Machine Head: Robb Flynn published „Bastards“ and therefore criticizes the US presidential election, society and politics in general

Don’t let those bastards grind you down! While other bands with trivial crap place 1 save the charts, released Machine Head frontman and guitarist Robb Flynn a song with a lot of passion and a great message. Robb has a rehearsal room-Video a new song called „Bastards“ uploaded and to also equal posted the text, criticizing the US Presidential Election, in society and politics generally exerts. How right he was! Bange Do not apply! Don’t let their Fears make you afraid!

Yesterday I told my sons „sometimes the bad guys win“
And that it made me scared about the world that we live in
But I had to reassure them that it wouldn’t be for long
Sons we have to be ourselves
We have to be strong

I said “sons you are the future, so let this be a lesson”
There may come a day you have to fight off their aggression
Cause fear and hatred won today, The Darkness ate the light
But both you look in my eyes, “it’ll be all right”

In every step you take,
I’m with you all the way,
Cause I would die for you
And do what’s right for you
In hopes that when I’m gone
You’ll carry on these words I wrote for you

Till then ...
I’ll sing

Stand your ground
Don’t let the bastards grind you down
Be bold, be strange
Don’t let their fears make you afraid
There’s hope, they’ll Change

Today I looked out to the world, thought „what a bloody mess!”
They stripped our morals from us, put ‚em under house arrest
„Liberty“ and „Country“ are the words they need to speak
A little “god” a little “freedom”, if we don’t agree we’re weak

And every politician stood there idle and so smug
Empowering the racists and 2nd Amendment thugs
Wall St and the billionaires, thinking they’re so smart
Saying “vote with your wallets, instead of with your hearts!”

But we wont go away!
You won’t forget our name!
The p***y generation, the PC and the brave
The protesters that slink along the streets of misery

And so…
I’ll sing

Stand your ground
Don’t let the bastards grind you down
Be bold, be strange
Don’t let their fears make you afraid
There’s hope, they’ll change

No, No, No, No, No

So give us all your fa***ts, all your ni***rs and your s***ks
Give us all your mu***ms, the so-called ter****sts
We welcome them with open arms, put ‘em in our mix
We’re better off together, embrace our difference

Remember there is love!
Our words can stop their guns
Forget the rednecks
Living in the past
Were never going back now, we’ve reached critical mass

And so…
I’ll sing

Stand my ground
Won’t let the bastards grind me down
I’m bold, I’m strange
Won’t let their fears make me afraid
There’s hope, they’ll change

"Bastards" rehearsal video

DBD: Is Anybody Out There? – Machine Head

Machine Head have on 3. June digitally their new single „Is There Anybody Out There“ released. What is the song, erklärt Rob Flynn wie folgt: „The song is about Love, lonliness, Rassismus und dem Unverständnis darüber, what in the world / America is going on. It refers to current events, zielt jedoch auf etwas Übergeordnetes ab.Wer gerne nachlesen möchte, what is in „Is There Anybody Out There“ goes, gets the Lyrics immediately after the clip to…

Machine Head - Is There Anybody Out There? (OFFICIAL TRACK)

I was born as a bastard, no father, No MASTER,
A shadow in silence left searching for answers

Put up for adoption and left with no option
Another kid fostered to fester forgotten

Take a look into these desperate eyes
As they’re cast into the wretched hive

But I ain’t going down alone
Is There Anybody Out There?
Anybody listening to me?
Is anybody else scared?
The paranoia, drops me to my knees
Does anybody feel lonely?
Disconnected from the things I see
Is There Anybody Out There?
Anybody out there just like me?
I’m choking on these words and I can’t breathe

Now I stand as a father, to men with no honor
Ashamed of the racists I used to call brothers

Cause no flag can mean bravery,
when bloodied by slavery,
The rebel, A Devil, disguised as a savior

And the sickening feeling in the air
Is the fear to speak that no one dares

So will I stand here all alone?
Is There Anybody Out There?
Anybody listening to me?
Is anybody else scared?
The paranoia, drops me to my knees
Does anybody feel lonely?
Disconnected from the things I see
Is There Anybody Out There?
Anybody out there just like me?
I’m choking on these words and I can’t breathe

Live my life like I’ll die tonight
Dream like I’ll live forever

I have roared at the world for years
Doesn’t anybody hear me?
This burden suffered, I’ve paid the cost
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Is There Anybody Out There?
Anybody listening to me?
Is anybody else scared?
The paranoia, drops me to my knees
Does anybody feel lonely?
Disconnected from the things I see
Is There Anybody Out There?
Anybody out there just like me?
I’m choking on these words and I can’t breathe

If there is a place for racism in metal, count me out!

After Phil Anselmo (ex-PANTERA) at the 22. Januar beim Dimebash in Hollywood auf der Bühne den Arm zum Hitlergruss erhoben und „white power“ had launched public – reportedly an allusion to the white wine, he drank Backstage – has to now Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn provided a video message online. Robb called Anselmo in this Video As „great tyrants“, whose actions „were damn wrong“.

Der Machine Head-Sänger, der schon unzählige Male die Bühne mit Anselmo geteilt und live des Öfteren Pantera-Songs gecovert hat, goes into detail: „I was at Dimebash and can assure, that there was no backstage Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. The only, what you, Phil Anselmo, have drunk, war Beck’s, German beer. Maybe yes came because the joke ago? Do you understand it? German beer! white power! insanely funny!“ Flynn goes in the following, elfminütigen Video auch auf die Vergangenheit Anselmos ein und kritisiert, that he himself as well as other musicians, Angehörige der Metal-Industrie sowie der Fanszene sich nicht eher zu ähnlichen Anlässen geäussert hätten. Er wolle nicht länger Teil dieses bezeichnenden Schweigens sein. Robb further added:

„and, you know, The Crazy thing is that out of all the things that are being said, the majority of people are just, like, ‚Oh, give him a bro. Here comes the PC police now and social-justice team.‘ and, ‚You all just need to thicken your skin and stop being such pussies when somebody screams out ‚white power‘ and ’sieg heils.‘ ‚Liberal this‘ [and] ‚liberal that.‘ […] Only in the metal community is something like this so, so brushed off. If this was Chad from Nickelback, if this was Justin Bieber, if this was Tom Brady, if this was Lars f—ing Ulrich… heads would roll.“

Wenn solches Verhalten wie das von Anselmo beim Dimebash über Jahre hinweg geduldet werde, ja sogar darüber hinaus weiterhin ein Climate the Fear, Misstände anzusprechen, die Metalszene dominiere, he would no longer be a part of it. In his video Flynn criticized the metal scene in total: In keinem anderen Musikgenre sei ein Beschweigen solcher Vorfälle durch Mitmusiker und Szeneangehörige, or. the active Demanding whose by a large number of fans, conceivable. Diese Zurückhaltung, A „Icon“ to critisize, to be canceled out of fear for fun spoiler or Nestbeschmutzer, müsse aufhören. Robb concludes his statement by saying,: „Enough is enough. Es gibt im Metal keinen Platz für so etwas […]. Goodbye, Phil Anselmo! I will never play a Pantera song again in my life!“

Racism In Metal

Dave Grohl with Machine Head – Wish You Were Here

Für eine akustische Cover-Version des Pink Floyd Kult-Klassikers „Wish You Were Here“ trat Dave Grohl am Dimebash 2016 zu Robb Flynn und Bandmitgliedern von Stone Sour und Machine Head auf die Bühne. As is known the Machine Head frontman gave, war ursprünglich Alice provided In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell, to play with all along this cover, but this had to the emergency room and so unceremoniously jumped a Good Guy Grohl, to Dimebag Darrell to commemorate…

Dave Grohl with Machine Head - "Wish You Were Here" (Pink Floyd)

An Epic Night with Machine *Fucking* Head!

Uber 20 Years ago, Since „Machine Head“ On the side of „Slayer“ first appeared in Z7. Under the motto „An Evening with Machine Head“ celebrating the Bay Area-Metal-Titans on 5. October in Pratteln their band anniversary. Was in den US&A already was more than successful, brought the band to the old continent now – without support bands, but with an extended, Career extensive setlist. As frontman Robb Flynn on stage announced, took them aware of any pre-strip with and what were offered the fans was very first Metal cream, because the guys from Oakland there were explosive fun about two hours and shake the venerable Z7 up in the ground! The crazier the crowd, the longer the Evening! Rob Flynn to: „We had the whole Night can play, so crazy, the amount!“

An Epic Night with Machine Fucking Head!

in November 1994 Machine Head were on the side of Slayer the first time in the Z7 in, which was about the same as the first metal concert ever in the sacred walls of Konzertfabrik! Since then, the 1991 so experienced many changes founded band from California's Oakland, However, compromises to quality without, On the contrary, the longer it is the band, the better it is! Frontman Robert Flynn and his troops succeeded, to remain faithful to their line and the band's own musical style with influences from Thrash- always develop and Groove Metal and perfecting! in November 2014 Machine Head presented their eighth studio album „Bloodstone & Diamonds“ in Zurich complex 457 their Swiss fans. Less than a year later they are back and surpass the great show from the previous year! As part of its „An Evening with“-Tour waive the Americans completely Supporting Acts. Instead, their hardcore fans came on 5. October 2015 at a packed Z7 enjoy an extensive, All eras extensive set, that absolutely no desire left open!

An Epic Night with Machine Fucking Head!

A few years ago wrote the „Guardian“, dass Machine Head Mainstream-Metal sei, but triggered the term probably less the musical direction of the band as - quite basal - the number fans and albums sold. Stylistically Machine Head were never willing to experiment, diversified and - note the dramatic structure of the new pieces - ambitious. the Concert was like a journey through the dark caves of the MH-repertoire. Of course, old classics found as „Beautiful Mourning“, „Davidian“, „Old“, „Ten Ton Hammer“ or „Aesthetics of Hate“ their place, as well as songs from their latest album „Bloodstone & Diamonds“ or from the absolute hammer-album „Locust“. New songs like „Now We Die“, „Killers And Kings“, „Game Over“ or „Darkness Within“ seemed even in long-established fans with great enthusiasm to push. Understandable, I think, because this band gets anything done, which only very few succeed: They are getting better with every album!

Machine Head - Live @ Ray Just Arena, Moscow 01.09.2015 (Full Show)

Machine Head are anyway known, long sets to play for their fans - with an emphasis on „for their fans“. Flynn and Co. obviously sick of, before „Fremdpublikum“ to play: „We will no longer attempt, to have a good time with people, which do not Knowledge, who we are. If Machine Head throw a party, want as there is no „Bed“ have. This is about us, and to you out there, the die-hard fans, the crazy ones, the damned „undesirables“! The others do not care. We are here and do not go away. Anyone who wants to participate in it, weiss, where to find us. for the time being, or perhaps even always, We have now completed, wanting to achieve these other people“, goes on to say in an epic facebook-Post der Band. Who knows Machine Head, know exactly, what a live show called à la Machine Head: Killer!!! Countless „Headbang Motherfucker“, distorted guitar sounds without end, Robb Flynn in an ecstasy and a merciless wall of best Metal leave no neck rest. When introducing „Darkness Within“ said the irrepressible Mr. Flynn thereof, was Music means to him. How much power does the music on it and it, that he, especially at younger ages, often felt understood by the music of his idols. Such moments of concerts such as this were his lifeblood and the reason, why he get up every day. The music can do it, to fill each cell with passion, and tell much more than 1000 empty words. Also remembered Rob at the first concert together with Slayer and as he met in the then still new concert Z7 in Pratteln on Jeff Hanneman:

Slayer Jeff Hanneman Machine Head Robb Flynn

I can remember some good hangs with him though. The first was in Basel, Switzerland back in November, 1994 when Machine Head was main support to Slayer on the Divine Intervention tour. It was one of those shows were something so random happens it just never leaves you, in this case, the show was Sponsored by Chesterfield cigarettes and every kid entering the show got 2 free packs of smokes. I’ve never seen so much smoke in a venue in my life. I remember walking onstage and yelling at our roadie/everything-guy Mike Scum, „Dude, turn off the fuckin‘ smoke machine“, He said „Yooooo, it’s not the smoke machine bro, it’s the cigarettes!“ It was damn near impossible to Breath onstage. After the show we were hanging backstage and Jeff walked back, we started bitching about the Crazy cigarette show, and he invited me back to the dressing room to grab a beer, we sat down and chatted for a while, and then I went all Slayer-nerd on him and started grilling him on what songs he wrote.

me: „Who wrote Angel Of Death?“
Jeff: „I did“
me: „Lyrics too?“
Jeff: „Yep“
me: „Reign in Blood?“
Jeff: „me“
me: „Dead Skin Mask?“
Jeff: „Yep“
me: „South Of Heaven?“
Jeff: „me“
me: „Black Magic?“
Jeff: „You know it“
me: „Hell Awaits?“
Jeff: „Yep“

On and on it went, that man wrote both the music and lyrics to a large goddamn portion of my favorite Slayer songs. He was a huge influence on my songwriting growing up in particular with arrangements and the bold use of key changes. The one thing Slayer band always had over so many other bands is they were all over the guitar neck when it came to key changes. Leads would be in some of the most random keys ever, but somehow it made it all that much more frantic, and when the chorus kicked back in, Boom! Set up perfectly. He was one of the few metal heads I met who never really got into PANTERA, he told me he „liked some stuff“, but thought they we’re „too bluesy at times“, and that he „liked more evil notes or sad riffs“

An Epic Night with Machine Fucking Head!

In addition to such sympathetic announcements and memories of the old days of the band showed Machine Head from the first Song, that they of the current kings Trash Metals are. Since now 21 Years there is the band already, what with hits like „Empire“, „Helo“ or „Old“ have played in the hearts of fans. And what gave the metal titans in a nearly two and a half hour show, was simply great! That are not empty words, everyone knows, what Machine Head has ever experienced on stage. better, honest and powerful simply gehts not! as it should be, was the anthem „Halo“ reserved for the final. This gave the party animals audience again the rest. Uber 2 1/2 Hours of skull-splitting metal anthems, Sing Alongs and atmospheric pieces! Simply brilliant! Just MACHINE FUCKING * * HEAD! The Bay Area metal titans have with their „An Evening with“-Tour ventured something, why no band before them had the courage to do, they played an entire evening without any support. The concerns of managment, that no one would listen to a whole evening long a single metal band, Machine Head could easy dissipate.

An Epic Night with Machine Fucking Head!

The boys are not least for hardness, Time, Groove, musical compromise with sometimes almost brutal sounds and fortune just so easy for an entire evening to bring the neck of the fans to ecstasy – it would also have more than the 2 1/2 may be hours! What was smashed the fans around the ears was simply terrific and will not be so easy to beat! Apparently, Rob and his men liked the format „An evening with…“ found and therefore return February / March next year back on European stages and if possible I'll give me this absolutely great show again! „We are really excited about it, playing longer sets, a few deep Parts purely throw and do everything in our world“, comments vocalist Robb Flynn. A pretty cool decision - after all, a band like Machine Head, which now has headlining status, earn at festivals with comparatively brief appearances a lot of money. So instead now two-hour concert for the hardcore fans in more manageable halls? Respect, Boys! And thanks for that! Your great since! Just two hours of Fucking Machine Head! Not have been better!


  1. Empire
  2. Beautiful Mourning
  3. Now We Die
  4. Bite the Bullet
  5. Locust
  6. From This Day
  7. Ten Ton Hammer
  8. This is the end
  9. In Comes The Flood
  10. The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears
  11. Crashing Around You
  12. Darkness Within
  13. Declaration
  14. Bulldozer
  15. Killers & Kings
  16. Davidian
  17. A Farewell to Arms (First time played live since 2010)
  18. Take Me Through The Fire
  19. Aesthetics of Hate
  20. Game Over
  21. Old
  22. Halo
An Epic Night with Machine Fucking Head!
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Machine Head: Live with Behemoth vocalist Nergal

Machine Head got on 13. September in Polen Live-Unterstützung von Behemoth-Frontman Nergal, wie ihr unten in zwei Fan-Videos sehen könnt. Gemeinsam mit Robb Flynn und seiner Truppe zockte Nergal im Klub B90 in Danzig the song „Davidian“. Enjoy friends!

Machine Head Live@B90 Gdansk, Poland - "Davidian"
MACHINE HEAD/ NERGAL BEHEMOTH- Davidian Live- B90 Gdańsk 2015

Machine Head: Robb Flynn in diapers on Tour

Machine Head vocalist Robb Flynn had lately some hospital stays, u.a. the gallbladder was removed to him there, to get it over with. Now, however, seems to be the current tour for Machine Head frontman not to be under the best rating, Rob has namely the under „Montezuma's Revenge“ trapped known motion sickness, by itself „explosive diarrhea“ expresses. But Robb Flynn would not Robb Flynn, if this would dissuade him from live shows or even a Tour. Instead, he wears just an adult diaper, like the current photo from Flynns intagra-profile proves.

It is not the first time, that Rob is sick shortly before a Machine Head tour. Already 2012 He went on tour, despite suffering from a bladder infection. That was a mistake: „It was on the road just too painful.“ He wanted this error repeat not actually. Now he is, contrary to the recommendation of his doctors, However, yet again on Tour. Opinion with diaper.

One of Robbflynn (robbflynn) gepostetes Photos at the

DBD: Now We Die – Machine Head

Machine Head lassen sich aufhängen, Menschen werden geköpft, sad clown playing violin, the gas masks Butcher swings the ax… The new Video „Now We Die“ not stingy with strong, extreme images. Subsequently, the official video of the new „Machine Head“ Songs from the album „Bloodstone & Diamonds“, that is on the shelves since last Friday.

Machine Head - Now We Die (Official Music Video)

And with this now we die
Standing at the edge of the world
Uncertainty calling as the page unfurls
Fortune, heaven or hell
Shedding my body of this mortal shell
Black steel and iron
A lion heart is forged from these bones
fear not, the discontent you hide
Awake from the slumber and define this time

No fear to pay the price
And with this now we die
Ashes to Ashes
The ocean crashes
Louder and louder it cries
Over and over
The sands wash over
Facing, embracing the tides
And with this now we die

And with this now we die
Screaming violence into the void
Is anyone listening or is all destroyed?
Fighting heaven and earth
Saving your children from their pain and hurt
Bloodstone & Diamonds
Nothing can break the strength of these stones
Cast off the shackles of the past
Live in the moment nothing ever lasts

Now cross the bridge of sighs
And with this now we die
Ashes to Ashes
The ocean crashes
Louder and louder it cries
Over and over
The sands wash over
Facing, embracing the tides
And with this now we die

Are you ready to die?
Standing at the edge of the world
The damned are we abused and beat,
We’re left for dead
We raise our head
For we are strong, and they are Wrong
So scream with me
„I do believe“
I need your help, for I have knelt
Held fist at skies, and cried out „Why“?
Your shoulder strength, it gives me length
We lift ourselves, together meld

So take my hand, and don’t look back
And sing with me
„Let new life be“
Old life goodbye, and now we die
For we are one
forever young
And with this now we die
And with this now we die
are you ready?
I standing at the edge of the world
Standing at the edge of the world

Machine Heads komplettes Album „Bloodstone & Diamonds“ als Stream

Tomorrow appears Machine Heads „Bloodstone & Diamonds“, jetzt könnt ihr hier das Album in seiner vollen Länge als Stream hear. Das Album wurde von Sänger und Gitarrist Robb Flynn zusammen mit Juan Urteaga (u.a. Testament, Vicious Rumors) Produced. Den Titel des achten Machine Head-Albums erläuterte Flynn:

In vielen Kulturen wurde der Blutstein als Schutzamulett gegen das Böse und als Symbol für Gerechtigkeit verwendet. Diamanten sind das härteste natürlichste Material der Erde – wie unsere Music. Ausserdem steht der Diamant auch für das Logo, I with front 22 Years have drawn and which has become the symbol of the band.


  1. Now We Die
  2. Killers & Kings
  3. Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones
  4. Night Of Long Knives
  5. Sail Into The Black
  6. Eyes Of The Dead
  7. Beneath The Silt
  8. In Comes The Flood
  9. Damage Inside
  10. Game Over
  11. Imaginal Cells
  12. Take Me Through The Fire
Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds (OFFICIAL ALBUM STREAM)

DBD: Night Of Long Knives – Machine Head

This Friday, the eighth Machine Head album appears „Bloodstone & Diamonds“, here is the new song „Night Of Long Knives“ precisely for this album including Video! Hell yeah!

Machine Head - Night Of Long Knives (OFFICIAL VISUALIZER)

DBD: Now We Die – Machine Head

at the 7. November appears the new „Machine Head“ Album „Bloodstone & Diamonds“, subsequently ask the guys with you „Now We Die“ their first single before. Ursprünglich wollten Robb Flynn und seine Truppe sich mit der Veröffentlichung des Songs noch Zeit lassen. But then dipped „Now We Die“, just like the album version of „Killers & Kings“, unplanned in Internet on and „Machine Head“ made from a virtue of necessity, how Flynn on his Blog „The General Journals: Diary Of A Frontman… And Other Ramblings“ declared:

And, my friends, „Now We Die“, The first track and lead single from „Bloodstone & Diamonds“, is officially leaked, drei Wochen vor dem planmässigen Release am 10. October. Überraschenderweise leakte er auf einer iTunes-UK-Vorbestellungsseite, Because „anyone“ made a mistake (is now fired fucking!) and wrote: „Ordered before Machine Head's new album and get TWO songs for free.“ And, Exactly, the official album version of „Killers & Kings“ is also leaked. Un-fucking-fassbar. We are SAUER! as well as always, it makes no sense, tackle it. Today the Internet has the speed of light, and you know, really is that good. We and our label have therefore decided, us to join the UK iTunes site and deliver the two songs as a free addition, if you pre-ordered the album on iTunes worldwide one of the pages. We have also decided, „Now We Die“ upload it to our YouTube channel, for all, den Song gratis ohne Vorbestellung anhören wollen.

Machine Head - Now We Die (OFFICIAL TRACK)

DBD: Darkness Within – Machine Head Live Rock am Ring 2012

as always eine grossartige Live Performance von Machine Headhier könnte man nur dem Publikum bei 1:55 say, ok ihr könnt aufhören zu klatschen, At 2:09 bitte hört auf zu klatschen und bei 2:14 Fuck! Learn to go with the clock! At 2:22 Finally, Please go to Mr. Flynn…

ARVE Error:
thats all folks! - Video not available

8-Bit Machine Head – Halo

Friends, heute gibt es für euch den grossartigen Machine Head Song „Halo“ in an 8-bit version, which sounds quite great!

Machine Head - Halo 8-Bit
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