DBD: Abuser Friendly – Man Must Die

The Death Grinder have a Video Clip for the song „Abuser Friendly“ feat Max Cavalera veröffentlicht. The track comes from the new album „Peace Was Never An Option“, the most 28. October has been released.

Man Must Die - Abuser Friendly feat. Max Cavalera (full track)

Mark my words and let the voice be heard
Corruption is like a cancer spreading
I’d be first in line to put you down
The truth for the truth
An eye for an eye
Of you’re man enough to take a life
Prepare to die. You’ll pay with your life

No sense of justice anymore
Pull back the veil that obscures our sight
Cut the deals to keep the scum alive
No longer can the truth be told
Their Whole empire is rotten down to the core
These unbalanced scales
Show me that your system has failed

I see it everyday
An uprising
They’re living better than me
Fuck their civil rights
Do the crime but serve no time
Where’s the fucking logic in that?

You regret your crime Because you got caught
It doesn’t matter cause freedom can be bought

I have never seen such a rise in impotence
This is a world spiraling out of control
The damage is done thought the years of negligence
No consequences is the code we follow

Your system is a joke, Punishments revoked

You stand before me
Accused of killing the earth
Now lie my jury of victims decide your worth
The verdicts in, the penalty is death
You shall be taken from here
And hung until you choked to death
We’re going to celebrate you drawing your
Last Breath, For every victims life