Album Review: The I-Show – Lärmatron

This band's name is expected Punk Rock, but the noise ends four guys from Northern Germany do not want to be pigeonholed, but have rather taken on the task, to bring any amp glow. At „Lärmatron“ is set to German language and style as a concoction comes almost equal parts hard rock, Heavy Metal, as well as a good dose of snot- and punk rock to the course. „Lärmatron“ give gas and after four years and a few lineup changes after the EP „From the middle“, is now 2014 the first album out. A strong disc, on which the boys from the Oldenburg guitars smoke and let losbrettern really.

The I-Show - Lärmatron

The North Germans make their name. If the word „Noise“ is rather negative connotations usually, it refers in this case, but rather to unbridled power and rock till you drop. Fats guitars and powerful vocals of Pat really make steam and comes beautifully refreshing therefore. „Lärmatron“ have not reinvented the wheel, but that does not necessarily yes always be searched frantically. The boys have end 2007 found in Lower Saxony Oldenburg together and two years later, the quartet released its first EP „From the middle“. Well located with „The I-Show“ A new shekel of the troops before. Musically absolutely well rehearsed, hard beats and skillful guitar riffs dominate the overall picture, without unterzubuttern singing. Unusually for this type of Music are clear and distinct vocals, no grunts or screams, almost a little too nice, But only almost. The longer the CD runs, the more you find yourself in the style of the four boys a.

The I-Show - Lärmatron

Can the Hard Rock and Metal with German lyrics work, have proven quite a few bands over time, nevertheless, it may take a while, to get used to „The I-Show“ has used and can begin, enjoying the slice. The energy level is consistently high, and given the craft skills on the instruments. „Lärmatron“ be to provide pleasure to be especially live able and also on this recording this disc does not miss its mark, on the contrary. The title „The I-Show“ was elected, because it represents a point of view against the disadvantages of digital and for the benefits of the analog world. The eponymous song deals with the theme of the day to day „Show“ apart, jumping us in social networks against. Eine Show, in which there are many losers, which did not exist previously. But it is also a show which, which were previously and where it is, despite all the facade not succeed ultimately for themselves, suddenly to be winners. The opposite is the case,: they lose themselves in a virtual world in which they are important, in which they are popular and really miss it here in the life to come. When writing this song, Pat had a special someone in mind – So a real person, which in fact (heavily oversubscribed in song) are in real life.


„The I-Show“ is neither egocentric, narcissistic or even self-presentational, but has a very different background. Even otherwise, is the „Lärmatron“-Singer in everyday life inspiration for his Lyrics: „The songs are always based on personal experiences, Impressions and feelings coupled and are mixed with dreams, Wishful thinking, Imagination and fantasy. Coupled with catchy melodies and powerful sounds, they become the fabric, is made from the rock.“ No, Make or break breathe deeply is not necessarily the cause of „Lärmatron“. Since it is uncompromising straight forward and full throttle directly to the eardrum! „Pulse“ is a song, by it to the famous „falling guy“ Richard Drew goes, has chosen in the burning World Trade Center for the suicide. There is a Song, which is grown on the manure of guitarist Andie guitar and the Pat has written the appropriate text according to Andie's ideas. „Haar im Mund“ is a relatively somber ballad, based on a true story. Also make the change between quiet passages and the distorted guitars „Lärmatron“ seamless.

With „The I-Show“ Lärmatron have delivered a strong disc. In how far the troops so that other, can deduct comparable bands, I can not interpret, but the hour's music is fun. Dating from the Oldenburg area quartet can really rip it rocking and it is practically every song worth listening to! The bottom line but rather a slice of the punk rock friends for Metals as for die-hard metalheads. The cover of the album is extremely Succeeded and in the booklet there on top of that all texts. Retest should be for every friend of the German rock harder duty and if you do not convince mere words, here you have the chance a listen to the album.


  1. Pole Position
  2. Hollywood
  3. Krawattenarmee
  4. The last bottle
  5. This moment
  6. Away from here
  7. The I-Show
  8. The Wonder Years
  9. Pulse
  10. Beetles, Dame, King
  11. Haar im Mund
  12. Forever Young
Album Review: The I-Show - Lärmatron
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