Wes Craven’s Slasher High School

A better love story than Twilight, extremely witty and with just about all known Slashern the horror film. Lowcarbcomedy presents a romantic teen slasher high school comedy as music video „social Mediasochist“…

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Common Shiner's Social Mediasochist | Teen Slasher Music Video Parody | Lowcarbcomedy

The Voice of Black Metal

Louis-Paul Gauvreau interpreted in Canadian „The Voice“ „Stabwound“ Necrophagist – looks you the clip necessarily to the end of, you will be amazed… ;)

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The voice 5 | Louis-Paul Gauvreau | Auditions blind | Stabwound

Bloody chaos in Russian circus as a music video

The Russian band „Leningrad“ makes folk rock and that's not really my thing, if that does not this phenomenally well-crafted Video were to, originating from Director of Hardcore Henry and soon probably right across Internet is served. Verspultes music video and quite something going on…

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Leningrad - Kolschik

Heavy Metal without distortion sounds like surf rock from hell

Friends, did you ever asked, was Heavy Metal makes it a unique genre in rock? Is it the dark Image, the hard drums, the intense vocals and the distorted guitars or? What happens essentially, if you leave out one or more of these components? the Paranormal Guitar Channel shows us, like Music sounds, when the Distortion, the Guitar Distortion, omitting. This way of examples known bands like Slayer, PANTERA, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Megadeth and METALLICA – And friends, let yourself be told one, without the guitar effect sounds the thing not half as good…

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Famous Metal Riffs without Distortion #1 aka Surf Music From Hell

The Essstäbchen-Piano

Aus Teilen alter Instrumente und einigen Essstäbchen hat sich Sami Elu ein Piano gebaut und das klingt überraschend gut

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What Does a Chopstick Piano Sound Like? 🎹
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割り箸ピアニストサミエル/Sami Elu plays「Chopstick Piano」

Playing with quadrocopters the James Bond Theme

A band from Quadrocopter playing the James Bond Theme…

Flying robot quadrotors perform the James Bond Theme by playing various instruments including the keyboard, drums and maracas, a cymbal, and the debut of an adapted guitar built from a couch frame. The quadrotors play this „couch guitar“ by flying over guitar strings stretched across a couch frame; plucking the strings with a stiff wire attached to the base of the quadrotor. A special microphone attached to the frame Records the notes made by the „couch guitar“.

These flying quadrotors are completely autonomous, meaning Humans are not controlling them; rather they are controlled by a Computer programed with instructions to play the instruments.

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Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme

Album Review: Sunterra – Reborn

Sunterra“ venture with its rebirth something new and when guitars sing heavy riffs, squeal to the synths and growls are accompanied with bouncing beats. The Austrian gothic Metal makes tape Music dominated by the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis and combined with Metal Scratching and mix to a regular dose of Industrial and Dubstep (!) in the compositions. yes friends, read correctly! Sounds weird, but this is what makes the six songs on „Reborn“ diversified. The band defined for the direction and mixes the ingredients newly, to showcase amazing rousing tracks.

With „Reborn“ ending a twelve year wait, then appeared „Graceful Tunes“ the last album of the already 1994 based gothic metallers. Then all was quiet, Austrian band was whole nine years on ice and was 2015 reactivated with a new line-up and musical change of course. With considerably more experimental sounds of the title of the EP could „Reborn“ not be more appropriate. Somehow reminds me of the Vienna „Crematory“, Although „Sunterra“ not on Clear- builds and Grwol chants male representatives and here Libuscha „Lilly“ Hruska and Karl „Carlos“ Heinz Krug duel. Also associations with „Lacuna Coil“ and „Theater of Tragedy“ are to be recognized, but it must be clear mention, that the Viennese band does not sound like a copy of these bands, but the independence is paramount. „Reborn“ marks the resurrection of the metal band and provides a fresh, new Opus is, to the 100% „Sunterra“ is, marked but a musical development of the band, to contact their own heritage with feet without. „Sunterra“ create their own, distinctive sound and thus show old and new fans, they are resurrected with a new freshness.

If you compare „Graceful Tunes“ With „Reborn“ you can see little in common. Only the vocals are reminiscent of former deeds. more always dominate powerful growls, go hand in hand with female clear vocals and distorted here and there to harsh screams. Here and there are on „Reborn“ given still interesting spoken word passages, and other games in the experimental sound somewhere between progressive metal and Hardstyle / Dubstep. Intricate riffs and varied song structures play with Groove bonds here and there and some Death Metal is sprinkled. the whole thing is garnished with neat Electro, that time in Hip Hop Beats, then pushes back into harsh industrial fields, only to deliver a bold hardstyle broadside next song, However, it creates an amazing way, abzuschmecken the abundance of variety with metal and let the whole thing sound good. If one is not accustomed to such experiments, you might have to take a little run-EP to listen to one or two times more. but after that it gets quite quick to celebrate the beats and sing the choruses.

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Sunterra - Reborn - 01 Reign Surpreme

With the opener „Reign Supreme“ still trying to build a bridge to the past. There are heroic pounding Gothic Metal with drum-thunder, sawing guitars, tiefkehligem male growls and enchanting female vocals around the ears. In progressive course of the panel but is removed completely from the Gothic corner and the metal gets an increasingly subordinate role. For this one turns increasingly to Electro to, that is well said in the Promo Sheet Metal term Step (!) be. The second song is completely been different, after an initial experimental follows a dark melody. This is powerfully „Shadow In The Dark“ initiated, up interesting sound constructs joined to, which merge into a sad piano game. Dark Gloomy sadness which is supported by Lilly Singing. „Lord Of Lies“ goes from right and is electronically distorted Gothic Metal with driving melody. Right brachial it is at „This Is W.A.R.“. increased speed, Derber Gothic Metal, They save-Drum, soulful sad piano passages and shot Electro. The song is much more experimental and has many bonds to crossover soundscapes and Progressive Metal. In „Ministry Of Thoughts“ meet Gothic Metal, gloomy Electro and Dubstep wavering elements successive. Sounds strange when reading, but sounds good and fits great for track. „Shut Up“ however, comes dark and bizarre from the boxes. The whole thing has aggressive death metal components, Riffing classic industrial sound and melodic lines as in Gothic Metal. With Scratches together, it is a peculiar, idiosyncratic and so far unheard variant metallic music. There are also a markedly experimental list and many sounds, we know from the Prog Metal.

Overall, the songs of musical contrasts and the music of are „Sunterra“ is full of variety, what the tracks but also places some „uneasily“ can act. I miss a little bit the „thread“ This EP, but who it loud, grumpy and varied like, will be well served with this album. Technically, there is not much to mosern and also has ideas formation. The electro vibes have to like, fit despite the estimated Sounds like chalk and cheese. The backbone of „Sunterra“ of course does not detract from the, you get varied, offer easily accessible and catchy gothic rock / metal songs with a variety of undertones. „Sunterra“ do it, break out prescribed genre corsets and create something very unique. Extremely varied, very changeable, yet absolutely authentic. In the center of the duet vocals by Lilly and Carlos is the motto: Beauty and the Beast. The coolest song on the disk is calculated of the most electronic: „Shut Up!!!“ is more or less carried forward in a duet with some radio play character. An interesting idea, which was also well implemented and the shekel significantly enhances. Overall, the EP comes good in the ear canals and makes the longer term humor. since one can hope only, that the Vienna henceforth be not only twelve years leave until the next release. „Reborn“ is from beginning to end exciting and at the same time refreshingly different. Welcome back!


  1. Reign Supreme
  2. Shadow In The Dark
  3. Lord Of Lies
  4. This is W.A.R.
  5. Ministry of Thoughts
  6. Shut Up!!!
Album Review: Sunterra - Reborn
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