DBD: Poontang Boomerang – Steel Panther

The song „Poontang Boomerang2 comes from the next plate „Lower The Bar“, which at the glam metallers 24. bring into circulation in March…

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Steel Panther - Poontang Boomerang

Destruction: Crowdfunding campaign „Thrash Anthems II“

After ten years of Destruction want with „Thrash Anthems II“ finally the successor of their Classic resampling „Thrash Anthems“ publish, on the grease and Co. tracks like „The Ritual“, „Confused Mind“ and „United By Hatred“ breathe new life. In order to obtain the financing for this project together, have the thrash legends launched crowdfunding project at PledgeMusic, where you can buy various packages…

Now we are going to do “THRASH ANTHEMS II” without a record label and include the fans into the process of doing this album. We want to bring such classics as “UNITED BY HATRED”, “CONFUSED MIND” and “THE RITUAL” back to life and you can help contribute your part to *DESTRUCTION*’s history by helping us make this record.

As this campaign goes on, we will inform you about the material we will record, the recording process, and the cover layout. So stay tuned and join us for something special! We have never made an album without a record label, so this is for sure a new challenge.

We will still work with Nuclear BLAST in the future, but this project is an exclusive one with our fans worldwide!

DBD: Show Yourself – Mastodon

„Show Yourself“ is the second song from the upcoming Mastodon Album „Emperor Of Sand“, that the 31. March appears…

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Mastodon - Show Yourself [Official Audio]

DBD: Fallen Brother – Kreator

Today for you the Video, that deceased icons of the music world as Lemmy, Jeff Hanneman, Cliff Burton, Peter Steele, Prince, David Bowie and Bon Scott is dedicated, the song „Fallen Brother“ German thrash giants Kreator. The song comes from the current album „Gods Of Violence“…

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Kreator - Fallen Brother (Official Video)

DBD: Waheelas track – Thormesis

Die Pagan/Black Metaler „Thormesis“ have with „Waheelas track“ a Lyric-Video For their upcoming album „debris colors“ released. The fifth album of Bavaria on 10. February appear…

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Thormesis - Waheelas track (official lyricvideo)

The Voice of Black Metal

Louis-Paul Gauvreau interpreted in Canadian „The Voice“ „Stabwound“ Necrophagist – looks you the clip necessarily to the end of, you will be amazed… ;)

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The voice 5 | Louis-Paul Gauvreau | Auditions blind | Stabwound

DBD: Goddamn Trouble – Overkill

her song „Goddamn Trouble“ have the thrashers Overkill a matching Video twisted. More new material of overkill there since 10. February the album „The Grinding Wheel“…

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Overkill - Goddamn Trouble (Official Video)

DBD: Khimba Rites – BLACK CROWN

By Lyricvideo to „Khimba Rites“ have Svart Crown the second track from their long player „Abreaction“ released, that from 3. March is in stores…

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BLACK CROWN - Khimba Rites (Lyric Video)

Heavy Metal Wookies, Moshing Marios und Drummer Ewoks

Lisa Rae Hansen „I Break Toys“ is based on the old Kenner figures Heavy Metal Wookies, Moshing Marios und Drummer Ewoks her, Unfortunately, the parts come only in mini-pads out and sell out the same…

Resin toy of a vintage Kenner Chewbacca. The arms are articulated with magnets and the guitar is removeable. It attaches to the back of the figure also with magnets.

„Erock“ is based off an original Kenner Logray Ewok. His tribal skills have evolved into playing drums for a metal band. […] He also comes with some attitude.

DBD: Fast forward – FALL OF CARTHAGE

Today for you the track „FALL OF CARTHAGE“ from the „FALL OF CARTHAGE“ Album „The Longed-For Reckoning“, that since the 27. January is on the shelves…

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FALL OF CARTHAGE - Fast forward (Official Video)

METALLICA: Pictures of James Hetfield backstage after botched Grammy appearance

In the US-Lateshow „The Late Show With James Corden“ has METALLICA-Drummer Lars Ulrich expressed about the technical problems with the microphone of James Hetfield and its visibly pissed response to the micro-failure. Then Ulrich goes into detail the reaction of James Hetfield to the problems: „We go from the stage, we go back - and I have not seen James for twenty years. He was on hundred and eighty! He's really aged well and he's a pretty relaxed type, but the first five or ten minutes in this backstage were really no fun!“ This description applies pretty much the impression, we had the departure of Metallica frontman. James Hetfield missed only his micro stand a hefty kick, before peppy peppered a guitar tech his instrument in his arms. As one can only hope, that he did not get the presumably responsible stage technician in the fingers… ;)

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