Album Review: Onkel Tom – H.E.L.D.

The German Thrash Metal Legend and veteran (Uncle) Tom Angelripper (Sodom) is back! With a new album, new cast and new songs. Also on H.E.L.D. (Incidentally, the abbreviation stands for hard-Ehrlich-According-Thirsty) sets Onkel Tom as usual on real Metal, jagged punk and choruses, you never forget after the first hearing. But the German rock fans will have their bright joy on this album. One can find neither feigned underdog prose very rich musicians still sleazy staying lyrics, the market can be wonderful at any World Cup and at „Wetten dass.?“ take their place alongside pop star, but honest, blunt lyrics about celebrations, Feten, boozy conviviality and the desolate state of our world and its inhabitants.

Onkel Tom – H.E.L.D.

Uncle Tom Angel Ripper with partially new Mittrinkern 13 Pressed tracks on the silver disc and new there is not one cover version, but everything comes from our own spring. Lyrically there on H.E.L.D. well-known food, ie alcohol and party! Of course, flows at Uncle Tom alcohol, But „nobody ist der Band Alkoholiker, you have to deal with the stuff, of course, can ", says the singer and figurehead of the band, „But beer and liquor belong to, if one wants to let it rip in between times proper.“ Let it rip with Tom Angel Ripper and drummer Cornelius Rambadt, of the album has also produced, and guitarist Marcel Mönnig and bassist Marc Beste. New to the band is guitarist Klaus Nicodemus, which replaces Alex stepped out force and already his contribution to HERO. has done. Tom: „All the musicians of the current occupation Live close together, so that we could meet regularly and rehearse. A compared to the past huge advantage, has noticeably strengthened the team spirit of the band. The fact, that on H.E.L.D. only his own compositions and not only cover number, speaks for the great creativity of the current cast.“

Onkel Tom - H.E.L.D. (album Teaser)

Auf H.E.L.D. is it humorous and sometimes programmatically. „The uncle comes home visits“ for example, explains the self-image of this colorful cast. Is matched by even more hard-drinking numbers as „A little alcohol“, „Who can still stand after the song“, „the morning after“ or „In Suff“. But there are also serious moments to H.E.L.D., Songs that encourage reflection or leave pause for a moment because of their message. In „For better or worse“ Tom denounces a world, which is marked by corruption, religious fanaticism and the worst of human characteristics, egoism. Less politically but as impressive addressed Uncle Tom in „The scent of lavender“ the restlessness and murderous chase our time. Und last but not least findet man auf H.E.L.D. the very first Uncle Tom ballad ever: „I'm still alive“, a kind of retrospective state description of the 51-year old Tom Angelripper, already many important musicians colleague Lost has and appreciates all the more, that he and his Music always still.

Uncle Tom Band

Musically, he is loyal to his Roots. be printing full thundering rhythm section mates with sleek riffs in the mid tempo which archetypal by Tom's way of singing refines. The band moves significantly closer to the German rock than previous outputs. H.E.L.D. is authentic, musically and lyrically sophisticated, yet high-Party Factor, are just as fans of the uncle used. The variety comes not least from the different characters of the members and the respective bands, from which they originate. Everyone was in the development process, involved the presentation of the texts and the overall concept. Was written outspoken, without any external influences, so that was something created entirely independent. A whole load of prime Metal / Punk- und Rocksongs, gespickt mit bewegenden Texten voller Anarchy und Zorn, but also of life and irony. And of course with full beer glasses. For fans of the Germanic treasure of songs between fun and seriousness are from 22. Have to the September Silberling much joy. A remarkable disc so, by Tom Angel Ripper & Co. celebrate life and live only through properly Celebration. Typisch Onkel Tom halt! Bad, their bags!

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Onkel Tom


  1. The breath of the morning
  2. Prolligkeit Is No Shame
  3. Too True, To Nice To Be
  4. A little alcohol
  5. the morning after
  6. What you Do not Fit
  7. Of paradise Gen South
  8. Who can still stand after the song
  9. The scent of lavender
  10. In Suff
  11. The uncle comes home visits
  12. For better or for worse Un
  13. I'm still alive

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