Back In Black – Or as a voice file paralyze a server

Oh well, as you probably have realized, was practically my blog from Saturday night 21:30 today Monday Locked down until evening and then, This obviously made the following reason:

We have found, that your server takes too much processor power. This can u.A. following reasons:
A) A script error hafts (PHP, CGI, etc.)
B) An inefficient programmed scripts
C) Plugins and cron jobs of web applications (CMS, Gallery, etc.)

To prevent further damage, we were forced, Your server to lock immediately.

damage, but somehow understandable, Finally, it is here to shared hosting and if my web server claims the whole performance, remains nothing for the other customers on the server and therefore no one has really enjoy the situation. Too bad yet, that equal my entire account has been blocked, including the control panel and it was not possible for me, a log file analysis to tackle, Because:

Please send us a short statement and a time during office hours, in which you can answer the problem. We will then unlock the server as soon as possible, so you will have access.
If you have further questions, we are at your course available. You can contact us through our hotline 0900 xxx xxx (CHF 1.49/min) oder per E-Mail an

Peng! And gone was my blog :(

On that Saturday I had the WP upgrade 2.8.5 performed and was replaced the language files just about, as me the whole server 17 flew around the ears. Somehow the database was in an endless loop, the staggered between reboot and sekündiger accessibility and obviously filled Memory. I could not imagine at that time, that an exchange of voice files can be the reason for an excessive load on the server.

Thus it must be on something else, because usually means a high capacity utilization in the case WordPress either the DB is overloaded or plugin does not do as it should (unclean programmed or the like), something you can find at least, when one of the guys Google unleashing (Reduce WordPress CPU Usage #1 or Reducing CPU and speeding load time). As I lived on Friday took a new plugin in operation, It can do this either, or just the upgrade is.

A restart on Monday morning my web server results in the same thing again, As already Saturday night, somehow calmed no longer the DB. Thus came the idea, until the whole of WordPress Plugin Directory to copy the page, because the worm suspected there. Before, A restart does not result in a loop again, for WordPress was dead. Also, to work and slowly restore the plugins, was bis auf die Caching Plugins prima klappte. Thus, once deleted Caching, reloaded onto the server, activated and Heureka! It lives!


So I thought at first, that the caching plugins, were responsible for the problems. However, a closer examination, my admin backend was suddenly held entirely in English, and this had a certain weird. You remember the aforementioned update of the language files from Saturday? Exactly, I was still up with on board and…….- Peng! Farewell DB! :arrow through head:

The foresight, I had already developed a new parallel, Another WP installation at the run and tried there my luck with upgrade it Sprachdat…wHAM! Way was the DB! So we had the culprit! And let as actually notice, I was at WordPress Germany read the following:

There are errors, are but a really embarrassing, like this, for example,. It you like to call the type of error as "how can you be so stupid to".

What had happened? On Wednesday, a surprise came WordPress 2.8.5 and I was responsible for importing the German version on, which is also used as a source for the automatic update. The automation of this system is quite simple: Language file upload to the SVN, 2 Clicks and the release is ready. Were it not for the human part in this process.

Bingo! Since you used to last wayward Update (I am not erwähn version, 'm just AutoUpdate) automatism not already and then something like. Pitch, can happen to anyone even, would have been nice, it would cost me a little less effort, the server is not brought to its knees and made for a soooooooooo long failure of my blog. For me, the vault but lacked a little and I was able to experience through your mails, you also. Thanks for asking! :D

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Flier’s Welt – The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

With Flier’s Welt I'm come across a cartoon blog, good entertainment and satire in between provides a platform. He follows no political or religious direction, but opposes censorship in Internet and media.

I especially like personally „Horsemen of the Apocalypse„, of which I would like to post a few strips below, first match for today's weather: Hot Summer!

Hot Summer

After clicking the strips not get updated „Naming“ and „Avoiding preventable“. Simply delicious :)

I want everything, Give me everything➤

The crypt in a new guise

For some time I have been hunting around for a new layout, because the old me not really satisfied with that. Unfortunately, I long could not find the right one or it lacked the necessary inspiration. But now, as you can now see all, I find anything and have completely transformed my blog :)

For a long time I wanted a real menu, which should help a navigation through the crypt and finally I now have something on startup, that I really fits well and I like even longer (I hope at least). I'm going rumhämmern in the next few days a little of the matter and chiseling, straighten the last stones and the corpses buried, because it is not quite perfect and there is still much to do. The coarsest conversion but completed and so shines my blog, The Tales from the Crypt with a new look!

I hope you like the new design can, all you can never make it right, but I find the theme of the Tomb absolutely worthy and a great successor to my old layout. If you still should find major errors, I would be grateful for a response in the comments. And now I hope, that as the Crypt is again a bit more attractive and even longer to linger invites. Enjoy my cheap readers! :Skull: