Album Review: Mego – Burning Empire

Good things come to those who wait. Return after a long absence Mego with their second full-length album „Burning Empire“ back, to build on the successes of previous days. Since 1990 brought the Swiss one album and two EPs out and were already several times on tour with bands like Overkill and Metal Church, but despite the tours but it is never really what size become. After 25 Jahren Band-Geschichte verstehen Mego their craft better, than ever. With unwavering enthusiasm is now „Burning Empire“ thrown on the market and I would love partying the part and contribute a little to the success, but unfortunately the shekel does not tear me away.

Mego - Burning Empire

In the first years after the band's formation, the boys were able to earn an excellent reputation and were already share some scene stars the stage. One highlight was undoubtedly the gig on the „70.000 Tons of Metal Cruise“. No wonder also, that the new album from the outset a certain Routine and playful security is to listen. The base may sound promising, between heavy and thrash settled with a matching voice. The opener „These Are The Things We Hate“ proves impressively, that the intersection of Heavy Metal and Thrash can work. With „New Approach“ is added to the sound a huge load of Groove, before the title track is a sing-along grenade around the corner.


What the guys around singer and guitarist Peter „Peter“ Fabricate summer is technically sound and white places also to please. So goes the track with the memorable name „=“ steeply forward, but also „Countdown To Black“ has with his hard rock influences its good moments. Technically Sound Mego very broadly based and combine Hard Rock, acoustic interludes („Born To Pay“) and pure Thrash („Felskinn“). Here and there one wishes gained a lot more Experimtierfreude songwriting, However, at no time really bored, but every song white on his way to entertain.

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MEGORA Burning Empire

The best I like Megora when they get to the point quickly and without frills. The driving riffs are direct and rather fat, to good solos, between acoustic passages and the powerful voice of singer Piotr round out the cause. I personally little more experimentation and courage to the real variety would have been welcome, just as with the thrashy „Felskinn“ is quite successful. The songs in the mid-tempo range are blank and thus fade pretty quickly. „Burning Empires“ suffers in the long run to a ubiquitous, unterschwelligen Grunge-Trübseligkeit, the more variation would have done well in speed and heaviness. In terms of production, there are unfortunately deductions. The song and the strings are quite well mixed fraction, but the drums sound partially tinny and are a bit too dominant. New accents the Swiss can not put unfortunately. Total Megora supply from a decent album. Fans of classic heavy / thrash metal will definitely delight in „Burning Empire“ find and when working on the weaknesses is the next album (hopefully not be waiting so long for) some inside!

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  1. These Are The Things We Hate
  2. New Approach
  3. Burning Empire
  4. Countdown To Black
  5. Lost Children
  6. Mirrored Eyes
  7. =
  8. Born To Pay
  9. Felskinn
  10. Broken Wings
  11. Modern Nation
  12. Bad Karma
Album Review: Mego - Burning Empire
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