speedrock – Buckle Up And Shove It!

Niederlands speed rock Kings take another ride on. Volle Kanne In Your Face. Impetuosity and wild they shoot loose from the hip. Ehrlich and unadulterated, that's what the guys are 18 Years and prove it again on the latest Rundling. Hart pump ends Bass, drums, the chase forward and guitar work, the audible and lacking a rushing into the ear. The album is full of heavy guitars riffs and solos's. Dirty Rock n Roll im Up Tempo. Peter, Bartman and beard have published four years ago after the album „We Want Blood!“ with a 13 Tracks recorded stocked thematically mixed album. It will be tackled head on and shaken so right through, because the feet begin automatically to twitch.

Peter Pan Speedrock

With the opener „Get You High“ is it hearty and fast in the crowd. A brilliant opener and the gentlemen depress the accelerator pedal with a lot of enthusiasm by properly. The other Mitgrölnummern move between mid-tempo hard rock, dirty Rock'n'Roll and fast, impetuous punk. The pieces, to permit this expression with related „Peter Pan Speedrock„, are almost epic. Especially Peter plays significantly longer guitar solos, one finds a little more melody in the songs and the songs are not so short, because the three minute mark is exceeded more frequently. and always again shine through Motörhead. Thirteen new and great tracks, Except for „Note To Self“, the weakest for me song on this album, take all the bull's eye. Mangy Rumpelkickass rock'n'roll-style „Nashville Pussy“, „Turbonegro“, „Motorhead“ and „Chrome Division“. When I think of the songs live, I have the image of an all-planing bulldozer in mind. The production has now taken into their own hands and recorded the ninth disc in his own studio. Peter roars ever, Bass und Drums vollenden the Speed ​​Rock Orgy.

Get You High!

Also on board are two cover songs, With „New Rose“ huldigt man The Damned und „Heart Full Of Soul“ is an old Yardbirds gem, by the guest vocals of Spark Retard (Demented Are Go) gets a special touch – because Lemmy leaves again Regards! When listening to this album the young fan assumes inevitably the air guitar in his hand and rocking neatly from front of his home speakers, while the slightly older listeners can not move away from his chair, because this was immediately encircled by the imaginary drum kit. „Buckle Up And Shove It!“ slams directly to the Twelve and brings a lot of freshness and variation with itself. Simple class, was „Peter Pan Speedrock“ Draining a steam with their musical instruments. This proves again, that it takes no more than three players, a good album to catapult into orbit. As Anspieltipps I can recommend to you the whole tracklist! There is virtually no hangers, and certainly no ballads – wants anyway no one. The sound is super successful, without neglecting the punk character. Quite clearly Best Buy, Here you can feel downright joy of the Dutch Rock'n'Roll triumvirate. But let the Rotweinbuddel to and brings you a minimum Sixpack to. Speed up!

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Peter Pan Speedrock


  1. Get You High
  2. Whatever Man
  3. Murder Truck
  4. Tunnelvision
  5. Bad Thing
  6. Loose Women And Loud Guitars
  7. New Rose
  8. Note To Self
  9. Wide-Eyed And Thirsty
  10. Buckle Up & Shove It
  11. Dead Ringer
  12. Doin The Nasty
  13. Heart Full Of Soul

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