DBD: Cold Winter Sun – Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter give us a little taste of their upcoming album „Outlive“ and have to the Lyric-Video to „Cold Winter Sun“ Unpacked. The disc will be published in March…

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Demon Hunter - Cold Winter Sun

DBD: I am the enemy – Grave

to her new song „I am the enemy“ have Grave released a Lyric clip. The track is on 13. January on the album „Machine Messiah“ appear…

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Grave - I am the enemy (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: Black Venom – Sick Of It All

„Sick Of It All“ celebrate their 30th anniversary and have to their Lyric-clip for the song „black Venom“ Unpacked, order on their current disk „When The Smoke Clears“ to draw attention. „When The Smoke Clears“ includes five new tracks and has a chic 60-page Coffee Table Art Book, involved in leatherette, for the band members have unearthed photos from their private archives and in which you also liner notes from colleagues like Davey Havok (AFI), Matt Kelly (Dropkick Murphys) und Dennis Lyxzén (Refused) finds.

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Sick Of It All - Black Venom (Lyric Video)

DBD: Walk as we talk – Malignant Tumour

Here the Music Video „Walk as we talk“ of Malignant Tumour from the album „The Metallist“…

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Malignant Tumour - Walk as we talk (Official Video)

Feel the vibe of drums, Bass that go down your spine
Listen up, Listen up, Sound that shake your guts
…and we see us, grind, grind, grind
You see us, the, the, the

From the hell comes smoke, We drive our own inferno
Mine incubated punks, Many times fucked up and drunk
And we still walk bright, bright, bright
And you say die, the, the

And today our time is coming
We see the place where we go
We talk about what we´re doing
Our path is just rock´n´roll
We walk on sharped edge razor
Fuelled by the drugs and the booze
We try to walk as we talk it
Have really nothing to lose

Now we rode your horse, Open road no bend
You know it´s so good, So try to understand
And please listen me up, Music we never gave up
But you still go, the, the, the
And we are fine, fine, fine

Listen up what I say, We walk as we talk

And today our time is coming
We see the place where we go
We talk about what we´re doing
Our path is just rock´n´roll
Attractive new bands just envy
They don´t know place where they go
It´s about time to let pay them
To language of rock´n´roll

DBD: Scarlet – Callidice

Today there for you in Death Bell of the Day „Callidice“ the Music Video the song „Scarlet“ from the eponymous EP…

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Callidice - Scarlet (Official Video)

I woke up blind
Treat you like an enemy
Even with a broken heart, you holding up
Surprised how easily a life can Change
Can you be free for once?
Can you be free for once ?

Drowned into the scarlet sea
Float on the waves of ever dream
Sank deep into the scarlet sea
Tomb of lovers

Tonight I`m trying
Last night I cried
But I`ll be here
And we left everything together
Let´s be free for once
And for the last time… for the last time..

Drowned into the scarlet sea
Float on the waves of ever dream
Sank deep into the scarlet sea
Tomb of lovers

DBD: Flamespeech – Nephrolith

Nephrolith have their album „Paleness of the Bled World“ published in November and it is now for you „Flamespeech“ As Lyrics-Video

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Nephrolith - Flamespeech (Lyric Video)

As these flames seem to speak
With hot words hidden in smoke
The earth-grey substance devours
our sky, so pure, to seek.

As all thoughts seem to keep,
with veins at the end of the rope,
the truthful eyes, for hours
our lies, so loud, they leak

Seeking minds it lost the ashes,
Held its hopes, yet found just lashes
For branches hit
And winds have pushed-
The message forlorn
As a cuckoo born.

This only leaves the echo’s vow
Produced by speech of the Bonfire
Not in smoke, and not as dire
It reminds us, yet just now
Only to keep the secret
Only to stir the wind

DBD: Running Back – Herman Frank

Herman Frank (Tank, ex-Accept) has a Lyric-Video his song „Running Back“ released. The guitarist has his solo album in November „The Devil Rides Out“ launched from the dock, which was produced by Frank himself…

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Herman Frank - Running Back (2016) // OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO // AFM Records

DBD: Naughty Christmas – Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil are evident in the Christmas spirit and let us to the Lyric clip „Naughty Christmas“ part of it…

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Lacuna Coil - Naughty Christmas (Lyric Video)

DBD: Angels Of Steel – Father

Friends, today for you the Lyric-clip for the song „Angels Of Steel“ aus dem aktuellen Album „The Empire“…

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Father - Angels Of Steel (OFFICIAL TRACK & LYRICS)

Machine Head: Robb Flynn published „Bastards“ and therefore criticizes the US presidential election, society and politics in general

Don’t let those bastards grind you down! While other bands with trivial crap place 1 save the charts, released Machine Head frontman and guitarist Robb Flynn a song with a lot of passion and a great message. Robb has a rehearsal room-Video a new song called „Bastards“ uploaded and to also equal posted the text, criticizing the US Presidential Election, in society and politics generally exerts. How right he was! Bange Do not apply! Don’t let their Fears make you afraid!

Yesterday I told my sons „sometimes the bad guys win“
And that it made me scared about the world that we live in
But I had to reassure them that it wouldn’t be for long
Sons we have to be ourselves
We have to be strong

I said “sons you are the future, so let this be a lesson”
There may come a day you have to fight off their aggression
Cause fear and hatred won today, The Darkness ate the light
But both you look in my eyes, “it’ll be all right”

In every step you take,
I’m with you all the way,
Cause I would die for you
And do what’s right for you
In hopes that when I’m gone
You’ll carry on these words I wrote for you

Till then ...
I’ll sing

Stand your ground
Don’t let the bastards grind you down
Be bold, be strange
Don’t let their fears make you afraid
There’s hope, they’ll Change

Today I looked out to the world, thought „what a bloody mess!”
They stripped our morals from us, put ‚em under house arrest
„Liberty“ and „Country“ are the words they need to speak
A little “god” a little “freedom”, if we don’t agree we’re weak

And every politician stood there idle and so smug
Empowering the racists and 2nd Amendment thugs
Wall St and the billionaires, thinking they’re so smart
Saying “vote with your wallets, instead of with your hearts!”

But we wont go away!
You won’t forget our name!
The p***y generation, the PC and the brave
The protesters that slink along the streets of misery

And so…
I’ll sing

Stand your ground
Don’t let the bastards grind you down
Be bold, be strange
Don’t let their fears make you afraid
There’s hope, they’ll change

No, No, No, No, No

So give us all your fa***ts, all your ni***rs and your s***ks
Give us all your mu***ms, the so-called ter****sts
We welcome them with open arms, put ‘em in our mix
We’re better off together, embrace our difference

Remember there is love!
Our words can stop their guns
Forget the rednecks
Living in the past
Were never going back now, we’ve reached critical mass

And so…
I’ll sing

Stand my ground
Won’t let the bastards grind me down
I’m bold, I’m strange
Won’t let their fears make me afraid
There’s hope, they’ll change

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"Bastards" rehearsal video

DBD: Dead of Night – THEM

The international Metal-Project „THEM“ was originally 2008 founded by singer Troy Norr as a King Diamond tribute band. 2014 Troy had the idea for a concept album, the reports of the bizarre journey of a man, trapped between unfortunate circumstances and the unspeakably evil. at the 30. September is the debut album „Sweet Hollow“ appear and it is there for you Lyric-Video the song „Dead of Night“…

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DBD: Burn – The Cure

Today there for you in „Death Bell of the Day“ times a classic. Originates from the film „the crow“ and, if the set list does not change, tonight even when Concert be heard the band in Basel…

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The Cure - Burn (Lyrics)

DBD: our – Meshuggah

For their track „our“ have Meshuggah a 360 ° -Lyric-Video twisted. In early October the Swedes her new album „The Violent Sleep Of Reason“ released, The titles of a painting by Goya called „The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters“ was inspired…

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Meshuggah - our (Official 360 Lyric Video)

DBD: Pitchblack – Walking Dead On Broadway

„Walking Dead On Broadway“ have a Lyric-Video to her new song „Pitchblack“ released. The Song stammt vom kommenden Album „Slaves“ the body tailed Deathcore and is on 11. November appear…

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Walking Dead On Broadway - Pitchblack (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: Passing Through – Evergrey

have early September Evergrey her new album „The Storm Within“ veröffentlicht und hier gibts für euch das Lyric-Video the second track „Passing Through“…

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Evergrey - Passing Through (2016) // OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO // AFM Records

DBD: Will O The Wisp – Opeth

Here the Lyric-Video to „Will O The Wisp“. The new album of the band, where the number can be found, ie „Sorceress“ and is most 30. published September…

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Opeth - Will O The Wisp (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)
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