Album Review: Northland – Downfall and Rebirth

Five years has used it, to the six Spaniards have recorded from sunny Barcelona a new album. 2010 released their successful debut „Northland“, after that was a long time of silence, where you did not hear from the band. Now the folk Death has-Metal Band „Northland“, their second album „Downfall and Rebirth“ published and this album is the first to the last song to prove, that good folk metal must not only come from the far north. The Catalonians present good metal riffs, a clean, well-structured production and sophisticated content off of cheap clichés. Fans of good melodic folk metal should here necessarily sharpen their ears!

Northland - Downfall and Rebirth

Year 2004 did in Barcelona, ​​Spain, some gloomy souls together and the Viking Folk Metal-Horde „Northland“ was founded. Because unfortunately not brought all of the stakeholders start similar big passions for this profession, had band founder, but do guitarist and lead vocalist Pau Murillo subsequently hands full, to obtain the pagan pile alive. The latter succeeded the outspoken idealist spite of unusually rapid rotations of occupation carousel. 2010 presented „Northland“ their self-titled debut album, which made it clear, that the Spaniards inferior to their Scandinavian counterparts in nothing. Five years later it want the top Spanish-rounder again Knowledge. And the chances of success on a large scale are with „Downfall and Rebirth“ extremely well. The album deals, as the name implies, with the eternal cycle of life, Mother Nature and its often called into question civilization.

Northland Band

The new and second album „Downfall and Rebirth“ with the well worth seeing Front Cover of Sallai Péter publish the Iberians unceremoniously on their own. „Downfall and Rebirth“ sounds more mature and playful than its predecessor. They experimented with many instruments and the Fear stored entirely before long quiet passages. The handset can expect a well-mixed Folk Metal Album, that quite a fresh wind brings the action. So has the second album a death metal sound, Although the peppy, but at the same time is also very melodic. Really hard it is never actually, make sure in addition to the high significance of folklore share numerous objections from clear vocals. Although the brutal vocals focus is always on, but often also emerges the clear vocals, the polyphonic comes in part and the album is a hymn Sheet.

Northland - Downfall and Rebirth

The album begins with „When Nature Awakes“ dreamy, before Pau Murillo with its cry breaks the idyll and Vásquez takes over the reins, what the resulting impact dampens something again. Did the previous almost without cleanly sung passages from, so take this good a quarter of the new material. The first four pieces „When Nature Awakes“, „Bloodred Sunrise“, „Together we die“ and the instrumental „The Rite“ draw a immediately under the spell. „Fury’s Unleashed“ bangs with a jagged reef off Melodeath, before a delightfully brutal verse (without Folk) merges into a through melodic Power Metal chorus. Only then follows a folk-break and something heaviere, slowed second stanza missed the song a pleasant diversity. A drauflegt „Duskriders“, which with its complexity, Dynamics, Drama and melody is a perfect blend. Same Level, However, far gloomier and oppressive, shows the title track.

Northland Logo

When listening to this album I will always back to „Ensiferum“ recalls, on the one hand, in certain passages musically, on the other hand sounds the deep voice of Pau Murillo this by Petri Lindroos confusingly similar. The sound of Hispanic Viking is somewhere between „Ensiferum“ and „ELUVEITIE“ settled and shows the great talent, what's behind „Northland“ infected and will hopefully further elaborated on the following works. Mag sein, that presents a lot of well-known trademarks here and there, but orient the relationship so myself, this asset very few artists. For the folk-share mainly the violin by Pau Vázquez is responsible. This is almost always present and carries the melodies actively. Folklore is the sound of „Northland“ very present and will not take place only in the background. The Catalans put hardly on the keyboard, this is only from time to time in the background as atmospheric picturing. Towards the end there is then still a highlight: „Moonlight Spell“ a folk ballad with an enchanting female voice and phased support manner-Cleangesang.

Northland - Downfall and Rebirth (Full Album)

„Downfall and Rebirth“ is differentiated and varied. Each song has succeeded, although not all quality tips like „Fury’s Unleashed“, „Duskfall“ or „Downfall and Rebirth“ reach. The sound of the band sounds very refreshing and „Northland“ is after such a long break due to the motorcycle accident, the drummer really a great all-round disc succeeded. In addition to the violin, which bears the brunt of the as mentioned folk portion, come other instruments to carry and besides flute and acoustic guitar can one sometimes accordion and even Maultrommeln encounter. This rich variety is one of the big pluses of the album and „Downfall and Rebirth“ is designed very versatile. Besides the numerous instruments, the game speed and mood is often varied and „Northland“ can convince with their good game skills and the clean melody. The result is as authentic as rousing and disturbing Viking folk metal bliss compositions, how can they enjoy only rare in this naturalness and authenticity. Pagan and Folk Metal fans out here quite bring something new for the collection, because the Spaniards irritate the elements very well and parry always with harsh Einfädelungen, so it does not sound to dudelnd. For fans of „Ensiferum“, „ELUVEITIE“ and melodic Power Metal definitely a must!

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  1. When Nature Awakes
  2. Bloodred Sunrise
  3. Together we die
  4. The Rite
  5. Fury’s Unleashed
  6. Duskriders
  7. Spirit in Darkness
  8. Whispers in the Wind
  9. Downfall and Rebirth
  10. Moonlight Spell
  11. Newborn Star
Album Review: Northland - Downfall and Rebirth
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