Speaking of swine flu: Gadget pig speaker

We already had a wonderful Ringtone alarm on swine flu here in the crypt, hier auch was schönes: Speakers in pig design, welche sicherlich die Gehörgäng wohltunlichst mit Music will provide. And if one connects an iPod with his sound, it plays no role anyway, obs sounds dirty ;)

Pig Speaker & FM Radio @ AccessoryGeeks.com

Important Facts about swine flu: Cough, Sneezing and how to deal with it

Coughing, Sneezing and You

It is time once again, Knowledge in der Gruft zu versprühen und nichts ist mir wichtiger als die Gesundheit meiner Leser, Love Friends. For this reason, you really take the next clip in the very important tip in dealing with the swine flu to heart and sets it immediately into action. Better yet are you running in absolute PANIC zur nächsten Impfstelle, denn es ist wichtig für unsere Volkswirtschaft, that the whole place does not collapse and we all steeeeeeeeeerben… :)

Since the clip itself, unfortunately, a dam…has eidene autostart thing, gibts the Vital (!!!) Information only after the jump.

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