As with Kermit from „La La Land“ „Muppet Muppet Land“ shall

I myself have „La La Land“ not seen and I'm not going to even, to Sing- and Dance Movies and Musicals definitely not mine. And Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as a couple? not Go. But one has to hear only good things. This does everything full of good Music be great and theatrical performance. Anyway, I feel now informs itself very well with Kermit as Ryan and can now have a say anywhere – if the wins an Oscar today ;)

Muppet Muppet Land (A Kermit in 'La La Land' Mashup)

Fifty Shades of Muppets

Darth Blender has Music the trailer of „50 Shades of Grey“ underlaid with scenes from all possible Muppet productions and it really is, really funny, though in the end somewhat sobering. Are Miss Piggy and Kermit now actually back together or has it done now completely?

Fifty Shades of Muppets - Parody

The "Pigs in Space" are back with a "Alien" spoof

As is known, the „Pigs in Space“ part of the Muppet Show, here they parody the lunch scene from „Alien“, in one, the first in the original times the Alien looks ... here it is just the cockroach with a Spanish accent, which is on a meta level again different funny, wherein I wonder eh, whether children here are really the target audience. Probably not. But they also were never eh…

The Muppets | Pigs in Space | “Alien: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner”

The Muppets sing the intro to „The Muppet Show“ itself

Not that Muppets previously the theme could not have sung themselves, but now they sing it differently…

The Muppets sing the classic theme from The Muppets Show | The Muppets

Anyway here again to compare the original intro, if you remember.

The Muppet Show Theme (Season Five)

A generation mourns Prince

A generation mourns Prince

Yesterday we received the well surprising and sad news, that Prince with just 57 Years is deceased. In addition to his Music is us especially its mutability remembered. Not only changed the course of his nearly Prince in 40 Year career seven times its name - including in an ineffable symbol - he walked also externally countless times, was Illustrator Gary Card has implemented graphically. Yesterday died not only a great musician, but also a style icon.

Prince’s Hair Styles from 1978 to 2013

With his songs and performances grandiose Prince created a world, the geeks were sexy and strong and did not have to shave by the opinion. Prince stood for a world, which was shrill - and mysterious. Lewd - and attractive. Forbidden - and worshiped. Prince implored a world, in solitary were sexy and strong and able to attract flares, Without caring about the opinions of others. Even from a menu made Prince a song and this Muppet on the show:

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And so also sang thousands of fans „Purple Rain“ in downtown Minneapolis:

Farewell, small Prince… Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today. To get through this thing called life!

Farewell, small Prince

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