Subversive Santa Claus with color filling than throw Sculpture

This year could be even more colorful Christmas, because in addition to the usual decorative material provides the sculptures manufactory for disposable society by Sosoki & Hayoyo with facade paint filled at Santas.

In factory work hollow castings produced from modeling, which were filled with facade paint and then closed, form the series shown here of throwing Sculptures. They are as a support object (from artists and designers authorized artwork) or as a commodity purchasable and can then be used in private or public room.

Well then remains only a colorful Christmas wish to.

Oh yes, Easter is yes, then soon… ;)

Eggstatic: Strobe Easter eggs with animated patterns

Similar spiro (or Harmonograph) and Phyllotaxis produced different patterns and mathematical equations. The patterns are calculated, that, as they rotate under a stroboscopic light of the appropriate frequency, or when recorded by a camera, the pattern to begin to move…

Eggstatic – stroboscopic patterns for Easter eggs (EggBot)
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