Concert Review: ELUVEITIE – I, the Helvetii

ELUVEITIE (shall „El-veiti“ pronounced) belongs to this strain Swiss bands, the quietly successful their rounds around the globe will rotate in this country and was hardly noticed. Rightfully interest takes now also finally in the home country forms and Eluveitie dissolves from tip-status. I had this year now already the second time the pleasure, to see the eighth team and their self-proclaimed „New Wave Of Folk Metal“ to celebrate. Eluveitie clearly belongs to the fast growing Pagan Metal scene, But bring something „breath of fresh air“ inside.

When I Ehrlich thousand, I had shaken a few months ago with the head, if someone had asked me, if I to Eluveitie Concert wishes to continue. But „Everything stays, as it was never“. Eluveitie is a Swiss pagan metal band from Winterthur, whose members originate from all over the country. The band combines in its Music Celtic folklore with Death- oder Black Metal. The lyrics of the band based on the story, partly written the daily life and the spirituality of the Celtic tribe of the Helvetii and are in a reconstructed form of the Helvetic Gaulish. Thus, even the name of the band from that language and means something like: „I, the Helvetii“.

ELUVEITIE - Primordial Breath @ Z7 Pratteln (04.03.2011) Live

But first things first, first step Pertness on as the opening act, which since 1992 and rock with straight, melodic bring Heavy Metal the last glacier in the Bernese Oberland to melt. The band is distinguished not only by mitsingbare vocal lines, their exact riffs, but also by imposing guitar themes and a cemented Rhytmusarbeit and fortune live absolutely convincing. Excelsis are already always gone their own way. Since 1997 they play their Metal, they so rock with unusual instruments like Alphorn, Bäsechlopfe or Dachchänneli to „Helvetic Folk Power Metal“ enrich. The Bernese metallers on fell with fat riffs, great variety of patterns and an atmospheric mood, but honestly, not my thing.

ELUVEITIE - Quoth The Raven @ Z7 Pratteln (04.03.2011) Live

Against 21.30 PM entered the eight members of the stage Eluveitie. Significantly kidnapped the opener „Otherworld“ the audience directly in a separate, other world, the world of myths and mysteries, full of pathos and archaic melodies, before it with „Nil“ really starts. And, Eluveitie not disappoint their fans, because they do, what is expected of them: Rock, groove, dance, Jump, sound, dream, release. The audience was with the music and lyrics as well tried the Celtic sing it went. Not always easy…but with a smile on his face and the melody in the heart, it sounded good to me at least the middle of the crowd.

Eluveitie showed a brilliant show and what you made of it as a spectator, remained any myself leave. Anyway, I can recommend Eluveitie live all, also such, which might not necessarily fans of the band are, However, the music can listen, Even with this band, you get a solid offer, the one usually served only by a few bands. Although everything changes, remains somehow everything as it was: Eluveitie are clearly at the forefront of the brand of melodic death metal with Celtic melodies, because there is simply nothing better, more professional and are more creative. That this may be too commercial for many, is purely and simply because, that the music is great and appeals to many people. „Everything stays, as it was never“ – this band has something huge in front of him and…

ELUVEITIE - 21.01.11 - Inis Mona - Bierhübeli, Bern

The setlist:

  1. Otherworld
  2. Nil
  3. Bloodstained Ground
  4. Gray Sublime Archon
  5. Your Gaulish War
  6. Thousandfold
  7. Inis Mona
  8. Song Slanias
  9. Brictom
  10. Omnos
  11. Quoth the raven
  12. The Song of Life
  13. Kingdom Come Undone
  14. (Do)Minion
  15. AnDro
  16. Encore:

  17. Primordial Breath
  18. Uis Elveti
  19. Tegernakô
Concert Review: ELUVEITIE - I, the Helvetii
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