DBD: Designed to piss you off – Pain

Pain face the Lyric clip to their Hammer Song „Designed to piss you off“ before. The track is on the new album „Coming Home“, the Peter Tägtgren and co. have recently published.

Pain - Designed to piss you off (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: A Wannabe – Pain

In the Video the song „A Wannabe“ ist Peter Tägtgren im Weltraum untwegs. The clip was directed by Owe set Lingvall staged and produced by Per Bussmann. The current album „Coming Home“ is since 9. September im Handel…

Pain - A Wannabe (Official Video)

DBD: Designed to piss you off – Pain

aus dem aktuellen Album „Coming Home“ von Pain gibt es heute für euch meinen absoluten Favoriten mit passendem Titel „Designed to piss you off“!

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DBD: Call Me – Pain

to their track „Call Me“ have a Pain Video released, participates in the Sabaton frontman Joakim Broden. Die Combo um Peter Tägtgren veröffentlicht am 9. September their album „Coming Home“…

Pain - Call Me (Feat. Joakim Brodén) (Official Video)

DBD: Black Knight Satellite – Pain

Here the Lyric-Video for Single „Black Knight Satellite“ from the upcoming record „Coming Home“, the most 9. September when. Bandleader and multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren of Pain reveals about „Black Knight Satellite“:

The song revolves around a story, in the Internet haunts and is both interesting and confusing. It is an up-tempo track with orchestral parts and pounding guitars – it will sound great live. A typical Pain song. I did not start right time with a surprise.

Pain - Black Knight Satellite (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

A Night full of Pain

Mid-October, more precisely on 12. It was far, the mastermind Peter Tägtgren graced the Switzerland. This time with Pain, a side project of Tägtgren, in addition to his production work mainly for his role as frontman and songwriter of Death-Metal Band Hypocrisy was known. The Swedish metal band knew einzuheizen and bring to rotate the hall in Zurich Dynamo really!

As the first time a big sorry, Folks, the contribution remained in the turns of the tomb hang and unfortunately sees only now the limelight. Dear late, als gar nie and here we go:

Tägtgren published in 1996 the self-titled debut „Pain“, on which he had written for years alone and experimenting. As with the following albums of the project Tägtgren is alone responsible for all songs and arrangements, with a few exceptions, he plays all the instruments himself a. Stylistically Tägtgren side project and his main band but different. the Music PAIN, as an alternative metal and electronica- and Techno-bonds are circumscribed, while the debut of 1996 tended more towards Dark Metal with influences from the industrial rock.

Pain - Zombie Slam - live @ Dynamo in Zurich 12.10.2011

the 2000 to Stockholm Records released second album „Rebirth“ marked the commercial breakthrough of the project. In Tägtgren native Sweden the single release received „End of the Line“ a gold record. The following, massenkompatibelste album „Nothing Remains the Same“ (2002) caused a great deal of attention, as it is a cover version of the Beatles song „Eleanor Rigby“ contained, equipped with a 16-piece orchestra in the world famous Polar Studios (u.a. ABBA, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Genesis) was recorded. The album „Dancing with the Dead“ appeared in April 2005 und widmete sich thematisch der Nahtod-Erfahrung Tägtgrens. In keeping with the gloomy mood of the texts almost all pop influences were in contrast to the previous albums disappeared and alternative rock- and Metal- was given more space.

Two years later appeared with „Psalms of Extinction“ fifth studio album and went into the German album charts. A video clip was to „Zombie Slam“ twisted. According to festival appearances and a club tour through Europe a large European tour as the opening act followed by Nightwish. In October 2008 released their sixth studio album „Cynic Paradise“. Anette Olzon, Singer in Nightwish, contributes the songs „Follow Me“ and „Feed Us“ Vocals at.

PAIN-End of the line (hd) live @ Dynamo Zürich/Switzerland

PAIN played 15 Songs and show their best. Using Video-Projections and lights affects the show something evil. The full industrial synth-metal skin into the intestines. The neatly filled hall goes from orderly. The atmosphere was already at the supporters of cooking, No wonder, with rich sound and stage action at its best. Sweat bathed and with roaring head was a successful evening finally ended.

Here is the setlist from this great evening:

  1. Let Me Out
  2. Dancing with the Dead
  3. Psalms of Extinction
  4. Dirty Woman
  5. Zombie Slam
  6. End of the Line
  7. Nailed to the Ground
  8. The Great Pretender
  9. It’s Only Them
  10. I’m Going In
  11. Monkey Business
  12. Encore:

  13. Have a Drink on Me
  14. Supersonic Bitch
  15. Same Old Song
  16. Shut Your Mouth

A Night full of Pain
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DBD: Zombie Slam – Pain

Pain - Zombie Slam

There’s something coming crawling
‚Round the corner of your mind
Oh… your funeral has just begun
Buried alive, it will be over in no time
The date is set for tonight
VIP at the dead man’s ball

Come and die with the Zombies in the moonlight
They become alive when you die, you cannot fool them
You got to slam with the dead and let it go now
See a thousand hallowed eyes stare into the night

The sun goes down and the dead head minds,
They start to resurrect
Under the velvet sky and thirsty for your flesh
Steals your soul and you will lose control
And turns your tears into dust
You’re fool that will never learn
Play with fire and you will get your fingers burned

Come and die with the zombies in the moonlight
They become alive when you die, you cannot fool them
You got to slam with the dead and let it go now
See a thousand hallowed eyes stare into the night

It’s getting dark so prepare to die
They’re coming after you
It’s getting dark and you can’t get away
They’re coming after you

Come and die with the zombies in the moonlight
They become alive when you die, you cannot fool them
You got to slam with the dead and let it go now
See a thousand hallowed eyes stare into the night