DBD: Safe House – All That Remains

Here with the Lyric clip to Track „Safe House“ a taste of the coming „All That Remains“ Album „Madness“, that the guys from Massachusetts on 28. bring April in the trade…

All That Remains - Safe House (Lyric Video)

DBD: Moloch Rise – NervoChaos

With the first Lyric-Video from the upcoming album „Nyctophilia“ ring the Brazilian dark fanatics „NervoChaos“ the death knell. The album is released on 7. April…

NervoChaos - Moloch Rise


MUSHROOM make the title song of their new EP „The Spell“ before following Lyric clip. at the 31 March 10-inch plate with three appear previously unreleased tracks…


DBD: Waheelas track – Thormesis

Die Pagan/Black Metaler „Thormesis“ have with „Waheelas track“ a Lyric-Video For their upcoming album „debris colors“ released. The fifth album of Bavaria on 10. February appear…

Thormesis - Waheelas track (official lyricvideo)

DBD: We compared the! – Swiss + feat The others. Digg (Slime)

We do not follow a leader, salute any flag! Rampage for Love, not for the white race! They forbid us mouth! They twist the reason! They censor our art! They live by us! We compared the!

Swiss + the others - We compared the! Feat. Digg (Slime) - Official Video

[Part 1: Swiss]

This is the comeback of the class struggle, Swiss.
I've shown you, that links can be and still be washed.
This Punk, spits on the ground.
Neither does an interview, except for the Protection of the Constitution.

I insulating my soul like a hermit.
Two middle fingers in the air for you Schweinepriester!
Write some shit, but unrelated.
But his we Ehrlich, who cares a crown in the Juice?

I do not care, where this plate chartet.
I Survivor apocalypse as' ne cockroach.
This world is not fair, but we Rules the problem.
Code 1323, the error in the system.


We compared the! 3x


That's Mucke against everything and not for the masses.
On the radio the whole day running shit, I Hate.
We do not follow a leader, salute any flag.
Rampage for love, not for the white race.

They forbid us mouth!
(We compared the!)
They twist the reason!
(We compared the!)
They censor our art!
(We compared the!)
They live by us!
(We compared the!)

[Part 2: Dirk]

We enter everything in the ass namely always Back.
Labern not just always stupid rum as left philistines.
The road calling my name, because it does not go without me.
Last flag, which does not burn, the solidarity.

The Brown are cowards and injure a child,
But the state is blind in the right eye.
I'm straight directly, no masquerade.
I make your block for one Night the second Hafenstraße.

During interrogation the cops I'm sitting at the table smoking.
There are thousands of prophets, but I only believe in me.
No interviews, I do not talk to each.
Until the day, I die of errors in the system!


All against all! 3x
or us against them
We compared the! 3x

DBD: Hang ‚Em High – Havok

Here the Lyric-Video to „Hang ‚Em High“ the first taste of the upcoming Havok Album „Conformide“, the most 10. March appears…

Havok - Hang 'Em High (Lyric Video)

DBD: Suffocation – Don’t Try This

Here the Video the song „Suffocation“ Dessauer „Don’t Try This“ from their debut album „Wireless Slaves“…

Don't Try This - Suffocation (Official Music Video)

Your life runs meaningless out of time
Inside the emptiness you can’t defy

Why can’t we resist this life
This pressure in our mind
let it go, let it go

Like puppets we walk around
Wireless Slaves
Controlled by hands we can not see
Blind sheep’s pricked with daggers
out of shame
They are like leeches
We bleed for those we feed
This has to stop
this can not be
We consume this everyday
There is no honor
Just the will to be alive
Is there no place for love
for a reason to life
to set me free?
When there is heaven Above
why are we Closer To hell
on this ground we live?

How can this be?
Is there a place to set me free?

Come spend a while in here
Let this all disappear
Here is your place
Lay down and let it flow
This is all you should know
Here is your place

And soon it’s cold
and everything you’ve dreamed is gone
And soon you’re cold
forever sleeping you will not return anymore
Won’t return anymore

your Breath is gone
Your breath is gone
You shall suffocate
You shall suffocate

DBD: FC Lahti – Korpiklaani

Your local football club devoted Korpiklaani the Single „FC Lahti“ and bring us to the club now in the corresponding Lyric-Video closer…

Korpiklaani - FC Lahti (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: Sacrificial Kill – Six Feet Under

the song „Sacrificial Kill“ Six Feet Under have a Lyric-Video released. The track will be on the upcoming album „Torment“ stand, that from 24. February on the shelves…

Six Feet Under "Sacrificial Kill" (Lyric Video)


Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard is Stoner Rock from Down Under and the guys have a Lyric-Video to their track „Galactic Motherfucker“ released. at the 24. February bring the guys from Australia their debut disc „Supersonic Rock ‚n Roll“ the stores and provide us with it, a mixture of Blues- and Stoner Rock, added Ministry-Groove und Sci-Fi-Dirt…

ZOMBIE MOTORS WRECKING YARD - Galactic Motherfucker (Lyric Video) | Napalm Records

DBD: Frankenstein Must be Destroyed – Hatriot

Hatriot have a Lyric-Video to her new song „Frankenstein Must be Destroyed“ released. This demo version is to be re-recorded for the forthcoming studio album Thrasher again. The micro accepts after Zetros exit his son Cody Souza. Expect can the long-player is expected end of 2017…

Hatriot - "Frankenstein Must be Destroyed" Lyric Video

DBD: Suzerain – ANTHRAX

ANTHRAX have a Lyric clip for their track „Suzerain“ released, writes in the guitarist and songwriter Scott Ian on a ruler, so powerful, that all nations under his authority are. In turn, this ruler of the world brings peace, Wealth and happiness….

ANTHRAX - Suzerain (Lyric Video)

DBD: Cold Winter Sun – Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter give us a little taste of their upcoming album „Outlive“ and have to the Lyric-Video to „Cold Winter Sun“ Unpacked. The disc will be published in March…

Demon Hunter - Cold Winter Sun
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