Icebreaker: Shock at Z7

With „Shock my system“ call Munich Eisboys to Alex Wesselsky and Jochen „Noel Pix“ Seibert, a new era in the history of the band from. With her on 16. January released album „Shock“ in luggage enthusiastic Icebreaker their fans at Z7 in Pratteln once again. They were accompanied by the Industrial rockers Maerzfeld, which were designed as a special guest the preliminary program. Live are Icebreaker always a pleasure, full of brute force and a good amount of self-irony simply a class of its own. Big and Ehrlich. It is always very large cinema which offer us Alexx and his team on stage and each icebreaker Concert is simply a unique live experience.

Icebreaker: Shock at Z7

Since good thing known to those who wait, made the band 2014 rar on the stages, to devote himself entirely to music production. Have you no longer have to say about the past of the Munich band. 11 Years they have worked piece by piece up, denied countless tours, Stars like Alice Cooper and Scorpions be supported and always played in their own league. Icebreaker gigs are known for a big rock show and idiosyncratic Entertainment. In a time, in which society can no longer shock right, because everything was already there and always the same crap is flushed through the media, is it too good Knowledge, that there are still artists, reflecting the world with a critical eye and a private head.

Icebreakers live in Pratteln - Switzerland 2015 Part 1

Of „freezing“ was on Friday, the 6. be March at virtually sold out Z7 in Pratteln no talk! could inflame The amount Maerz field, the some as the most successful Rammstein cover band „Stahlzeit“ should know. The band's name is derived from the March Field, chosen from Merowingern served as Heeresversammlungsort. The name symbolizes a field, which must be processed and maintained every year in March, which sees the band as a metaphor for life, in which can only be reached through effort and work its goals. The ambiguity of the name in reference to the March Field under the Nazis was deliberately chosen, to protest the most immediate association of German history with the Third Reich.


In the first song the band and the audience was still very subdued and both were not quite off out, while singer Helfried Tearing Weber from the beginning with a lot of energy the audience always animated to join. The band made the audience really (H)ice cream(s) and came u.a. with her new single „It breaks“ Hence, in the autumn on the new album „Naked“ will be found. Who could, was the single at the merchandise booth take free of charge, which after the convincing performance by the band frequent use was made. After „It breaks“ it went from really, At „Hunt“ came the band out of himself and brought the stage really tremble. Finally presented Maerz field is a second new piece from the forthcoming album, before saying goodbye to the stage.

Setlist Maerzfeld:

  1. Fatherland
  2. I fly
  3. pretty Lerin
  4. Maerzfeld
  5. foreign body
  6. It breaks
  7. Hunt
  8. Small Dead
  9. Stalingrad
Icebreakers live in Pratteln - Switzerland 2015 Part 2

During the break between March field and icebreaker the stage was rebuilt and what you got to see there, indicated a great one on a great show. A little later, entered captain Alexx energetic stage and the audience was no longer tenable. As on the album proved „Full steam ahead“ an excellent opener, full steam ahead on all cylinders and the hitherto most elaborate stage production icebreaker underlined many small details the appearance of the band, the truly became a spectacle of the particular kind and so it went with lots of power and panache further. The guitarist Noel Pix and Jürgen Plangger worked their instruments with my whole body and it was fun to watch the whole band at her appearance. The masses were raging and as good as any sang with. A madness mood flooded the Z7, which was further enhanced by a magnificent light show.

Icebreaker: Shock at Z7

Over the next two hours icebreaker as always gave everything, of course with the typical witty banter between songs. Even with the new songs many fans were very textsicher and for others there was at „Between us“ an LED text tickertape on stage, where everyone could sing along in Karaoke Style. Between Heavy Metal, Elektro, New German Wave and great melodies fire icebreaker a climax after another from. Well-tried meets newly set to music, presented in a rousing stage show. Close and real, hard and soft, live and loud, a great through and through a magnificent concert band! They played an excellent mix of old hits and new crackers. „Black widow“ resounded with beautiful new sounds, „Forget-Me-Not“ time was not the song for the addition and the new songs as „Between us“, that very successful „1000 Grain“ and „Either way“ or „Still to Save“ was told the audience, which also highlights the new album were covered.

Icebreakers live in Pratteln - Switzerland 2015 Part 3

Before the last song Alexx took even a hunting horn on stage and tried at one point, but only strange sounds came out and the band released him quickly and agreed the final song „This Is Deutsch“ an. A more appropriate song, with explosive humor and magnificent stage liner. When Refrain CO² was blown out of the tank into the air and formed so huge fog columns. Off to a great degree, but who knows icebreaker concerts, the white, more to come. With thunderous applause and insatiable calls for more, it all kicked off with the additions. Only rang „Ice age“, then came „Crazy“ and the masses raged. With „bitch“ the highlight was reached, really everyone sang with, so that disappeared from the stage Alexx – emerge around minutes later among the audience, to micromanage the fans to go further, which slanted slightly to refrain bellowed into the microphone. A last song finally came with „Without you“, before the icebreakers finally adopted by the stage.

Icebreaker: Shock at Z7

The icy guys around the veteran Warhorses Alexander „Alexx“ Wesselsky and Jochen „Noel Pix“ Seibert gave an overwhelming performance and great stage show brought the Z7 definitely for cooking. The entertainer qualities of frontman Alexx, coupled with the great songs and the musicianship of the band have not revealed any desired, except perhaps that the concert will be repeated immediately. Alexx is through and through a stage hog and he made that night clearly several times, that icebreaker often still want to play at Z7, without these unspeakable Baumarkt „OBI“, threatens to displace the Z7. with the words „Thank you Pratteln, you were horny“ thanked the band for the great (H)cold evening and threw a few more plush polar bears in the audience. A truly wonderful, yes grandiose concert with a bombastic show, which will be hard to beat!

Icebreakers live in Pratteln - Switzerland 2015 Part 4

Setlist icebreaker:

  1. Full steam ahead
  2. Either way
  3. antibody
  4. Holy
  5. 1000 Grain
  6. Still to Save
  7. Unfortunately
  8. Prototype
  9. Heaven, Ass and thread
  10. Shock
  11. Black widow
  12. Between us
  13. Red is the color Love
  14. Forget-Me-Not
  15. This Is Deutsch
  16. Yet 1:

  17. Ice age
  18. Crazy
  19. bitch (Megaherz Cover)
  20. Yet 2:

  21. Without you
Icebreaker: Shock at Z7
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DBD: foreign body – Maerzfeld

A band, set the tone in the Rammstein Cover Specialists, klingt nur in den seltensten Fällen nach Flippers. From the identical phrasing, Not to mention accentuation and musical weapon selection quite. Ein Fest für die Rammstein-Fan-Gemeinde? Schon möglich! Auf alle Fälle sind Maerzfeld eine der aussichtsreichsten Anwärter für die Rammstein-Thronfolge.

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