Nekrogoblikon show what Goblin Metal

Reminiscent of classic Death Metal, but with goblins? Exactly, Nekrogoblikon play Goblin Metal! Egal was, everything, but really all started with the little, nasty, do green villains and the cover artwork reinforces this impression of a revolving around fun project. The two brains behind the whole, Nicky und Tim, provide here is pretty interesting Music as the foundation, if you leave out the part a bit badly on funny trimmed samples, you get a pretty well-done, melodious and here and there easily-influenced folk variant of Death Metal, The keyboard is well designed and the sound of Americans play a very important role.

And Video like it very much. Simply brilliant, what 5 Musicians from California have fabricated. The concept behind it is but in my view, very pleasant, the Facebook Fanpage and the Website one should look at absolutely! Have fun folks! And smite NEM Goblin's head, I need a new ashtray

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Nekrogoblikon - No One Survives [OFFICIAL VIDEO]