10 Sommer Life Hacks

The following Video contains to try some fantastic tips and impress everyone, sees of you. If you like watermelon, Ice or playing outdoors, will be found in the video bit, responds that your sense of fun. If I had a pool, I would probably try the pool cooler…

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10 Summer Life Hacks To Try Right Now

15 Life Hacks with files terminals

Files terminals are the new Gaffa Tape – or something like that. At least these little helpers are universal and help with many everyday things and situations, like this Video shows from Japan…

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100Of the 15 that can be a double clip of Hitoshi things / 15 Life Hack things do with binder clip / summarized life hack video / binder clips

How to make Pizza waffles

Instead of pushing a frozen pizza in the oven, can maybe next time make the Italian cakes in a waffle iron. Always something new and already knew Mama, baked cheese and dough is always a guarantee of success… ;)

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How To Make Pizza Waffles

Tinkered Bottle sebst

So I even do not need a bottle opener, as long as a cigarette lighter, Newspaper or table edge can do the job well. For those of you, the bored on Sundays and not wissen, What to make with his time, may indeed just once in the garage or basement for things looking, from which he can make Opener. As he here….

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✔ DiResta Ten DIY Beer Bottle Openers

How to peel an egg

Tim Ferriss tells us, how to easily peel a hard boiled egg… That is what Easter :)

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How To Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Peeling | Tim Ferriss