DBD: our – Meshuggah

For their track „our“ have Meshuggah a 360 ° -Lyric-Video twisted. In early October the Swedes her new album „The Violent Sleep Of Reason“ published, The titles of a painting by Goya called „The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters“ was inspired…

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DBD: Pitchblack – Walking Dead On Broadway

„Walking Dead On Broadway“ have a Lyric-Video to her new song „Pitchblack“ published. The Song stammt vom kommenden Album „Slaves“ the body tailed Deathcore and is on 11. November appear…

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DBD: Passing Through – Evergrey

have early September Evergrey her new album „The Storm Within“ published and added to this group for you Lyric-Video the second track „Passing Through“…

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EVERGREY - Passing Through (2016) // official lyric video // AFM Records

DBD: Will O The Wisp – Opeth

Here the Lyric-Video to „Will O The Wisp“. The new album of the band, where the number can be found, ie „Sorceress“ and is most 30. published September…

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DBD: We Are The Ones – Dee Snider

The solo disc „We Are The Ones“ of Twisted Sister frontman appears on 28. October and from there the title track for you as Lyric clip…

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Dee Snider "We Are The Ones" Official Lyric Video

DBD: My Champion – Alter Bridge

From upcoming Alter Bridge album „The Last Hero“ Today there for you Lyric-Video to „My Champion“. ie The shekel „The Last Hero“ and appears at 7. October….

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Alter Bridge - My Champion

DBD: Brotherhood Of The Snake – Testament

Here the theme song from the upcoming album „Brotherhood Of The Snake“ in a chic Lyric clip. The twelfth studio album Thrasher Testament appears on 28. October…

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TESTAMENT - "Brotherhood of the Snake" (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: The Sacred Vow – Hammerfall

From her upcoming album „Built To Last“ comes the following Lyric-Video the song „The Sacred Vow“ Hammerfall. With „Built To Last“ publish the Swedes already their tenth studio album, the most 4. November appears…

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HAMMERFALL - The Sacred Vow (Official Lyric-Video) | Napalm Records

DBD: Prayer To The God Of War – Father

Today we shoot Father Lyric-Video her song „To The God Of War“ around the ears. The number can be found on the current EP „Iron Times“, which at the Deather 12. published August…

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DBD: Niðavellir – Skálmöld

Here the Lyric-Video the song „Niðavellir“, of the upcoming album „Vögguvísur Yggdrasils“ Icelanders Skálmöld dates. From the 30. September to the plate in stores…

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Skálmöld - Niðavellir (Official Lyric Video) | Napalm Records

DBD: Six Years On Dope – NOFX

At the 7. October seems the new album „First Ditch Effort“ NOFX and as tasting there now the Lyric-Video zum Track „Six Years On Dope“. The album of the punk rockers should be rather dark and involved, among other things, with the issues of self-hatred and mortality…

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NOFX - Six Years On Dope (Official Lyric Video)

DBD: Caligula – Sodom

Here the Lyric-Video to „Caligula“, The track comes from the new disc „Decision Day“, which Sodom at the 26. published August…

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SODOM - "Caligula" (Official Lyric Video)

DBD: Accept No Imitations – Witchcraft

From the next plate „Pocho Aztlan“ have Witchcraft a Lyric-Video to her new single „Accept No Imitations“ published. The fourth album of the band is on Mexican Independence Day, the 16. September appear…

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DBD Breakin‘ Outta Hell – Airbourne

Airbourne present the Lyric-Video the title track „Breakin‘ Outta Hell“ their studio album of the same. The fourth panel of Australians appear on 16. September, Frontman Joel O'Keeffe summarizes the contents of the current panel so together: „No ballads, no bullshit. I’m breaking out of hell!“

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Airbourne - Breakin' Outta Hell (Lyric Video)

DBD: She – Runover

Runover“ come from Tuscany and were in 2010 be established and still release their second album this year. A small foretaste there for you with the Video to „She“…

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RUNOVER - She [Official New Video - Pistoia Blues]

You know you loved her so badly for
About an year of two
’n she left you waggling your tail
Like a Fox Terrier on the motorway

And now your friends dig a
Bunker when they hear that name
They wish to die violently
When you mention her again

So you just pray
Not to see her with that guy
Who’s got, notoriously,
That monster cock you saw on – Pornhub!

Your Achille’s heel with nice ass and breast (big nice breast!)
’n She
Will spin you like a wheel sitting on your chest
And you know what gear shift is!

You meet her again at 40 and she tells you
«Oh I surely have done
Better marrying you instead
Of that big fat pile of shit

Who goes whoring every night
leaving me all alone»
Yes, her, and the five children
That she had never mentioned

So please, don’t do
The same fuckin‘ mistake again
Taking her on your back
With all her cryin‘ progeny – and mother

Your Achille’s heel with nice ass and breast (big nice breast!)
’n She
Will spin you like a wheel sitting on your chest
And you know what the throttle is!

Don’t let her approach your dong
(no her ‚round your cock!)
Or you’ll fall in the same
Same old song and dance!

No! You got caught again by those Bambi’s eyes
You learned to love so deep
That night when her mouth was the top hat of a mage
And the rabbit was your dick!

So be aware
She is like baldness
In the life of everyone
Sooner or later it will come
And it’s incurable!

The Achille’s phya on everyone’s chest
Doesn’t give a fuck if you’re loved by the rest
‚cos your balls belongs to – Her!

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