A Stranger Things Christmas mit den Peanuts

Animator Leigh Lahav makes on his YouTube Channel Only Leigh crazy things with our favorite series. His current clip „A Stranger Things Christmas“ is a funny gloomy Mashup Of „A Charlie Brown Christmas“ and the Netflix hit series „Stranger Things“. „A Stranger Things Christmas“ begins where Season 1 has ceased, as Will Byers tries, to cope with the reality, after he has returned from his time in a creepy alternate universe. Gorgeous!

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A Stranger Things Christmas

Remakes: Scenes of remake and original compared

Today indeed is hardly something new in theaters. Only the umpteenth part of a known franchise or just reissues, ie Remakes. The following sets does not show the time drölzigste, that the „new“ Spider-Man swings through more and more CGI, but (more or less) 1:1-Remakes of films. interesting, which parallels and conscious differences in production have been received. This is of course difficult fathomable in a few minutes, but Jaume R. Lloret at least shows some nice scenes in direct comparison between original and remake.

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A list of the compared Movies after the jump

I want everything, Give me everything➤

Terminator Meets The Walking Dead

The professional musicians Jason Yang has a fantastic soundtrack-Mashup from the themes of „The Walking Dead“ and „Terminator“ published on Youtube, which sounds just great!

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Jason Yang - Level Two: The Walking Dead x Terminator

Trailer „Logan“ refreshed with scenes from the old X-Men animated series

I like „Hurt“ Johnny Cash. Leider hat Hollywood heutzutage das Gefühl, oppressed and suffering figures best with „Hurt“ presented in the version of Johnny Cash. Fits somehow always so good, dass ich kotzen könnte, easy and cheap. Uninspiriert, as it will probably also be the movie, the first two parts were still pretty shit. Let us no mistake. The following scenes are from the „X-Men“-Series from the 90s and from „X-Men: Evolution“ und natürlich aus dem Trailer „Logan“

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Logan | Official Trailer - 1990's X-Men & X-Men Evolution Cartoon Style

as 230 Filme Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) sing

„Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)“ I found already always too pop and really inappropriate, he is just a cult and somehow I was then but happy, to see this movie Quote Paring Remix. Once again skillful cutting of hard labor The Unusual Suspect. Give it to me baby! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!

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The Offspring's 'Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)' Sung by 230 Movies

Deadpool’s Day Off

Friends, natürlich habt ihr alle „Deadpool“ seen. Da gibts ja am Ende eine schöne Parodie aufFerris Bueller’s Day Off“. Darth Blender rigged out now of the two films a Mashup, it had to be easy probably, but is simply made ingenious and clocks…

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Deadpool's Day Off

Mashup of classical music

Grant Woolard hat 57 pieces, most we have ever heard, Of 33 Composers of classical Music taken and the following Mashup put it together…

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Classical Music Mashup

How To Train Your Drogon

Youtube user Darth Blender has the TRAILER To 2010 veröffentlichten Animationsfilm „made to Train Your Dragon“, excerpts from „Game of Thrones“ replaced, the original audio of the trailer, has been preserved. The result is an absolutely magnificent Mashup

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How To Train Your Drogon

Hells Club 1 + 2

Antonio Maria da Silva with 10 Minutes in the first part, followed by 17 Minutes in the second part, put two videos together, in which together celebrate familiar characters from various films a demolition party… ;)

There is a place where all fictional characters meet. . Outside of time, Outside of all logic, This place is known as HELL’S CLUB, But this club is not safe…

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