Album Review: Mekong Delta – In A Mirror Darkly

Mekong Delta life since 1985 in the Progressive Thrash scene from, but from lack of imagination is no trace: The German troops to bandleader Ralf Hubert solemnly proclaimed, that the 25. April her new shekel „In A Mirror Darkly“ erscheinen wird. Who pure mainstream or level-free background music would, elsewhere must seek – Mekong Delta to score again with intelligence, Intransigence and courage. Your new album is called „In A Mirror Darkly“ and sets thematically the directives of the 2010s predecessor „Wanderer On The Edge Of Time“ Fort.

Album Review: Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly

Hubert reveals the new long groove: „For me begins Music not with A and ends with Z, but is an ongoing process. Extent one can „In A Mirror Darkly“ Although described as a continuation of the Walker story, However, it is not a copy, but an autonomous work. Each Mekong album sounds unique, and advanced in the original meaning of the word. As a composer, I let myself be aware drive, at always again to explore new artistic horizons.“ Your style remains faithful to the troops: „The new songs are, typisch Mekong Delta, all between five and seven minutes. In my view, precisely the right time acquisitions, to go stylistically sufficiently in depth to, but without producing lengths or artistic ambiguities. I think, we have again the right blend of complexity and continuous thread found.“

Album Review: Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly

It has become a complex and challenging album. The German Progressive Thrash Metal-Band around the head and bassist Ralf Hubert is like no other contemporary group also anno 2014 innovation and autonomy. A total of eight songs, the musicians Martin LeMar (Singing), Ralf Hubert (bass, Guitar), Erik Adam H. Grösch (Guitar) and Alex Landsburg (Drums) For „In A Mirror Darkly“ recorded, including three purely instrumental numbers including a concert guitar intro. Hubert speaks of fast-paced songs like „Hindsight Bias“ with his brute topic in the middle part and the refined use of a tritone. Similarly, rapidly and continuously complex, the band goes into „The Armageddon Machine“ to work, where frontman Martin LeMar the chorus sings a catchy melody over a running background Spanish dance and scream the song at this point gives an amazing pop affinity. Enthralling uptempo class showcase Mekong Delta, for example, also in the instrumental tracks „Opening“ and „Inside The Outside Of The Inside“ with their varied arrangements.

Album Review: Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly

The fast numbers associated with „The Sliver in Gods Eye“ and „Janus“ two stresses against slow tracks. In „Janus“ tell Hubert & Co. the story of the eponymous Roman God, a two-faced creature and symbol of the beginning and end, for a- and outputs. Mekong Delta grab here the different character features of creatures and their associated unpredictability on. „The Sliver in Gods Eye“ again reminds in orientation and atmosphere to the song „A Certain Fool (The Fool)“ Of „Wanderer On The Edge Of Time“ and critically the apparent stupidity of mankind. Hubert: „You could simply just ask: Why people are so stupid?“ have taken Mekong Delta the current pieces in the studio of her band members, the re-featured cover artwork is taken from an animation created for the album.

Album Review: Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly

The high artistic standards, Hubert is in itself and his band, is also reflected this time in subject matter and stylistic direction of his music resists. Seit fast 30 Years enjoy Mekong Delta in the world of progressive metal sounds an excellent reputation as an independent and highly innovative band. Albums like „The Music Of Eric Zann“ (1988) or „Pictures At An Exhibition“ (1997) are classics of the genre and apply with their mix of Prog Metal, Classical and thrash as the pioneer of Stilmixtur, the now just a series of aligned imitators found. In this list of influential discs now ranks undoubtedly „In A Mirror Darkly“ a. The boys can what, but the sound is not quite mine. But who has fun at Progressive Thrash Metal should the disk necessarily listen!

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  1. Introduction
  2. Opening
  3. The Armageddon Machine
  4. The Sliver in Gods Eye
  5. Janus
  6. Inside The Outside Of The Inside
  7. Hindsight Bias
  8. Mutant Messiah
Album Review: Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly
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