ZZ Top: The Sharp Dressed Men in Locarno

On one of the hottest weekends until now 2010 concentrates am Moon & Stars Festival in Locarno last Saturday probably one of the most diverse guitar-Blues Bands from Texas to: ZZ Top. Since the atmosphere in Locarno anmutet pretty special but I found it the perfect place, Messrs. appraised to live once. The Piazza Grande exudes an extravagant, cozy ambience and thank God it has not only the audience that otherwise redundant in Locarno encountered Zurich snobbish. This whore slurping diesel pack is to make otherwise in Locarno on every corner, so be careful! Fortunately, the festival will hold approximately 12’000 Audience and so was the audience was mixed very well and were able to ZZ Top, the Piazza Grande to rock really! Yeah!

Unfortunately, denied the preliminary program of the guitar gods, of its Art to play the instrument showing off like a dog just about everything starts läufiger, to bless it, respectively so as to properly operate Doll onanism. Eggs, the man knows his intrument, undoubtedly, Not for nothing is a five-time Grammy Award winner is, but I stand not even on the guitar Gewichse. Whether or Progressive Psychedelic Guitar Music, Can I be sure not easy, although he admitted everything takes out from the guitar, what is possible: Rock, Jazz, Funk, all intoxicating mix, very impressive and ever, but something of not my style. A whole hour „spoiled“ he us with his music and the crowd tried to tune the main act, what was in my opinion not really succeeded, but whatever, now it’s time for Rock ’n‘ Roll!

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ZZ TOP Locarno moon&stars 10.07.2010 - 3 - Hey Joe

This from Houston, Texas native blues rock trio with genuine flair for hits like „Gimme All Your Lovin'“ or „Legs“ existed since its inception in 1969 the same three musicians: Singer and guitarist Billy Gibbon, Singer and bassist Dusty Hill and the only beardless Frank Beard on drums. The men see virtually even for years always irrespective of: Trenchcoat, Hats, their beards, and of course their sunglasses. Today, a little gray beards, But the blues rock they still have in their blood, No question, because that is what they show from the beginning of their show and their instruments like they have completely under control…

On their first two albums, their blues roots were strongly to the fore. The world's commercial breakthrough came in 1983 with the acclaimed album „Eliminator“, which supplemented the only guitar-based blues with drum machines and synthesizers. With „Eliminator“ also their videos on MTV to be a perennial – not least thanks to the scantily clad sexy Women, with which the band members herumturtelten, but not at the show in Locarno were represented, which are also not represented as a shortcoming. Who needed it, was prancing ladies when one or the other song admired on the big screen :)

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legs, zz top, large square, locarno 10.07.2010.

What I particularly liked, is the fact, that the long-established gentlemen have not needed, on stage rumzuhopsen like rubber balls, have no big pyro show or other odds and ends or fuss organize, no, a common rockers the boots, the guitars, the move for a few bars at the same time forward and back or leg twitching in duet is all you, to put the audience in ecstasy. Just great to watch the masters of small gestures while listening to this brilliant music…

The setlist (see below) Handsome was a true potpourri of the band's career. A few songs from the early blues from the 70s, a few more commercial hits from the 80s and some newer songs. Absolutely awesome! In this fun backdrop, the show was able to like it very well and was of the best technology and the sound was absolutely hammer over moderately! Behind a huge canvas, on the camera movements including on parked trucks, Auto- and engine parts, Excerpts from wrestling fights and old westerns were seen. Before that, the drums – equipped with aluminum wheels, Exhaust and shock absorbers. This Concert, purist and cool, belongs to me but one of the highlights this year and left it in my eyes Kiss look pale :)

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gimme all your lovin' , zz top, large square, locarno 10.07.2010.

The setlist was as follows:

  1. Got Me Under Pressure
  2. Waitin‘ for the Bus
  3. Jesus Just Left Chicago
  4. Pincushion
  5. I’m Bad I’m Nationwide
  6. Future Blues (Willie Brown cover)
  7. Rock Me Baby (B.B. King cover)
  8. Cheap Sunglasses
  9. I Need You Tonight
  10. Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix cover)
  11. Brown Sugar
  12. Party on the Patio
  13. Just Got Paid
  14. Gimme All Your Lovin‘
  15. Sharp Dressed Man
  16. Legs
  17. La Grange
  18. Tush

For the accompanying videos in this article I'd like with me dujak222 and buckyx and for the great pictures Romy thank you. Who now the men also would like to hear live, has again this fall in the Zurich Hallenstadion opportunity…

ZZ Top: The Sharp Dressed Men in Locarno
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