PlayStation Move Launch

Finally it has come again and Lyric reported for Dravens Tales from the game launch, respectively the launch of the new PlayStation Move Controllers:

I have heard in the run split opinions about Playstation Move and was therefore all the more eager to see it, whether the PlayStation Move kit would meet my expectations. Yes I own a couple of game consoles, but comparable probably only the Nintendo Wii so I'll probably get most of comparisons to.

After I fought through the after-work rush hour in Zurich and rightly found me in the crowd at the Zurich Sallsporthalle have, I stand at the aperitif table, This features with various finger foods and drinks. The guests consist in part of bloggers, partly of gladiators, which will compete, to show the best moves. But more on that later. I have done at least the fresh fruit as well as the ham croissants. So ever 4 from 6 Points for the tasting ;)

After I got me a Bud I go to the Game Room, in which I have eagerly waving two of gladiators, the hot play with ping pong, expect. At first glance, the whole pretty Wii-like and vaguely familiar. So I decide for the next beer and go again in the Aperobereich. There, now running SingStar and the guests in the mood to bawl, the whole thing looks very loose, however, most are probably already mentally when Moven.

I go after some unsuccessful attempts singing again on the meaning of events, ask me discreetly at the Move Arena in the background and watch the game ends. Quick strikes me, that once someone gets a new controller in your hand, the moves do not want to work quite. When the ping pong ball falls to the ground when it hits ever, throw the frisbee discs that land somewhere, but only rarely in the vicinity of the collecting basket. When I get to the range to try my luck I can see what the problem is: Most of the players, Move the hold in your hand, familiar with the gameplay of the Wii – and that is precisely the problem. While the Wii predefined movements are triggered, once you get the Wiimote performs almost similar motion, makes the Avatar the PlayStation Move, however the game exactly the same movement as the player, ie who throws the Frisbee throw the disc is not exactly straight, but rather from links to the right, the lands in the game in the Botany. The same with ping pong, if you do not raise the ball as, as in real and the flapping not exactly running on this axis, suggests the next. What sounds frustrating, It is only at the beginning. Once you have understood the subtleties, The Move from the Wii differ, makes gaming incredibly fun. Personally, I am particularly impressed by the precision and implementation of the motions. I as a former Real Life Archer got in archery cleared immediately, First, because the movements are very natural and secondly extremely precise.

After I gambled a few games, begins the gladiatorial contest. Any two of the gladiators compete against each other, one hand, in-game, where points are at stake, but also in real life. Because winning is, who shows the best moves. In each one of them will be filmed and the films will be uploaded after a short editorial on Youtube and the Facebook implemented. And who, after a certain time has the most Likes, win a PS3 Move kit including a.

When I turn I see once more, how precise the control works, you can e.g.. a sword aimed exactly on the unprotected areas, the opponents of the denuded. Plus a few theatrical screams and grunts, coupled with some (unnecessary but spectacular) Moves my hand and my whole Gladiator movie is in the can. Is then switched to free-for-all and everyone can still play a few rounds of the game, which he liked best. I decide to play all the games again, starting with Frisbee golf. Frisbee golf is well implemented, The union movement is detected accurately, one has the possibility to choose between different discs, Driver discs for wide shots, Putting-Disks fürs „Putting“. All in all a successful launch game.

Next, I play again the Gladiatorenkapf, ie it is secondary to (or alone against the AI) in an arena against. Is blocked with the left stick, slammed with law. It can be built for the Super Impact (Aggro sammeln) and after it hits, come small Quicktime events to support, so you can stock up and the opponents play badly about him in the best manner with Tekken combos… The gameplay is also very intuitive, although it is a bit difficult at the beginning, movements so precisely that they do perform well enough damage. As an example: If you hit the enemy with a downward movement in the knee gets about one. 60 Points, in a horizontal's are about 120 and if he is high from the bottom towards groin gegens knee planed gibts partially> 300 points.

The next game is back archery and before I lose myself in adulation. It is simply great. The movements „really“ you can bend the e.g.. also drag from the hip, to conserve power during gaming.

Pingpong I did not manage to finish can satisfactorily. While other gamers already start imba combos here I gesticulating always still fairly ineffective around in the air.

Beach volleyball in turn is a very awesome game, so here is the timing and direction of movement crucial, to make points… Only the somewhat stupid AI was here a short hair in the soup. However, the intelligence of the pixels male climbs on higher difficulty, but it remains schaffbar.

Unfortunately, time is no longer enough to bocce also to gamble yet, But I can live with.

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Playstation Move Beachvolleyball

The controllers themselves are processed handy and well, the flares at the upper end are soft, So no major injuries. However, I wanted something for the controllers „new“. Too much to remember the things Wiimotes with flare, the only one now 2 Has the same, and not a Wiimote with nunchuk. Encouraging, however, was the rubber coating of the Move-Sticks, what Nintendo invented only as accessory, is at the beginning of the Playstation with it.

The gameplay is reminiscent of the type of games shown at very Wiiplay / sports, nonetheless available to the players a lot more options open, because the control is more precise at some. It does not move on predefined paths, but breaks new ground. This is indeed requires more sensitivity than the Wii, but that's what was so interesting Move.

From the motion factor here is the name of the PS Move program. While the Wii usually sitting near as can be playing well as in, Move is in full body application asked. I say you can not move from sitting position satisfactorily. That might sound like a negative point, but I think the more positive. Because if I ever eintausche to my PC for a PS to gamble, then I must also give what the console what the PC can not. And this is not least a lot of sweat.

The games that I've seen were relatively Wii-Like. But according to Sony, also Killzone and Resident Evil will be playable with the Move. I'm particularly keen on it, because the Wii imho in shooters not real time within the acceptable range, was das Gameplay anbelangt.

Remains to be seen, how successful the move will actually have. I would claim the move is a big step on the way of the PlayStation in the segment of society- and Party Games, they opened up now though, but has never gone seriously. Was far too great a monopoly on Wii. What to me during the event went through my head, is Microsoft Kinect, because the move is nothing new, but just a little-known fundamental improvements. The question arises whether the clientele Playstation Nintendo abgräbt (I think so) or whether both systems just after the launch of the Kinect „old“ are.

I promised the whole thing in any case very, I think the move is also in my living room, finding their way. Because the Wii is for me personally to „childish“ Although there are shooters for the Wii, but they are useless imho, I now hope for the MOVE, maybe they'll make it the „Lightgun“ the PS1&2 to expel from my throne of console shooter controls.

In the end it can be said: Awesome device, I will have, hopefully for party games and certainly a must for shooter also. So and now supportet me on Facebookseite von PS Move als Move Gladiator, by her „Likes“ and this pushes up as of Tuesday 14.09. In the morning 10 Clock! If I win against a Move yes * g * then gibts of any game that I buy a review… :)

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PS3 - PlayStation Move: Sports Champions: BEN

Mover and PlayStation 3 Move Kit beget

To get the right background music for this competition, Please fire up the following players!

Ab September 2010 there for the Playstation 3 a new controller: MOVE called. This detects any movements of the player thanks to the built-in 3-axis gyroscope, and thanks to this technology is extremely accurate. Thanks to the two controllers with advanced motion sensors, including three axis gyro, triaxial accelerometer, terrestrial magnetic sensor and a color-changing ball, which is captured by the PlayStation Eye camera, Playstation MOVE detects motion in 3D with unprecedented accuracy and thus promises a very precise playability.

MOVE is supposed to be even better than Wii. So now also has a motion controller Sony's Playstation, the imaginative as „Move“ ie. The similarity to the controller for Nintendo's Wii can not be dismissed out of hand. Specifically, however, seems to MOVE, that in addition to position sensors and a force feedback system, the integration of Eye camera contains. PlayStation MOVE among the winners at the Gamescom 2010. The new Playstation motion controller by the Jury, from the well-known experts from the publishing- and media was, in the category of „Best Hardware Accessories“ chosen as a winner.

Now is your interest is aroused? You want to be a gifted gambler „Move“ and are for the exclusive group include, that can test the new controller? And be given opportunities, one brand-new PlayStation 3 with Eye Cam and the new MOVE controller plus matching MOVE Games abzustauben? The best „Move“ So to win a whole Playstation Move Kit!

The Tomb explores the freakigsten, posable, ausdruckstarksten photos of Movers. Hence, five gladiators selected, which can test the MOVE and invited in early September after the Zurich Film Studio to test and Video be dispelled. Towards the middle of September, the films of the five gladiators asked here in the crypt into the network and who gets moved to the coolest and most Likes, has the main prize, one brand-new PlayStation 3, won.

So friends, moved all it's stuff, grabs the camera and keep it for posterity. To participate in the competition, you posting the pictures with words and the title of your moves on the Wall of Playstation Switzerland, say your posting on the bulletin board should look like this: walking dead move

Until Sunday 29. August 2010 lets you create your image on the Facebook page and charge for compete as a gladiator. So join it and MOVE! Good luck!