Album Review: Nitrogods – Rats and Rumours

The second album of a band is often a challenge, because the fans have high expectations and you stand as an artist happy times before deciding: want or surprise favor? In an age of increasing digital anonymity and supposedly aseptic perfection won the Hanoverian / Stuttgart Rock'n'Roll Trio Nitrogods a laborious indeed, but selected long term artistically satisfying way. Their songs do not meet any criteria of absolute sonic purity, playful integrity or clinical sterility. On the contrary,: Was aware their second studio album „Rats And Rumours“ recorded in a recording studio with analog technology, in which phenomena such as the spool is changed and steady Tonkopfsäuberungen daily business include. No question: Recording sessions and band philosophy „Rats And Rumours“ perfectly match the Nitrogods. And the album shoot something of follows through the ceiling, that it is a true delight!

Nitrogods – Rats and Rumours

The Debut Album „Nitrogods“ brought the three musicians already something on the market, which is not unique, although, hardly obtain. To keep up with the second disc, be had to the Nitrogods make significant gains over backwards so. Guitarist Henny Wolter to: „We are convinced Vintage-Freaks and really enjoyed every moment, take on a venerable 24-track tape machine. Of course, such a production far more costly and laborious, because you can not just copy whole passages by&Push the paste function back and forth, but must also have it really his songs completely. Once you have playful times, one begins halt every time all over again to. But that is precisely the exciting challenge of such production, when you will be rewarded at the end with a real rock'n'roll sound.“

Nitrogods – Band

More than a dozen new songs, the band of Henny Wolter, included singer / bassist and drummer Klaus Sperling Oimel Larcher, some of them know the fans of the band already from the concerts. Wolter tells us to: „Immediately after the release of our debut album two years ago we started immediately, writing new songs. Therefore we could pieces like ‚Back Home‘, ‚Nitrogods‘ or ‚Whiskey Supernova‘ also already check in our shows before an audience through their paces.“ Overall, we find on the new album 13 pieces, with which the stylistic directives of Erstwerks be continued, but which are thereby failed simultaneously varied and audible complex. Auch anno 2014 are the role models of Nitrogods by far not exclusively in Hard&To find Heavy-area, but extend over the entire scene of rock music. „We love all of Status Quo on Motörhead, Stray Cats, Clash of up to AC / DC“, Wolter is to, „and from precisely this mixture also our songs put together. We realize, that we will allow the wheel to reinvent, but at least we frosting it properly.“

Nitrogods - "Rats And Rumours" (Official Video)

„Rats And Rumours“ begins with a typical Nitrogods number and is a tribute to the early 80 Motörhead. Hell yeah, something like! „Irish Honey“ vaguely reminiscent of „London Calling“ von The Clash, because there is very successful homage to Nitrogods Type the Rockabilly. The song „Automobile“ explores the intersection between Metal Rockabilly and more obvious, and even the track „Nitrogods“ dictated by rough Rock'n'Rockabilly feeling. Here Henny lives in singing his passion for Sleeze and recognized with this variety, the engine noise of a, na let's say V8, After, of accelerated at high speed on the road. „Nothing But Trouble“ is also a typical Henny Wolter number, you can hear him sing again and the style is very dirty and pissed, but without the whiskey geschwängerte blackness of Oimels voice.


The number „Ramblin` Broke“ referred to as Wolter Blues-Runaway: „The piece has basically with nothing to do Heavy Metal, but might have come in this form of John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival.“ Der Song erinnert entfernt an Tito & Tarantula and their appearance in the cult movie „From Dusk Till Dawn“. Short Sharp fall of Song „Dirty Old Man“ and with „Damn Right (The Call It Rock’n Roll)“ and „Back Home“ then takes the speed back vigorously ride on. A great Biker-Number is „BMW“, the only way of a real biker, as Oimel is a, can originate. The sound of the album sounds wonderful and you have to see the feeling the musicians play in front of him. In the CD cover has looked to the style of the first disc. Thus the skull must with helmet and glasses grace the front of the album again.

Nitrogods – Band

The Nitrogods show all skeptics of the first album of their six middle finger and go on the path consistently. With „Rats And Rumours“ proves the band stylistic range, the songs have catchy and you can tell the ‚Gods of the fun, to let the style elements from other faiths to grow and weave with their own unique style to it. Is generally „Rats And Rumours“ a bit more varied than the 2012 released CD. For example, the style and the voice at „Nothing But Trouble“ more closely related at the 70th Hard Rock, than the other rather rock'n'roll heavy residue. Thematically one uses all clichés, where „Irish Honey“ and „Whiskey Supernova“ a tribute to the „Water of Life“ is, it comes from other songs about cars, Honor and a lot of nitro! Nitrogods sound really nice snotty and who liked the debut disc wants to hear or again beautifully dirty Hard Rock with Rock'N'Roll-Attitude, will have his fun here. „Rats And Rumours“ is the perfect wheel for the drive and a nice evening with colleagues. So if what looks really rough rocks can confidently strike here.

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Nitrogods - "Rats And Rumours" (Official Album Trailer)


  1. Rats & Rumours
  2. Got Pride
  3. Irish Honey
  4. Automobile
  5. Damn Right (They Call It Rock’n Roll)
  6. Nothing But Trouble
  7. Back Home
  8. Dirty Old Man
  9. Ramblin‘ Broke
  10. BMW
  11. Lite Bite
  12. Nitrogods
  13. Whiskey Supernova
  14. Black car DRIVING Man (Live) (Bonus Track)
  15. Whiskey Wonderland (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)

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