Mad Max: Fury Road without CGI effects

In the following 4 Minutes Video we see behind-the-scenes footage, Pre-production testing and raw footage of Desert Shoots from „Mad Max: Fury Road“ (2015). The amazing thing about the record is the lack of CGI machining, what means, everything looks here was actually filmed so! That no one here was killed a miracle! exploding cars, flying through the air, collide and a stunt man on the motorcycle flies through the air, Stuntman without motorcycle flies through the air - even roped, not even roped. There's a crash, It's burning, the pace is hardly bearable. Everything really. The video is completely mistaken and shows, that it not always Computer effects needs, rotating about an action movie!

Fury Road - Crash & Smash

Mad Sheila – TRAILER

„The Asylum“ are well known for, that they can make a successful film and produce something similar, call it similar, but far less money to spend and lead to a much lesser quality result. That's okay, and has proven itself for them. At „Mad Sheila“ here but that is quite different, because it provide a fairly accurate copy of „Mad Max – Fury Road“ is. While the main character is female, but otherwise it's all really quite equal. This is called well-Knock-off and something is well known, its own charm.
Of course this still no release date for our latitudes and it is questionable, if there ever comes one, But in China will appear the well later this year…

Mad Shelia (Crazy Xi Liya, 2016) chinese Mad Max rip-off trailer

Wasteland Weekend 2016: The video from Mad Max hard

Last week we presented you great pictures from Wasteland Weekend 2016, now there with this Video more from Mad Max fixed. More information can be found incidentally on the Website of the festival.

Deep in the Mojave Desert, there’s a post-apocalyptic party going on. It’s one part Burning man and one part ‚Mad Max‘ with a lot of gearheads mixed in. Take a stroll through the end of the world with us.

Wasteland Weekend Is the Real Life ‘Mad Max’

Wasteland Weekend 2016: Images of the Mad Max Festival

Last weekend again the Wasteland Weekend instead of (earlier on draven’s Tales from the Crypt: Wasteland Weekend 2011 and Real Life Mad Max: Wasteland, Another Roadside Attraction). Wired was also there and has a nice gallery with pictures of Tod Seelie brought and yes Friends, who actually copied the Thunderdome!!!

During the day, the sun transforms every Metal Surface into a sheet of fire. The grime is inescapable, coating tents, Vehicles, and Bodies alike in a sheen of sweat and sand. The noise never lets up, the bass-heavy thud of the dance pit joining the roar of engines and the cheers of those watching fighters clash in jugger matches. And when night falls, things really get Crazy.

Wasteland Weekend 2016: Images of the Mad Max Festival
Wasteland Weekend 2016: Images of the Mad Max Festival
Wasteland Weekend 2016: Images of the Mad Max Festival
Wasteland Weekend 2016: Images of the Mad Max Festival
Wasteland Weekend 2016: Images of the Mad Max Festival
Wasteland Weekend 2016: Images of the Mad Max Festival
Wasteland Weekend 2016: Images of the Mad Max Festival
Wasteland Weekend 2016: Images of the Mad Max Festival
Wasteland Weekend 2016: Images of the Mad Max Festival

George Miller tells the backstory of Goofy Warriors

George Miller told IGN two types of the backstory of Doof Warrior, the guy with the flamethrower guitar „Mad Max: Fury Road“. Ironically, the film was praised only a few days for, that he does not explain his world constantly. George should probably have had a weak moment, he also takes shortly after his explanations directly a sip of water to be. We pray, that he does not explain Furiosas Kick-Ass Attitude with bacteria in the blood…

Learn the Origin Story of Mad Max's Guitarist

Mad Max Flamethrowing Guitar selbstgemacht

You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome. The mistaken Colin Furze has a Flamethrower Guitar built:

Flamethrowing Guitar & Smokin Bass

Who also something Tinker will, can make clever reference to the following Making of:

Making a Flamethrower Guitar

Real Life Mad Max: Wasteland, Another Roadside Attraction

About the Mad Max Festival called Wasteland Weekend (earlier times Roadwarrior Weekend) I had blogged five years ago schonmal. Here where a bunch of confusion as figures from the Mad Max universe dress a nice short documentary about the Wasteland Weekend and do nonsense with flamethrowers and converted cars.

For Mike Orr, a.k.a. “Sweet Lips,” escapism comes in the form of Wasteland Weekend: an annual four-day post-apocalyptic festival held in the Southern California desert that attracts thousands of people from around the Country. It’s basically a giant celebration of end-of-the-world culture, Where, per Sweet Lips, “people can do whatever they want.” This includes everything from hand-to-hand combat to burlesque to bonfires that set the night sky ablaze.
But most of all, people come to Wasteland for the cars — DIY war machines that look as though they’ve rolled right out of Fury Road.


Who likes can still watch the highlights of the past year:

Wasteland Weekend 2015 Official Highlights - "Furious"

Oscars 2016: „Mad Max: Fury Road“ clears

yeah! Mad Max ineptly The Revenant prices away! I'm not a big fan of the Oscars, but for once the right film was obviously excellent: „Mad Max: Fury Road“ received six Oscars! The post-apocalyptic action spectacle won the Oscars in the categories Editor, Costume design, Make-up/Hairstyling und Produktionsdesign. The action spectacle was nominated for ten Oscars, including the categories for best film and director - but also in many side Categories. And exactly in this, the film 6 slammed times, in which „The Revenant“ Award for Best Director and Best Actor. So Leo takes but finally his Oscar…

Mad Max: Fury Road - Banner

And these are the Oscar winners 2016:

  • Best screenplay: Spotlight
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: The Big Short
  • The best supporting actress: Alicia Vikander
  • Best Costume Design: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Best Art Direction: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Best Makeup and Best Hairstyles: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Best Cinematography: The Revenant
  • Best Editing: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Best Sound Editing: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • bester Ton: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Best Visual Effects: Ex Machina
  • Best Animated Short Film: Bear Story
  • Best animated film: Inside Out
  • Best supporting actor: Mark Rylance
  • Best Short Documentary: A Girl In The River: The Price Of Forgiveness
  • Best documentary: Amy
  • Best Short Film: Stutterer
  • Best Fremdspachiger film: Son Of Saul
  • Best Original Score: The Hateful Eight
  • Best song: Writing’s On The Wall – Sam Smith (James Bond 007: Spectre)
  • Best director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu – The Revenant
  • Best main actress: Brie Larson
  • Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Best Picture: Spotlight
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