„Stranger Things“ as 80s sitcom

What would it look, when horror-Series „Stranger Things“ Change the genre and would be presented as 80s sitcom, shows us Youtube contributor Tim Bennett. He has the Netflix series of Duffer Brothers awarded a lick of paint and a more than a minute long fake-TRAILER for 80s sitcom „Stranger Things“ handicrafts, and to naturally picked out the funniest scenes of the series. the trailer was underlaid then with a song by Randy Newman, whose voice many series fans from the intro of „Monk“ should know. An interesting change - but we still remain in sombre mood of the original series and wait looking forward to the first news about 2. Squadron…

Stranger Things as an 80s sitcom

They deny and Shiva: The Walking Dead meets Calvin and Hobbes

Fantastic graphics and ingenious Mashup! Reginald Griffin has held great, as Negan shits in his pants, appeared as Shiva…

All Hail The King! When the shooting of Paula García Ezekiel leads his house and yard Tiger Shiva over the river…

Where is Carl!? Where is Carl? NOT where you told him there, he should be, that's for damn sure. The child's right there, where he should not be – and where always most Zombies are, do exactly, what to do, with exactly the, you told him about the, that he should not go with him. Approximately the Calvin and Hobbes says mashup of Joel Watson from…

The Walking Dead Star Wars Mashup

star wars“ and „The Walking Dead“ – two worlds, which could not be more. Greg Nicotero shares on his Instagram account a picture, the Darth Father shows with red bandana and baseball bat Lucille. Before him kneel pilots of resistance, in the background watching the Stormtrooper the action. The artist Robert Shane has the „star wars“-Characters recreated the moment, a victim picks out in the Negan from Ricks group…


One of Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) gepostetes Foto am

Star Wars spaceship scenes „Danger Zone“ from Top Gun

Personally, I find Tom Cruise shit and it will also not tired, always to say again. I avoid, a movie to watch with him and it works so far also pretty good. Nevertheless, „Danger Zone“ Kenny Loggins from „Top Gun“ a very iconic song. Vimeot Weston Wong has used the song, the whole spaceship scenes „star wars“ set to music and of course it fits like ass on bucket – or even the fist exactly in the middle of Tom Cruise's face…

star wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Top Gun

Bugs Bunny raps „Hail Mary“ Tupac

Milo The Cat has struck and leaves Bugs Bunny to „Hail Mary“ Tupac rappen. Fits surprisingly well…

Mashup of Bugs Bunny rapping along to “Hail Mary” by the late great Tupac. Featuring cameos by a ton of other Looney Toons characters. Since this is my first time doing a Pac song, I made sure to freakin bring it. I wanted an iconic character to match, and who better than Bugs? 2Pac was so damn good at rapping, that even the stuff that he never planned on releasing, was all Amazing. R.I.P. to one of the all-time greats. If anyone could point me in the direction of a modern rapper who could even remotely hold a candle to Pac, it would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, After 10 years of using Final Cut Pro Version 7, this is my very first Video made on Adobe Premiere. Shoutout to all the companies would wouldn’t hire me Because I was still using FCP. To quote my former professor, “A timeline is a timeline is a timeline. The editing platform doesn’t make a f*cking difference.” Wubalubadubdub. Video by Mylo the Cat aka Adam Schleichkorn.

Tupac | Hail Mary | Bugs Bunny Mashup

Michael vs Jason vs Freddy vs Ash vs Chucky and more…

In „Rise of the Boogeyman“ can António Maria da Silva all sorts of villains horror-meet Genres, to celebrate a common Hell Party. Or so…

There is a town where all the boogeymen live together in deadly harmony. This town is Helloween and tonight, they are all out.


2016 Movie Trailer Mashup

After following the Mashup all movie trailers of the year 2016 've seen, I'm not sure, if I was ever time at the movies this year, so little, as I have identified here. „Suicide Squad“ I did pretty well repressed and I fear, that this displacement could have carried away a few other films. What the heck is a cinema…?

2016 Movie Trailer Mashup

A Stranger Things Christmas mit den Peanuts

Animator Leigh Lahav makes on his YouTube Channel Only Leigh crazy things with our favorite series. His current clip „A Stranger Things Christmas“ is a funny gloomy Mashup Of „A Charlie Brown Christmas“ and the Netflix hit series „Stranger Things“. „A Stranger Things Christmas“ begins where Season 1 has ceased, as Will Byers tries, to cope with the reality, after he has returned from his time in a creepy alternate universe. Gorgeous!

A Stranger Things Christmas
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