Tell your mama, that thou hast loved!

To Mother's Day haben Töchter und Söhne unterschiedlicher Altersgruppen ihre Mütter eingeladen, to say Thanks. no wrong, actually to „I love you!“ accept. Denn das sollten Mütter durchaus öfters im Jahr hören, für all das Muttersein, what they have brought an own lifetime counter. Also off of Mother's Day, but actually say those words too rare, even when we feel so. It is not important here, as they say Mummy, that one loves it. The main thing, you say it. I love you, Mama. The 364 Days off of Mother's Day!

Mama, I love you!

The hardest job in the world – World’s Toughest Job

In the Internet and in newspapers wrote the American cards Loading Card Goals the toughest job in the world. Various people have chosen to „Director of Operations“ advertised and interviews via Skype says a man in suit the candidate the framework for the „main job“. The responsibilities and requirements are extremely high. The right for the job should always perform the work standing. „They are constantly on their feet, constantly leaning forward“, Says the man. The working hours are in principle 24 Hours a day, seven days a week. „Is there time, to take breaks?“, asks a candidate. „no, Breaks, there is not“, the clear answer from the head. „Is this even legal?“, asks a Boy Woman. The answer: „Oh, And“. Now the supposed boss comes to training, which the candidate must bring: Degree in medicine, Economic and cooking skills. The alleged boss pushes it to the extreme: „If you have a life, you need to give this. Holidays there is not. At Christmas or Thanksgiving the work increases massively“. „And when you sleep?“, asks a puzzled man. „Oh, there is no time for sleeping“, so handsome Antwort. Finally, the boss is still the reward known, is paid in this activity: „Nothing.“ The candidate is the disbelief in his face. Comment out the offer with „that is inhumane“ or „that's cruel“, explained to the boss, who currently occupies the site: The mothers of the world.

World's Toughest Job - #worldstoughestjob - Official Video

It's mother's love!


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