Micaela Schäfer against law: Dressed like you've never seen them before!

Stop the hate slogans! The Miss Shepherd we know more fully undressed, as e.g.. the „Ice Bucket Challenge„. In solidarity with the refugees Micaela Schäfer has released a # mouth open-Post, with perhaps the uneducated edge Germany is under pressure. The Embassy: A low IQ does not necessarily imply a right attitude. Hat, Miss Shepherd, each with its resources! Breasts against Nazis!

Micaela Schäfer: against xenophobia and right

Sky Sharks – Making-of and some posters

„Sky Sharks“ represents a further contribution in the animal horror genre, the past few years with films like Sharktopus, Sand Sharks, Piranha Sharks, Snow Sharks uvm. thrives and enjoys under Genre lovers great popularity. „Sky Sharks“ comes from the German home and is a production of Benfeghoul Productions and Marctropolis Film Entertainment. Here are a dozen lurid Poster, which give a good impression of the lovable characters, resulting in the production of precious German attack of flying Zombie-See exposed sharks. Included are, among other culinary delights German Acting as Michaela Schaffrath and Micaela Schäfer. For more information on this and fireworks of good taste can be found on the official site. But Trash movie fans have to unfortunately wait a bit, because Sky Sharks will only 2017 released.

Sky Sharks - Poster
Sky Sharks - Poster
Sky Sharks - Poster
Sky Sharks - Poster

The remaining 8 Posters and the Making of there after the jump!

I want everything, Give me everything➤

there Micaela Schäfer to Halloween as Naked Zombie

In the Night from 31. October to 1. November eerily beautiful party of the year will be celebrated again: Halloween, the only night of the year, bodily walk in witches and ghosts among us - what holds true at least in imaginative costumes. No wonder then, run in horror-Shop headquarters in Landsham prepare for Halloween in full swing. For the spooky night the horror Store team has come up with a lot and offers a particularly gruesome shopping experience prominent visitor. Micaela Schäfer comes as Naked Zombie costumes in Horror Shop.

Micaela Schäfer as Naked Zombie

The original Irish Festival gives the day not only his name, All Hallows‘ So Eve Allerheiligenabend, but also various, entertaining folk customs as jokes and costumes were taken up and developed by Irish immigrants in the United States as a reminder of the European home and have now become well with us to a cherished tradition. For the spooky night, with all its ghosts, Ghosts and entertaining ghost stories the horror Store team has come up with a lot and so heralds Micaela Schäfer at 11.10. as Naked Zombie Costumes and all Fans of 17:00 – 19:00 Watch the opener at this year's Halloween season a. The German-Brazilian Micaela Schäfer has her career in the talent show „Germanys Next Topmodel“ Beginning, in which she finished in eighth place. Then it went quickly and it was followed by appearances at „Big Brother“, the „Super Talent“ and countless appointments in Talk- and TV shows. One of her recent highlights was the participation at „I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here“ im RTL „Jungle Camp“. Now Micaela Schäfer exchanged real cockroaches and spiders in the jungle against Ungetier, Zombies and skeletons from the Horror Shop!!

In the Halloween gorgeous and creepy designed world of horror Store Superstore Landsham near Munich Micaela Schäfer posing as nude Zombie for Halloween photo shoot. On the former site Waldi the new horror-Shops Location was a year ago. Auf ca. 4000sqm are now the transit center and a sales area of ​​approximately. 500 sqm for costumes, Masks and decoration around the theme Halloween, Carnival and Carnival. Micaela Schäfer and the team from the horror shop rejoice at 11. October to all fans of celebrity nude models, the autograph session, Meet one & Greet mit Fotos, for raffles or just Shopping want to come over from Halloween Articles.