DBD: The Forging – Noctiferia

„Noctiferia“ have with bands like „In Flames“ or „Hypocrisy“ in ganz Europa auf der Bühne gestanden. Glücklicherweise hatten sie always a camera and were thus able to capture some of the highlights in moving images. Die verrückten Auftritte, dämonische Augen, Gartenzwerge als Fans und eine unbestreitbare Balkan-Romantik kann in Noctiferia’s neuem Video to „The Forging“ be admired- The Album Review to disk „Pax“ you can find here

Noctiferia - The Forging (Official Video 2014 - Pax)

Album Review: Noctiferia – Pax

For more than 15 Years „Noctiferia“ Ljubljana one of the driving forces of the Slovenian metal scene. During this time the tape has, founded by Igor Nardin (Guitar) and Uros Lipovec (bass), already lived through some musical changes, have given the status as an innovator in a style often deadlocked metal scene the band. The Slovenians have 4 Let Seasons, to the powerful album „Death Culture“ to leave behind and now with „Pax“ repulse. „Pax“ not so hard, death-metal-tinged as its predecessor, but clearly Industrial Metal and with this album show us „Noctiferia“ such as industrial metal in 2014 should sound.

Noctiferia - Pax

In the 15 Have years „Noctiferia“ already some Methamorphosen respect their work behind. The band's style ranges from Pagan Black Metal of their 1997 debuts „Baptism at Savica Fall“ for technical Death Metal Black on „Per Aspera“ (2003) and from various extreme metal to „Slovenska Soft“ (2006) on the „Death Culture“ (2010) presented Industrial Metal. „Noctiferia“ So have almost everything covered, which somehow fit stylistically or was possible. This also means, The band continues to develop and copies itself to just not even. To this day, this diversity of the band has numerous live shows with great bands like „In Flames“ and placed at renowned festivals and now the band is ready, open a new chapter in its history. Once again, the band sent to, to smash your speakers.

Noctiferia - Gaga People (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

„Noctiferia“ combines „Pax“ sent all styles and you can safely be regarded as an attack on his nerves. The album shoots and deafened at each corner. Often it is the finest melody lines nitty-gritty and scarcely had the melodies have set, pops a infernal Industrial in the turnip. One can already speak of unusual creativity, was „Noctiferia“ live out there, no, celebrate. Somehow it reminds some of the first acts of Peter Tägtgren with „Pain“. Nevertheless, the techno influences are not as strong and used it consumes more of a „Background music“, but these do not meaningless with ripples, no, combining the guys it really. Among the many facets, which are weggeballert on an album, are joined by influences from nu metal region and the Electric Industrial Touch 1990s and military-tinged sound. In this way it brings together fans of Samael, Meshuggah, Morbid Angel and grain, Ministry and Ljubljana. Sounds thought, enormously creative and has a powerful sound, with a heavy bass.

Noctiferia Band

It is great to see the vehemence with which have found their own niche of the gentlemen Industrial. Precisely because each slice of the six-member band sounds different, seems Development and artistic freedom to be the motto and without ifs and buts. Who to bands like Ministry, Laibach, recent Samael etc. is, makes this album guarantees nothing wrong. But beware, it shakes and shakes you through properly and only after nearly 40 Minutes you can escape the nerve centrifuge. Anspieltipps is „Gaga People“, „The Forging“, and „Most Su Na“. The disc is special and should be repeatedly consumed, out listening to all the subtleties. The pieces have a lot of brand recognition and offer across the vegetable garden a brilliant blend of rough, as well as clear sound fragments. To unite this as, without resulting sounds too immature is difficult. The hurdle but „Noctiferia“ very well mastered and so beats you a MegaTrack after another out.

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  1. Pax
  2. Sleeper Is Awake
  3. Gaga People
  4. Cellulite Of This World
  5. The Forging
  6. Most Su Na
  7. Rudra The Roarer
  8. I Am You
  9. Wetiko
  10. Bars

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