The new Mr. T

Shit, no well! He looks so, the new Mr.. T or, more B.A. Baracus! Or rather is Babyface Baracus? I know not, know about you, but I'm completely overwhelmed. Luckily does not look like the Iro Fake. This speaks most definitely absolutely for the remake of the A-Team… :no:

Der neue Mr. T
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Mr. T against Nazis

Zootfly has announced a new game: The main roles Mr. T and Sims creator Will Wright. Mr. T in the fight against Nazis and their war machines. Will Wright takes on the role of a leading geneticist, who was captured by the Nazis for secret experiments. After the festooned with gold chains muscleman has freed researchers, close they are together in the fight.

Zootfly is the player in the South American rainforest, Abandoned Cities, Industrial complexes and military installations lead. Look exactly like the finished game will, one can hardly imagine the moment. Conceivable is a classic action-adventure. The Mr. T Game appears next to the PC and the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Mr T - The Game

Little Mr T.

This little Mr T. gibs at once Etsy to buy, unfortunately the part sold…

Little Mr T.

Mr T. Action Figur

Mr T. Action Figur

The A-Team, he was called B.A. Baracus, but when someone tells him of the series, I do a bet, Mr T he. is called. Everybody Loves Mr T., the Real Life Super Hero and as you can see below, Kids are also very enthusiastic :)

Gibts the promotional clip from the 80's after the jump!

I want everything, give me everything➤

Mr. T and the Flavorwave Oven

Mr. T is for the meantime nothing too bad and is bidding in an informercial a cooking gadget, that courts can cook twice as fast as usual and only ridiculous 120 Eggs cost…

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Mr. T on the Flavorwave Oven Infomercial

Mr T is back!

And this just in time for the European Championships. The gentlemen footballers are by now more around on the field, and then roll, instead of chasing the ball. Not with Mr T! The Advertising for Snickers zeigts such overpaid wimps, hehehe :) Get some nuts!

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Mr T Snickers commercial