Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

The Finnish band Nightwish is currently with her new album „Endless Forms Most Beautiful“ on homonymous European tour and made it on Saturday, 28. November 2015 Halt in St. Jakobshalle in Basel. As support were high-caliber as the Swedish Metal-Band Arch Enemy and the Finns Amorphis With this, the audience with a mix of Death- have and Pagan Metal entertain. In Metal see hard guitar riffs, often elements of folk, Rock, Pop and even opera singing again, because the metal almost all varieties are possible. The Finnish band Nightwish uses this tolerance of up to the limits, ihr „Symphonic Metal“ blended so many styles, that one at the end of the show head is spinning off.

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

Already at 17:30 AM opened the gates of St. Jakobshalle in Basel, to the mighty rush of fans to master. The hall was sold out, ie ca. 9000 Fans wanted to see Nightwish and their hits live. This is for symphonic metal, as the band itself categorized, incredible and therefore the band plays in Music-Business in the first division. 1996 gründeten Tuomas Holopainen, Emppu Vuorinen and vocalist Tarja Turunen, the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. Shortly thereafter, drummer Jukka Nevalainen and bassist Sami Vänskä joined the Confederation. Until the year 2001 and three studio albums, the band remained in this occupation, bis Basser Vänskä, because of disagreements within the band, was replaced by Marco Hietala. Now we started with the albums „Century Child“ and „Once“ right through. After the end of the „Once“-Tour in October 2005, Then it came to Split with Tarja Turunen.

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

Without singer the Finns moved in September 2006 the studio to record the successor of „Once“ to potter about. Meanwhile, the singer-search was intensified to finally end of May 2007 Anette Olzon, the Swede, from CA. 2000 selected submitted demos, imagine. That same month, you could already the first single „Eva“ download and in August they released the single „Amaranth“. Ende September 2007 then appeared the long-awaited by fans Album „Dark Passion Play“. The prophecies of doom album sold very well in spite of. In Finland you have already on the second day 60’000 Sold copies, which earned them a double platinum award. Elsewhere in Europe, the disc catapulted place 1, u.a. in Germany and the Switzerland. The subsequent tour was as successful as the album. Of course, the new singer not met everyone on cheers, which is often on their different interpretation of the „Tarja“-Songs was due, or simply because the DieHard fans Tarja wanted. The Swede worked hard (including. Collapse on stage) per se, with simultaneous support of the other members, and could just as new singer of Nightwish by boxing.

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

at the 11. November 2011 released their highly anticipated seventh album entitled „Imaginaerum“. the 13 Songs form the soundtrack to the movie Nightwish. 2012 launched the Tour, Anette Olzon on which ill and in Denver, at the 28. September 2012 by Elize Ryd (Amaranthe) and Alissa White-Gluz (Kamelot, current singer of Arch Enemy) was replaced. This decision held Olzon wrong and it came to a rift. at the 1. October 2012 came the news, Olzon in agreement that the band Leave has. As an initial replacement the current Dutch singer Floor Jansen was (After forever, ReVamp) committed. It remained for the next record for the eighth album „Endless Forms Most Beautiful“ not the only change / new signing. So Uilleann Pipe player and former guest musician Troy Donockleyein was solid band member. Due to strong sleep drummer Jukka Nevalainen had to withdraw. In Finland Wintersun drummer Kai Hahto a worthy replacement was for the album and this tour found. at the 27. March 2015 It was far and it seemed the awaited eighth album with melodies, Choirs and music with epic bandwidth Metal robe and the tour for this album was on 28. November 2015 in die St. Jakobshalle in Basel loaded.

Nightwish Ghost Love Score live Basel

Be Supportet „Nightwish“ on the tour and on this evening of the two bands „Arch Enemy“ from Sweden and originating from Finland to also „Amorphis“. Especially the latter band is a veteran of Heavy Metal and coined the early 1990s the Scandinavian Death Metal scene. Over the years, they continued to evolve and let the progressive influence free rein, as was the guttural singing over the years always more by a clear, replaced clear voice. Amorphis has made 25 Offer years of Schafens a lot of the partially astonished audience. Not everyone Nightwish fan is also a Heavy Metal fan, which is clearly seen in some (long) To read faces. But with evergreens such as „Sky Is Mine“ and „Hopeless Days“ it also catches people, who are not familiar with Amorphis. A very good performance, unfortunately too short fails.

Setlist Amorphis

  1. Death of a King
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Hopeless Days
  4. Bad Blood
  5. Sky Is Mine
  6. Silver Bride
  7. The Four Wise Ones
  8. House of Sleep
Nightwish The greatest Show on Earth live Basel

After Amorphis the stage is prepared in a very short time and „Arch Enemy“ join the boards, All the world. In the tape, there was 2014 a highly acclaimed in the metal scene replacement at the microphone. Alissa White-Gluz took over as the singer and also played the last album a. For connoisseurs a treat, to experience the new singer live. A true Power bundle with blue dyed hair leaves no doubt arise, that she is the right person. Something strange seems the costume, she wears and more like a membership „The X-Men“ recalls. The setlist is clearly dominated by the last two albums „War Eternal“ and „Khaos Legions“. Songs from the old days do not occur with two exceptions, what the appearance and its good quality but does not detract from.

Setlist Arch Enemy

  1. Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
  2. War Eternal
  3. Ravenous
  4. Stolen Life
  5. You Will Know My Name
  6. As the Pages Burn
  7. Under Black Flags We March
  8. Avalanche
  9. No Gods, No Masters
  10. Nemesis

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

at 21:10 PM then drops the raised for the renovation break curtain and after a short intro pours with fat drumbeats and a famous Pyroshow a brilliant light, Video- and music installation to the eagerly waiting crowd. Nightwish singer Floor Jansen runs springy step on stage. What a presence of the pretty Dutch, pulling with her charisma, the audience immediately into their spell. As much as the previous separations of front women have split fans, Nightwish with Floor Jansen found the perfect replacement. Likewise, you can tell the rest of the band, vor allem Marco Hietala und Emppu Vuorinen, the joy of it, the audience into a mixture of dream- take and film world. This is supported by an insane video installation in the background and recurring pyrotechnics in the form of mini flamethrowers or smaller Bengali effects like fire gyros. The light show and sound do the rest, to frame the evening for most visitors memorable.

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

The fans have fun, clap and sing joyfully with. But sometimes bordering the Sound of Finns for me so close to Kitsch, that one can imagine almost veräppelt – is all but Metal called and actually has nothing to do with Metal, besides the guitar riffs. Nightwish are formidable compositions, could have emerged from Hans Zimmer. But if only spherical keyboard sounds, Organ and panpipe to Floor Jansen pretty little voice resound, is nothing to feel truly of Metal – Unfortunately, nothing of irony, these pathos excesses might have been explicable. At least I do not see any hair mats trepidation except perhaps this itself by Floor. But the show is definitely great, otherwise as with other bands is tuned from the stage to the flamethrowers everything on the Sound, underlines this and puts him at the center. The video effects are almost spherical and act just great about this film music, already alone it could get brain flutter. Nightwish mingled with her Concert so many styles, that one at the end of the show head is spinning off. Nightwish connect past, Present and future into a flawless whole. Is it time for a new era? It is time for „Endless Forms Most Beautiful“.

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

Setlist Nightwish

  1. Shudder Before the Beautiful
  2. Yours Is an Empty Hope
  3. Ever Dream
  4. She Is My Sin
  5. My Walden
  6. The Islander
  7. Momentum
  8. Weak Fantasy
  9. 7 Days to the Wolves
  10. Alpenglow
  11. Storytime
  12. Nemo
  13. Stargazers
  14. Sleeping Sun
  15. Ghost Love Score
  16. Last Ride of the Day
  17. The Greatest Show on Earth

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Finnish Fireworks Championships 2012

In this clip one stays away the spittle, unique Music-selection, spektakuläre Choreografie, amazing effects and a high-quality synchronization. Well done guys. Amazing!

Finnish Fireworks Championships 2012 , "THE SCORE" Channel Four's Fireworks.

Nightwish – The Concert Review

One thing first, I was never a fan of wannabe opera diva Tarja Turunen and a Die-Hard Nightwish Fan wird aus mir auch nicht mehr werden, But the Finnish reference, was bombastischen Orchester-Metal angeht, the symphonic metal band around keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen are known for their fancy special effects and brilliant stages- and light shows. The creation of Nightwish is bombastic, their sounds epic, passionate and breathtaking. How does their new album and is presented visually, I was allowed on 24. April at the „Imaginaerum“ Experience World Tour at Hallenstadion Zurich. And what can I say? The show was amazing and matched both as sound effects perfect for each other, so even an old Thrasher was like appearance on the Finns. How can something happen? Read for yourself…

Ein Nightwish-Concert without the skillets face Tarja? This was probably equal to my first question, when it came, whether one would like to come to the Nightwish concert. And, I like and that do not, and for me it was more than just important to be sure not Tarja, that they had not in the meantime making a comeback in the band, because this would definitely be a reason for me, stay away from the event, as the devil holy water. But that night there were some hardcore fans Tarja found, no goddesses tolerate beside her, this would have been wiser to home, because with Anette have made a far better choice Tuomas and his men than with any third-rate wannabe opera diva, populate the metal stages of the world and the people fully whine ears. Thus the way was paved for a small expansion of horizons and friends, I am glad, that I dared. Nightwish have delivered the Hallenstadion in Zurich a great show!

Nightwish - 1 -Magic Winter & Story Time (Live) @ Hallenstadion Zurich 24.4.2012

Heat up as the Battle Beast had loaded, but since we rumlummelten little too long with beer and friends, we have completely missed their appearance. Battle Beast spielte aber Heavy Fuckin‘ Metal, what one has noticed Sun still out. Note: Worth a listen any time. „Imaginaerum“ the long awaited sequel to „Dark Passion Play“ Nightwish is the occasion of the tour and the album is also the soundtrack for a movie, whose protagonist is an old songwriter with an incredible imagination. „Imaginaerum“ appeals to our imagination and forgotten yearnings of a magic world.

The anticipation in the audience is huge and a quarter to nine to thunderous cheers of the main act begins with his appearance, Nightwish came on stage. At least it sounded afterwards, because a huge scrap-curtain blocked his view, this to „Taikatalvi“, the Marco sings on a rocking chair, also during the first half of „Storytime“ concealed a curtain stage, before it is dropped and provides a view. About Tuomas with hat and tails, Marco with even longer beard, Anette in elegant dress and with black hair and blond Emppu Jukka perched on a high pedestal Drum. A narrow, wide video screen, the colorful throughout the show Animated carousel, Woodlands and Dark Kitsch montages showed. A gigantic and atmospheric light show and massive effects like columns of flame, Smoke and red-colored fire, that even from the organ pipes by Tuomas‘ Keyboard beats up, offer a spectacular show for the eye.

Nightwish I want my Tears back,live in Zurich,24.4.12

With „Wish I Had an Angel“ and „Amaranth“ Pull the Finns Zurich quickly under her spell, Anette before in „Scaretale“ their way of singing conveys so convincingly, ask only that you definitely can: „Who the fuck is Tarja?“. The crackling erotic „Slow, love, Slow“ she sings no less convincing. For „I Want My Tears Back“ and the following numbers is the Irish musician Troy Donockley on stage, of the band accompanied the entire tour. Through his uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes) He provides not only live in the eagerly mitgeklatschten Instrumental „Last of the Wilds“ and „The Islander“, where viewers provide a sea of ​​lights, but also in „Come Cover Me“ for folk Feeling. Not only the „Wishmaster“-Number, also the first time since 2005 played live „Planet Hell“ and „Over the Hills and Far Away“, which were carefully rearranged for Anette and Marcos voice, as well as „Dead to the World“ proving once again, Anette that former Tarja standards can sing in their own way.

In between, the audience can have a dreamy acoustic version of „Nemo“, the latest single „the crow, the Owl and the Dove“ and the threatening „Ghost River“ please, Before the instrumental „Finland“ initiates the addition of Jean Sibelius block. Makes clear again, Nightwish take full account of their latest album. The two encores „Song of Myself“ and the right „Last Ride of the Day“ with fireworks come from the new disc; counted the orchestral theme song as Outro, around ten new songs for the course. The work live very good by, even if the „Dark Passion Play“-Songs and older numbers are of course the most celebrated. Was also not spared pyro effects.

Nightwish - Ghost River (Live @ Zurich 2012 - 5/6)

My conclusion of the evening: Nightwish understand, to deliver a great show! Die Jungs beherrschen ihr Handwerk und auch die art der Inszenierung. The secret frontman was Marco - not only in the pieces, in which he had a vocal part. The swirling Emppu, Jukka und Tuomas, at its Keyboard always again reaches for the bottle of wine, offer a very convincing appearance and act with a permanently grinning, fantastic dancing and singing Anette homogeneously. The fun is in any case clear to see the musicians on stage, Donockleys inserts make the sound even more diverse. The joy, a successful setlist and the opulent show it's definitely worth, Nightwish lead to mind!


  1. Taikatalvi
  2. Storytime
  3. Wish I Had an Angel
  4. Amaranth
  5. Scaretale
  6. Slow, love, Slow
  7. I Want My Tears Back
  8. Come Cover Me
  9. the crow, the Owl and the Dove
  10. The Islander
  11. Nemo
  12. Last of the Wilds
  13. Planet Hell
  14. Ghost River
  15. Dead to the World
  16. Over the Hills and Far Away (Gary Moore cover)
  17. Yet:

  18. Finland (Jean Sibelius cover)
  19. Song of Myself
  20. Last Ride of the Day
Nightwish - Nemo - live @ Hallenstadion in Zurich 24.4.2012
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