Metal Swim

In addition to a fine sense of humor seems to the creative team Adult Swim to Music-Gourmets zu gehören und veröffentlicht eine Sammlung mit mehreren absoluten Killer Metal Songs zum freien Download im Netz! Is part of it, for example, „Bringer of Death“ by Skeletonwitch, including 15 other rare songs by metal bands like Death Angel, Torch, Saviours and other more, and this full length! And friends, let yourself be told one, the download is worthwhile! Wers always noch nicht glauben kann kriegt hier die Liste, the 16 participating bands:

  1. Death Angel – Truce
  2. Skeletonwitch – Bringers of Death
  3. Torch – Arrowhead
  4. Ludicra – Path Of Ash
  5. Kylesa – Forsaken
  6. Black Tusk – Fatal Kiss
  7. Red Fang – Hank Is Dead
  8. Black Cobra – Frozen Night
  9. Saviours – Dixie Dieway
  10. Witch Mountain – Veil of the Forgotten
  11. Isis – Pliable Foe
  12. Jesus – Dethroned
  13. Pelican – Inch Above Sand
  14. Zoroaster – Witch Hammer
  15. Withered – Extinguished With The Misery
  16. Boris – Moon

By the way, wer auf Zombies and Carnage is – and who does not?, here the romps in the crypt – gibts here is the video for the track „Bringer of Death“, from Adult Swim and Scion produces and unfortunately at the moment not to take you into the crypt. Damage! But promised rescheduled! Gibts sure to set the mood on the album Death Angel with a hammer „Truce“!

Video Thumbnail
Death Angel - Truce