DBD: The Cell – Gojira

zum Track „The Cell“ of the current disc „Magma“ have Gojira a movie directed by Drew Cox Video twisted. The French were this year for two Grammy categories, „best performance“ with her song „Silvera“ and „Best rock album“ With „Magma“ nominated, but were ultimately left empty-handed…

Gojira - The Cell [Official Video]

DBD: Pleasure for Murder – Downfall

The Italian Old School Thrash / Death band „Downfall“ have on the 17. March their new album „Punishment For The Infidels“ published and it is available for you to track „Pleasure for MURDER“…

Downfall - Pleasure for Murder (Official Music Video)

Most and least Metal Words

Since it has actually emand a record of Lyrics of 222'623 Metal-Songs of 7364 bands 22314 pulled albums. Then he compared this corpus with a standard cabinet and „Metalness“-Factor compared to „normal speech“ and finally calculates the most-metal and metal-least words.

Most and least Metal Words
(via Algoritmic)

DBD: Welcome To The Night – Night Demon

For the Single „Welcome To The Night“ have Night Demon unpacked a music video for you. The metal band put on 21. April with their new album „Darkness Remains“ After…

Night Demon - "Welcome To The Night" (Official Video)

DBD: Loud – Motionless In White

At the current single „Loud (F*ck It)“ have „Motionless In White“ released a music video. With their upcoming album „Graveyard Shift“, on as a guest singer Jonathan Davis of „Korn“ It is, appears on 5. More…

Motionless In White - Loud (Fuck it) [Official Video]

DBD: Hand Of Hell – The Doomsday Kingdom

at the 7. publish April „The Doomsday Kingdom“ their self-titled debut album. Today you show the Doomer by bassist Leif Edling (Candlemass, Avatarium) the Lyric-Video to „Hand Of Hell“, a one uptempo song, a new side of himself…

The Doomsday Kingdom - Hand Of Hell (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: Rondamauh – Chontaraz

Today you present the Norwegians Chontaraz her music video for the song „Rondamauh“, the title track of their upcoming album, that yesterday, at the 24. March has been released…

Chontaraz - "Rondamauh" (Official Video)

DBD: Punk Crusher – The Obsessed

The Obsessed have with „Punk Crusher“ a track from the upcoming album „Sacred“ released. The disk is at the 7. April come in the record stores…

The Obsessed - Punk Crusher (NEW SONG 2017)

DBD: Safe House – All That Remains

Here with the Lyric clip to Track „Safe House“ a taste of the coming „All That Remains“ Album „Madness“, that the guys from Massachusetts on 28. bring April in the trade…

All That Remains - Safe House (Lyric Video)

DBD: Beverly Grillz 90666 – Buffalo Grillz

Friends, Today there for you „Buffalo Grillz with the track Beverly Grillz 90666“ from the album „Martin Burger King“…

BUFFALO GRILLZ-"Beverly Grillz 90666" (Official NO LYRIC Video)
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