Ensiferum: One Man Army burns the Z7 down!

Ensiferum Insomnium Omnium Gatherum“ – said three times in quick succession is a spell, calls the three Finnish bands on stage! The Finnish Epic Battle Metal „Ensiferum“ are with their new album „One Man Army“ in luggage on tour and have two bands from their home country with this, on the one hand Melodic Death Metal „Axegressor“ and on the other hand the Dark Metalheads „Nightmare“. On last Saturday night the Finnish trio stop made at a packed Z7 in Pratteln and shined it with each high-energy performances. Especially Ensiferum tore a blast after another down and let it no stone unturned, although they had to give up their keyboardist Emmi Silvennoinen.

Ensiferum: One Man Army burns the Z7 down!

Did you really, Ensiferum that since the year 1995 exists? Of the former founding member of the band is only Markus Toivonen left. The remaining founding members the band a few years ago Leave and were replaced in accordance with. In March, the band released their sixth studio album already named „One Man Army“ (the review to be found here) and the same name is their tour, with which we bless the Finns. Already the band together this tour made for a little extra kick, even if the three-pack did not appear particularly exceptional in Finnish bands at first glance. But whoever always This tour has compiled, must possess good humor about a good portion. Probably Finnish humor or was it all just a coincidence? However, this constellation drew enough attention, to fill the concert factory Z7 in Pratteln to the rafters. What was offered to fans this evening, was absolutely great and had to shake the Z7 to its foundations! I love Finnish!

Insomnium live (22.03.2015) - Daughter of the moon @ Pratteln Z7

First came this evening „Axegressor“ and the audience was already so numerous present, as you can see it is rare for a support band. The favorite drink of metalheads flowed already in the early evening plentiful, what but the peaceful atmosphere did not diminish and so were able to obtain the first band on very popular event forward. One felt at the presentation of the six-member troupe spontaneously a little of the great genre of colleagues „Amorphis“ recalls, whereas the sound more like the Finnish colleagues also of „Moonsorrow“ let think. More expansive and complex so was the song of material „Axegressor“, only shouter Jukka Pelkonen got not so correct pressure behind his voice and delivered sporadically, a grunting something schwachbrüstiges from. This one was waiting unconsciously repeatedly to a kind of climax, which then did not come. But the audience did not care, it left already very well carried away and went willingly to the various passages Mitklatsch.

Ensiferum: One Man Army burns the Z7 down!

So the audience was already through the first band wide awake and so followed the second string, the next band „Nightmare“ took the stage and this spread more insomnia, as the name of the band is often interpreted wrongly like. The name of the band refers to dreams and as dreamy then could the sound of the Finns also best describes. Even more than their predecessors recalled the sound „Amorphis“ and the boys were able to captivate the audience also significantly more than the opener. driven by the existence of her in the same age group as the previous band of the evening, Insomnium to share also still a band member with Omnium Gatherum, for since 2011 operated guitarist Markus Vanhala parallel to its almost 20 years of service at Omnium Gatherum the six-string at Insomnium. Respect!

Ensiferum - Warrior Without A War, 15/03/2015 @ Budapest, Hungary (hd)

In particular, the supporting pieces like „While We Sleep“ and „The Promethean Song“ from the current album „Shadows of the Dying Sun“, with which they in Finland even on the 2. Managed to place in the charts, stuck in my memory. Fearless distribute the guys the shadows of the dying sun and are on their way to a new morning. The extremely active Stage Performance could entrain and who knew the songs, anyway let himself drift of the melancholic melodies. So little dreamy like the band on stage and the audience acted, there was clapped diligently to the back rows, a first mosh pit formed and the crowd surfers were en mass on the go. An altogether convincing performance by Insomnium!


  1. The Killjoy
  2. While We Sleep
  3. Every Hour Wounds
  4. Daughter Of The Moon
  5. Black Heart Rebellion
  6. Where The Last Wave Broke
  7. The Promethean Song
  8. Drawn To Black
  9. Ephemeral
  10. Weighed Down With Sorrow
Ensiferum, Breaking The Law, live im Z 7 Pratteln, at the 21.03.15

After a pause kurzn remodeling the stage enveloped in red light and Ensiferum entered sequentially cheered the boards that mean the world. This time the Finnish accordion Netta Skog wonder was there, the yes at once „Turisas“ grabbed the keys and replaced on this tour Emmi Silvennoinen. Even with the sounds of the opener „March Of War“ went the audience already steeply and it then changed in the course of the evening absolutely nothing. Both the new title as „March Of War“, „Axe Of Judgment“, „Heathen Horde“ or „One Man Army“, as well as the older pieces like „Into Battle“, „Neptune“ or „Victory Song“ lit fully and the auditorium was sung, clapping, gebangt, moshing and of course drinking like there's no tomorrow. And was also on stage as always plenty of movement: Guitarist Markus Toivonen and constantly grimacing Sami Hinkka stormed almost constantly over the stage, when they are not needed to give the background choir.

Ensiferum: One Man Army burns the Z7 down!

Ensiferum can meanwhile choose from a rich pool of heroic anthems. A highly entertaining Set, in which, with „Two of Spades“ a trip in a seventies disco, could not miss, even if not able to do anything with any of those present. The fans went off like Schmidt's cat and the Z7 threatened to fall apart. One of the highlights was the beginning of the addition block, who started unexpectedly: The five Finns swap instruments through once and then tapped with a light hand of guitarist the beat on drums, while the drummer umhängte the guitar, the bassist took the accordion and the only lady of the band on vocals again found a cover of Judas Priest's „Breaking The Law“ to give the best. The permeability of performing forced already respect from – alone lacked a little of the audience, whose younger present semester apparently with the Metal-Vintage mostly could not do anything and instead just mitzugrölen goofy watched from the laundry.

Ensiferum live (22.03.2015) - Iron @ Pratteln Z7

With the addition of block it was but then again right around, because there brought Ensiferum their right Firecracker among the people. With titles such as the great „Token of Time“ and „Iron“ sat the text in the audience bombproof and the band on stage was almost drowned. Overall, the live package has therefore made around Ensiferum again really fun and all three bands offered each a damn strong show, insist on traveling this evening all really! Each band did its best, but especially the boys and the girl of Epic folk melodic death band Warmetal „Ensiferum“ offered an absolutely brilliant performance! The Finnish bands prove once again, that the metal from the far north is still a benchmark. That evening there was Finland's Finest! I love Finnish!


  1. March Of War
  2. Axe Of Judgement
  3. Heathen Horde
  4. Into Battle
  5. Little Dreamer (Väinämöinen, Part II)
  6. Warrior Without A War
  7. Neptune
  8. Smoking Ruins
  9. Two of Spades
  10. Unsung Heroes
  11. Burning Leaves
  12. One Man Army
  13. Victory Song
  14. Encore:

  15. Breaking The Law
  16. From Afar
  17. Token of Time
  18. Iron
Ensiferum: One Man Army burns the Z7 down!
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