DBD: Cold Winter Sun – Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter give us a little taste of their upcoming album „Outlive“ and have to the Lyric-Video to „Cold Winter Sun“ Unpacked. The disc will be published in March…

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Demon Hunter - Cold Winter Sun

DBD: Call For War – Grave Digger

Here the Lyric clip to Track „Call For War“ of the issued on January 13 Studio Album „Healed By Metal“ Grave Digger…

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Grave Digger - Call For War (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) | Napalm Records

DBD: Love Falls – Hellyeah

Today for you the Lyric clip to Track „Love Falls“ Of Hellyeah. The song is on the current disc „Unden!able“, the most 3. June 2016 is published…

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Hellyeah - Love Falls (Lyric Video)

DBD: Barbarians (Prayers For The Blessed) – Sixx:A.M.

Sixx:A.M. provide you with „Barbarians (Prayers For The Blessed)“ another song from the current album „flight. 2, Prayers For The Blessed“ before…

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Sixx:A.M. - Barbarians (Prayers For The Blessed) - Official Audio

DBD: Innuendo – Lords Of Black

„Lords Of Black“, die Band des Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow-Sängers Ronnie Romero, has the Queen Number „Innuendo“ daring and to check out their version of the track before. In March last year the melodic Progger have their second album „II“ released, at its recordings, the ‚Innuendo' cover was…

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Lords Of Black - "Innuendo" (Official Audio: Queen Cover)

DBD: All Along – Brutus

The Belgian trio Brutus sends the Video to „All Along“ a precursor to their debut album „Burst“, on which 24. February appear, the race…

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Brutus - All Along

DBD: Needle And Suture – Metal Church

Here the new Video the song „Needle And Suture“ vonMetal Church. The clip was directed by Jamie Brown and derived from their latest album „XI“, on which the 2015 the band returned to hear vocalist Mike Howe…

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Metal Church "Needle And Suture" Official Video

DBD: I am the enemy – Grave

to her new song „I am the enemy“ have Grave released a Lyric clip. The track is on 13. January on the album „Machine Messiah“ appear…

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Grave - I am the enemy (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: Black Venom – Sick Of It All

„Sick Of It All“ celebrate their 30th anniversary and have to their Lyric-clip for the song „black Venom“ Unpacked, order on their current disk „When The Smoke Clears“ to draw attention. „When The Smoke Clears“ includes five new tracks and has a chic 60-page Coffee Table Art Book, involved in leatherette, for the band members have unearthed photos from their private archives and in which you also liner notes from colleagues like Davey Havok (AFI), Matt Kelly (Dropkick Murphys) und Dennis Lyxzén (Refused) finds.

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Sick Of It All - Black Venom (Lyric Video)

Album Review: On the border – Dictator

The Finnish Thrash Metal-Band „On the border“ Helsinki was in 2011 founded. This debut album here „dictator“ provides intense according to data of the label, rectilinear and aggressive Thrash Metal. What may sound like every x-arbitrary Thrash Metal Act, sounds in the Finnish form of these bullies carefree and passionate fresh. This is possibly also to the Finnish Lyrics, because due to these sounds the material slightly cranky – at least for those, who are the Finnish not powerful.

On the border had in 2013 released two demos and since 30. December last year is the debut „Dictator“ on the shelves. On this, the band presents 13 Tracks full Thrash Metal, in which the lyrics stories about topics such as debt, Life, tell decisions and responsibilities. Because of the topics the songs are to see serious and accordingly release the Finns the social scenes of everyday life in musical form again. About all the also is the musical direction, because is not the hundred thousandth Slayer, Kreator or otherwise quoted a Metalriesenact musical. The Finns, with plenty of autonomy and show enormous, playfully fresh potential. Intensive fast and resilient Thrash Metal is paired here with heavy grooves and slight melodic edge. All comes in response to a fresh rhythm out of the boxes and it all makes throughout mood.

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On the border - Dictator

Rajalla try not at the 80 rhythm, rather be appealing freshness, intoxicating vibes popped by the boxes. The guys from the far north are an attractive metal act, provides that not only a lot of technology in a well-tolerated Mass. This melange thunders huge and has many long-lasting lashes, which can be a downright addictive remain before the player. Consistently much pace is offered, in contrast, however, is also with significantly reduced speed trying to draw the listener in the pounding songs on the side. A consistently good appearance and it does not have always the big Thrash lobe are unpacked. No instead is set to a consistently good portion of groove metal, which evenly strengthens enormously by many sound undercutting the back of the tracks.

So that is what the first and also the title track of the album „Dictator“ (dictator) knarzige Guitars, guide us directly to the manicured Energieoutburst. Finnish fits any case perfectly Jukkas easily röhrigem guturalen vocals, even if we are only to get used some of the language. Even a trace snotty goes with it „EVK“ more, the sounds kinda punk from the beginning. The pace is fast and the melody of the guitar fortunately does not disappear in soundcarpet, although the drums with breakneck speed in the foreground dahinwütet. „Seeker“ (Seeker) was in 2013 taken for one of the demos and is about the search for meaning. „Barley“ (Grain) comes with a classic metal rhythm and therefore is very varied geschriehen. These are determined 100% like shake the listener's hair and heads. Was the pace of the album so far anyway afloat, Rene is now presenting with but „misanthropy“ (Misanthropie) a violent speed before and in the middle part there is a frightening speech insert of the depths of hell. Der Track „corrected us“ (corrected us) is determined to cheer the mosh pit at a live gig of the band and those who understand the text, here can certainly sing. „oaths in blood“ (Eide in the blood) unabated angry and full of energy. The melodic vocals you will once again reminded, that Finnish probably affects not innately evil and gloomy. also „Burden“ (burden) know the Finns no mercy and we get further quite something hewn around the ears. At „the wrath of deniers“ (anger deniers) is the title of the program, provided us Google Translator does not lead to the mistaken and the next piece „limit the“ (limit) bubbles, spits and cooks the testosterone and there is no obstacle, which can stop the Finns. Next they whip us with „Five against one of“ (Five against one) and „Host“ (host) simply fun. He also teaches us to fear the already approaching the last song! This is „intersection Point“ (intersection), One last cry, a gasp and muster all forces and a true anthem!

Video Thumbnail
On the border - Dictator - Full Album

Rajalla are no Thrash Metal in its purest form, it is on the contrary an extraordinarily pleasing metal rhythms, offered with many ears worms, the long-lasting fixed rake into the ear shells. A really great thrash metal mixed album, which holds virtually thousands. Melody, Groove and just charm, the latter is pleasant incredibly captivating. I would love to me the men sometimes lead Live to heart and therefore hope, this soon to be found on a European tour. Rajalla play come hell and let it rip so right on this album! Here we strongly hope, that the band can not be too much time for a further album, because the present album is definitely wanting more! The songs are written in Finnish needed in the first pass some getting, but comes to the sound quite appropriate and makes the album refreshingly different.


  1. Dictator
  2. EVK
  3. Seeker
  4. Barley
  5. misanthropy
  6. corrected us
  7. oaths in blood
  8. Burden
  9. Vihankieltäjä
  10. limit the
  11. Five against one of
  12. Host
  13. intersection Point
Album Review: On the border - Dictator
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DBD: Quietly – Sixx:A.M.

the Video to „We Will Not Go Quietly“ derived from the current album „flight. 2 Prayers For The Blessed“. Directed by Wayne Isham in the clip, who has worked with Michael Jackson and muse together. The live footage in the video was last month when Sixx:A.M. Show in Edmonton, Alberta recorded…

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Sixx:A.M. - We Will Not Go Quietly (Official Video)

Type oversleep Doom Metal show on stage

The slow-slow grooves and the generally more moderate pace in Doom Metal is not for everyone known to cause. Whether one reason but must fall asleep? A young gentlemen is exactly when Concert of Doom lineup „sacrifice“ at the 30. December 2016 passiert. how in the following Video can see, sleeps through the visitors in red longsleeve calmly the entire show, while the tape around it performs. The band shared the clip on facebook and commented smugly: „Apparently 3 Am too late for some people, as the type, who has fallen asleep on the stage - which has somehow none of us noticed. Can someone check, that he is not dead?“ The all-clear following a little later in the comments, the stage risers who identifies and emphasizes: „The thing I've heard, I liked that very much!“…

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Ancient live Dec. 30th, 2016 (FULL SET)

DBD: Healed By Metal – Grave Digger

at the 13. January publish Gravedigger her new album „Healed By Metal“. For title track Gladbecker have a first Video available online and in it there is a lot of scantily clad ladies and death to see…

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Grave Digger - Healed By Metal (Official Video) | Napalm Records

DBD: Dead Dawn – Entombed A.D.

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Entombed A.D. - Dead Dawn (Official Video)

DBD: Mean Machine – Snakewine feat. Saalfeld Titans

In the new music video „Mean Machine“ Band Snakewine not there muskelbepackte Action, gallons of sweat, To see crisp Cheerleader Girls and wonderfully hard rock sound and hearing…

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Snakewine feat. Saalfeld Titans -Mean Machine (Official Music Video 4K)
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