Album Review: Night Falls Last – Deathwalker

For five years, „Night Falls Last“ traveling together and pushing out more and more from Austria, where the six Styrian with their Modern Thrash Metal have already made quite a name. In addition to an appearance at the Nova Rock just one year after Bandgruendung, already garnered two EPs, and numerous live performances, the band. The first proper studio album by the band's history, „Deathwalker“, could be another important step in this direction be. Who holds the album for the first time in hands, is impressed first time from lavish artwork. But with their 11 Tracks and a running time of approximately 50 Minutes, the plate a lot more!

Night Falls Last – Deathwalker

At „Night Falls Last“ is the first thing the genre atypical cast on, because the Thrashers have a keyboard player in their ranks, who tried to blow up from time to time with his appearance the genre boundaries, what the band succeeds remarkably well. The Styrian sextet 2010 and 2012 already with the EPs „Decisions And Directions“ and „Return Of The Fallen“ set first exclamation mark. After a year ergibigem songwriting then became the first album „Deathwalker“ was added and it has increased compared to the previous again! The disk is full throttle out in love and acts like a wild Monster. „Deathwalker“ in a post-apocalyptic future and acts of oppression and exploitation, umgemünzt on the negative aspects of globalization and capitalism.

Night Falls Last - Start to Breathe (Deathwalker, 2014)

„Night Falls Last“ begin their album with a lot of epic. Das Intro „Invasion“ puts the listener in the aforementioned post-apocalyptic scenery. The guitar leads spread a positive mood, but which is shattered with the force of the following pieces. With „Fear The Machine“ show us the guys their best side, preschenden forward and provide us with groovy, nasty, uptempo held Thrash Metal of highest quality. Of course, invent the Styrian the wheel not new, but they put familiar sound schemes such, that it is a real treat. „Detonate“ is a piece for all the happy capex. In general, search „Night Falls Last“ salvation in the flight forward and turn rarely a few gears down. After these few measures you can say, that is the Styrian as an absolutely consistent album that! Each song is a small highlight in itself, stand there „Start to Breath“ and „A Call From Inferno“ particularly out. Nasty growls, rapid pace and tempo solos remember ever to „Lamb Of God“.

Night Falls Last - Band

The most obvious of these is compared in the past 40 Seconds „Shootout“, when the sextet for a complex again, by starting welded together Bastard from different parts and to collapse unpacks the wrecking ball. Also „The Bitter Taste Of Disease“ is one of those songs, in which the finger to repeat button moves. With nasty, sadistic grin starts the circle pit and sparked blaze the flames continues zealously fomented. Although the basic rhythm Solids deposits may be familiar, but are pursued with much own energy. The conjured, very enraged energetics never ebbs and thus one can conjure up with a huge swing much mood. At the three-part final chord „rise“, „and“, „Fall“ will the ghosts. Especially the first, nine minutes long part plays with melodic thicket, discreetly proggigen undertones and clear vocals. The latter is clearly one of the weaknesses of the Styrian, normally shoutet Wolfgang Fleck, but the clean vocals come from bassist Chris Kerschenbauer, although it enriches the thrash his band to another facet, but will not come out while singing. The fact that he is not a professional singing, you can hear unfortunately only bear with. Live like the appearance indeed have charm, but captured on CD of experimental sounds unhappy.

Night Falls Last - Fear The Machine (Deathwalker, 2014)

The furious beast named „Night Falls Last“ knows no rest or peace and nonstop the accelerator pedal is depressed until it stops. Production-wise, as well as the tuning of each Neo-Thrash grenades stand alone, but as so often in life has also „Deathwalker“ its dark side, This is especially evident then, when the sextet goes on the throttle, is dissipated, almost progressive, Passages surrenders and speak the sampler leaves. Basically nothing to say against this approach, but in the case of „Night Falls Last“ ignites this not simply. „rise“ surprises with piano melodies and is generally the most versatile of the long groove. With some modern rock elements, the nine-minute prodigy of his ten brothers demarcates. „Deathwalker“ is by and large a thrash album, that can be classified with some excursions especially towards the end as Melodic Death. Contributing not least the keyboard and leads the clean vocals in.

Night Falls Last - Band

Despite some discrepancies is „Deathwalker“ a very solid album and a decent foundation for future releases. The influences of the band are without doubt at bands like „Lamb Of God“ and „Machine Head“. Slightly more intransigence would the work, however, in no way harmed. Furthermore, the mix of Silberling here and there is not quite round, the keyboard sounds are in fact largely unremarkable. „Night Falls Last“ stand for one hundred percent and Metal „Deathwalker“ is a thrash Release, however not only for diehard genre fans is a must, but its tentacles stretched in all possible directions. A really great Neo-Thrash potential that unfolds here. Despite many influences and elements one has much independence and brings them in my opinion their best advantage. „Deathwalker“ is a very good debut album, that worth to listen and support. With hearty courage use the six Styrian balancing by 51 sympathetic, not always light, always creative and ambitious minutes. Listen to it yourself at, makes you your own picture and you will not be disappointed!

A little tip on the edge: Take the durchhören necessarily the Lyrics at hand! The lyrics are just as successful as the songs themselves. Here is my clear favorite „Fall“, great idea and impressive, it is clear how only by the vocals of the conflict between the Death Walker and the ruling tyrant! But as mentioned, hears itself purely and makes you your own image!

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  1. Invasion
  2. Fear The Machine
  3. Detonate
  4. A Call From Inferno
  5. Shootout
  6. Deathwalker
  7. Start to Breathe
  8. The Bitter Taste Of Disease
  9. rise
  10. and
  11. Fall

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