Album Review: Mono Inc. – Nevermore

Mono Inc. - GluttonMonomania is a term from the psychiatric nosology of early 19. Century and means as much as single delusion, in contrast to the complete madness. Annual 2003 this term was the template for naming the band from Hamburg Mono Inc. and 10 Years later in the year 2013 beat Mono Inc. another chapter in her work on! Joachim Witt und Mono Inc.-Mastermind Martin Engler sind seit Witt’s letzter CD enge Freunde geworden und so kam man auf die Idee, to make a common number. But the question, who should sing the language in which, the two came first not quite another. As Witt had but then texted an English verse and chorus Martin a German, were the convolutions of the two only really active. The Love the Music has the two poles connected and the Hamburger rock band succeeds with „Nevermore“ to reinvent itself, to remain true to their sound and yet bring a new dimension Mono Inc. to market. Even the much acclaimed predecessor „After the War“ was clear, is now available with the new album „Nevermore“ another great moment of glory at atmospheric art-rock-entertainment into the house.

As already mentioned, Martin Engler and Joachim Witt close friends and celebrate her every week „Club of the living Poet“. Joachim Here comes the good circumstance to, that Martin is an excellent cook, Witt on the stove itself can do nothing, but delight in fine dining. In this „Club of living poets“ arise abstruse ideas. One of them was, to make a common number, Not surprising at first sight, but the question, who should sing the language in which, the two came first not quite another, because traditionally Witt sings in German and in English Engler. When Joachim had but then texted an English verse and chorus Martin a German, were the convolutions of the two only really active. The result is a song, in which Martin has been inspired by Joachim, to keep the German chorus, whereupon he contributed a purely German verse. The result goes by the name „Going the extra mile“ and „is to encourage people“, as the Mono Inc.-singer and Witt unison.

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MONO INC. - My Deal With God (official video clip)

Worn by some of these songs are practically as inspiration in flight originated in German language, what the band are very pleased. „Standstill would for us the creative Dead, why we have taken this step and burn it, the fans to showcase the new facet.“ Musically Mono Inc. between alternative- classify and dark skirt and her albums are of a serious, worn in places gloomy mood. Often repeated themes are loss and separation. The main instruments of the band members in the form of guitar, Bass and drums come to concerts other instruments used, said Martin Engler is happy to oblige acoustic guitar and piano. Although the band is from Germany and to a few concerts abroad also occurs primarily there, were the lyrics of Mono Inc. held exclusively in English until now. With „Nevermore“ come for the first time German texts for the course, which shine with poetry and poetry and the great tunes go immediately into the ear. A year after the top-10 album „After the War“ presents Mono Inc. sovereign with new and established influences and storm inexorably on their way to world domination monomaniac.

Mono Inc.

With the first track, the album has an opener, it has the right to be. For me, this fleet has, already eaten catchy tune at first hearing ear and taken root there fix. Take a popular nursery rhyme, can recite it from a child, processes it into a catchy chorus as possible, backed him with a NDH-reef, added to the wealth a keyboard carpet and you have a hit Astreiner. After six English-language albums, the first song presented in German language from its best side and since the first listen I catch myself always back, as I whistle the song to myself. Certainly the song to the next is Gothic-Party fill the dance floors. And even if the song ultimately do not like: „Three days of rain, three days Snow, then it no longer hurts.“ The passionate style of the Hamburg quartet has grown over the years to an equally interesting and enjoyable mix of many proven ingredients, who knows the alternative rock genre. The numerous hit tunes on this disc are once again current and as well as you would expect from this band, as unusual as snow in the Sahara.

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„Glutton“ convinced by a truly enormous variety and there are always new details to perceive in all things. I myself was the dark Gothic-Rock/Pop formation with Martin Engler (Vocals), Katha Mia (Drums), Carl Fornia (Guitar) und Manuel Antoni (Bass) to Greenfield Festival no term, but the compelling live performance with terrific power has fallen. For this reason, I was naturally curious about the new album. The whole disc is characterized by a degree of heat, which is reinforced by the voice of Joachim Witt. Likewise hitverdächtig presented „All that remains“, is to present something orchestral. After quieter pieces „Euthanasia“ and „A better way to die“, which by Martins deep, melancholy voice is carried, convinced „The clock ticks on“ and followed by „Heartbeat“ again a catchy tune. „Days like this“ I can imagine very well when driving on the highway. Also, the slow „I do not share you“, the rock „Happiness“ and the driving „My Deal with God“ can the high quality of the songwriting and production are held. Melancholic and contemplative then finally with „Nevermore“ finished strong this disc.

Mono Inc.

Mono Inc. can totally convincing with their latest work. Of the track selection via the instrumentation up to the cover art all seems very consistent. Musically somewhere in the great world between icebreaker, Oomph!, The Cure, H.I.M. and Nick Cave, the listener is presented a silver disc full of hits, makes the desire, to see the band live. After the first few seconds, shows the typical Mono Inc. Sound, because the band has stayed true to their style, despite the new German texts. With equally emotional and catchy song structures have Mono Inc. an optimal platform for their sophisticated and refined arts savvy game. The disc is musically more mainstream heavy, which does not mean, that this work would be bad, just because you made a swing on mass-compatible music. On the contrary, the album is not just for fans „Must-have“! In trading on the new album 9. August 2013 and each, the funny music from Rammstein, Icebreaker, Oomph! or Megaherz has, should be purely move this disc!

  1. The whole, The whole Segen
  2. Happiness
  3. My Deal With God
  4. No way Too Far
  5. Euthanasia
  6. All That Remains
  7. The Clock Ticks On
  8. A Better Way To Die
  9. Heartbeat
  10. Days Like This
  11. I Do not Share You
  12. Nevermore
Album Review: Mono Inc. - Nevermore
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