How about playing a clever tardiness in office

Monday or Friday are so happy so days, where the on-time arrival at the office not always can be assured. To ensure that the late arrival is not taken in the workplace but too crooked - show the guys from „Foil Arms & Hog“ some tricks, how to pack these gaffes correctly. Perhaps you recognize but also some of your colleagues or evaluate yourselves yes in Video Back… :)

How to be Late for Work - Foil Arms and Hog

How to make a lemon fire

When life gives you lemons are, Carry fire from! In the following Video shows us a young man, how to make a lemon current and a short circuit fire…

How To Make Fire With A LEMON.

How easily breeds to own salad

Who likes to eat salad, interested perhaps it, how to grow one's own greens. And it must not even be in the Garden Center, but finds its beginning in salad residues, from which one can draw new plants. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls show us, that it is sufficient, to put the remains of romaine lettuce and spring onions in water and wait a week, beat until it roots. In such a simple way you can always supply again with salad…

How to Regrow Your Leftovers! (Smart Life Hacks)

Lifehack: How in only 15 Seconds packed a Gift

Friends, you know the, suddenly the festival of festivals around the corner and every year is again! So Slowly it is time for the gifts purchase and therefore you have more time for choosing the perfect Präsents, it is expedient to, to train his skills in terms of packing. If you follow the instructions in this Video, one can in-pointed 15 reach their destinations seconds - provided, the paper and the adhesive are prepared accordingly…

Japan Gift Wrapping Hack Explained | BeatTheBush

crack How to padlocks with two wrenches

When the body of the padlock is made of steel, works the trick the following clip does not guarantee. The other padlocks but that will fold up as shown, since gaining leverage…

How to open a lock with a nut wrench

10 Sommer Life Hacks

The following Video enthält einige fantastische Tipps zum ausprobieren und jeden beeindrucken, sees of you. If you like watermelon, Ice or playing outdoors, will be found in the video bit, dass deinen Sinn für Spass anspricht. If I had a pool, würde ich wohl den Pool-Kühler ausprobieren

10 Summer Life Hacks To Try Right Now

15 Life Hacks with files terminals

Files terminals are the new Gaffa Tape – Or something like that. At least these little helpers are universal and help with many everyday things and situations, Like this Video shows from Japan…

100Of the 15 that can be a double clip of Hitoshi things / 15 Life Hack things do with binder clip / summarized life hack video / binder clips

How to make Pizza waffles

Statt sich eine Tiefkühlpizza in den Ofen zu schieben, kann vielleicht das nächste Mal den italienischen Fladen im Waffeleisen machen. Öfter mal was neues und schon Mama wusste, Käse und Teig gebacken ist eh eine Erfolgsgarantie;)

How To Make Pizza Waffles

tinkered bottle sebst

Also ich selbst brauche keinen Flaschenöffner, as long as a cigarette lighter, Zeitung oder Tischkante den Job auch erledigen können. for those of you, the bored on Sundays and not Knowledge, What to make with his time, may indeed just once in the garage or basement for things looking, aus denen er sich Flaschenöffner machen kann. As he here….

✔ DiResta Ten DIY Beer Bottle Openers
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