John Wick: Chapter 2 – Trailer and Poster

Keanue Reeves just experienced a revival. For a long time was the „Matrix“-disappeared actor from the scene and seen only in rather average films. Last year, Keanu Reeves, however, was the strong „The Neon Demon“ to see and before he convinced the merciless action movie „John Wick“. And as John Wick selbiger he now returns this year back to the movie screen. Directed accepts Chad Stahelski, in supporting roles include Ruby Rose, Ian McShane, To see Laurence Fishburne and Common. Theatrical Release in our region is the 16. February 2017.

John Wick: Chapter Two "sends Keanu Reeves once again as former Hitman in the ring, to demonstrate its far from rusty skills. The film comes in there, where the previous film left off: The former professional killer John Wick, who had actually long since retired, is still always granted no respite. The vendetta, which was triggered by the violent death of his dog, is the skill of Hitmans not only Helen (Bridget Moynahan) been called but also some dodgy people back to memory. One of those bleak and influential manner is among others the bowler King (Laurence Fishburne).

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John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017 movie) Official Trailer – ‘Wick Goes Off’

Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter was and is the only true Wonder Woman…

Wonder Woman

by the „Sherlock“-Apartment on the 360 ​​° virtual tour

Friends, who after the final episode of the fourth „Sherlock“-Season still needs some radical program, to recover from the end fulminates, the following is recommended virtual tour. Spend some time yet in 221B Baker Street and take a look at your leisure the apartment of the two protagonists. In early January, the BBC had photographed the apartment in 360 degree photos and shot in the network airwaves. So if you have a short, requires solitary moment in the famous home, here along dominions

Vikings“ Squadron 4, Episode 18: Revenge! …and the battle begins! – Trailer shows the Big Pagan army of Vikings!

the 18. Episode of 4. Squadron „Vikings“ is titled „Revenge“ (German: Revenge) and gives us a foretaste of the army of Vikings, together closes, the murder of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok, King of Denmark, to avenge. Even Ivar, which is affected by his disability, mixed with, dank Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), who built him a car, drawn by a horse. For a long time Ragnar has feared, that his sons will surpass him one day of fame. This fear is now coming true.

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Vikings 4x18 Season 4 Episode 18 Promo

The day of vengeance is here! „Vikings“ Squadron 4 lit another, historical phenomenon, the Big Pagan army, the numerous Viking has brought together, to jointly go into battle. King Aelle will regret his deeds in brief. Northumbria must tremble before the wrath of the Vikings. Aelles daughter Judith has tried, him in the 17. warn episode, but too late. Ragnar's sons are already planning their attack on Northumbria, to avenge her father's death. But not only King Aelle to suffer. Full England should get to feel, that you can not mess with the barbarian warriors from Denmark. Bear (Alexander Ludwig) has returned to Kattegat, to share with his half brothers Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen), Hvitserk (Marco Islø), Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and Sigurd (David Lindstron) In the War draw. Run the famous „Big Pagan army“ an, from which one can read in the history books. In Promo Clip Björn announces aggressively talking with his brothers, that he will be there, who leads the army and gives orders to the warriors. Ivars laughter suggests, however, he own, has other plans, when the struggle against the British begins.

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Vikings 4x18 Season 4 Episode 18 Promo #2

Since Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) is dead, speculate not only his adult sons for revenge. Many warriors want to take with them into battle, to her famous father to pay tribute. To force their enemies to their knees, need Ragnar sons a powerful army, which should be even greater than that, broke up with Ragnar once to Paris. In this context, we met in the 17. Episode some new characters. One of them is particularly interesting, because it – similar to Ragnar and his sons – once actually lived. We are talking about the Vikings Egil (Charlie Kelly), of Harald Fairhair (Peter Franzén) is presented. According to the American side „Inquisitr“, could the character of the poet and warrior Egill Skallagrímsson based, remained remembered as moody and ugly man. In the TV series Egil coincides with a disfigured face on half, which could be an indication of a connection. As the US side further reported, Egil should have been born in Iceland and his grandson of Kveld-Ulf. That was the nickname „Evening Wolf“, as was made out to be, that he was a shape shifter with superhuman powers.

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Ivar the Boneless || Declare War on the Whole World

Interestingly though, the connection of Egils family Harald, that has not been addressed in the series, but in the 5. Squadron „Vikings“ could play a role. Because it was Harald Fairhair, at least according to the Saga, Egils uncle Thorolf killed. Egils father Skalla-Grim and his famous grandfather Kevld-Ulf avenged the murder of Thorolf, by some manner killed by King Harald, before they left Norway finally. The family finally went to Iceland, where Egil was born and – similar to his father Skalla-Grim – a rather ugly man grew, who had a talent for poetry. The question remains: If it is by the same Egil, is its history in „Vikings“ find a place? It should at least be a coincidence, that Egil and King Harald in the 17. Effect „Bad blood“ by Season 4 to encounter. Maybe silent Egil his true origin and is thus a confidant in the ranks of Harald Fairhair. Until he gets the chance, to kill King Harald and to avenge the expulsion of his family from Norway and the murder of his uncle Thorolf.

the „Big Pagan army“ (Great Heathen Army) was in any case thousands of Vikings, that set out for England, to there large parts of the country to loot in raids and conquer numerous areas. According to the legend, the army was commanded by Ragnar Lothbroks sons. The trigger was then – as well as in the TV series – The death Ragnar by King Aelle. According to the story about the sons of the legendary Viking, Ivar should have insisted, to kill King Aelle using the blood eagle, to avenge his father. How cruel is the ritual with the blood eagle, showed „Vikings“ already in the 2. Season with Jarl Borg.

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Vikings - Blood Eagle - Ending scene

Aliens Warrior Keksdose

In space no one can hear, as you eat biscuits! In Thinkgeek there is this great Aliens Warrior Keksdose:

Aliens. Those darn Xenomorphs are always trying to shove something down the throats of Humans. you know, maybe if they made the Chestburster embryos look like cookies, the Facehuggers could get cushy desk jobs. or, you know, something else they have the skillset for. They’d probably make great massage therapists, what with all those little appendages.

Aliens Warrior Keksdose
Aliens Warrior Keksdose

Cult of Chucky – TRAILER

Finally Universal Pictures continues the rumors, which occurred since the publication of „Curse of Chucky“ hold, one end and announces „Cult of Chucky“ the next branch within the iconic series to killer doll Chucky in. Don Mancini, the creator of the series, may again breathe the little killer life and him in Winnipeg, let Canada go to looting for new victims. Included are well-known series faces like Summer H. Howell (Curse of Chucky) or Tiffany Starring Jennifer Tilly (zwischsnzeitlich even in puppet form), while Brad Dourif the horror-Icon as usual lends his distinctive voice, even if only in the English version. In „Cult of Chucky“ there is also a reunion with Chucky veteran Alex Vincent, who was represented in the first two series parts and now comeback. but the center of the continuation resist from Fiona Dourif and her character Nica Piecre „Curse of Chucky“:

For four years Nica Pierce sat down already for the murder of her entire family in a psychiatric institution a. An atrocity, which actually goes to the account of Chucky. But when her psychiatrist introduces a new method a too familiar doll in her therapy group, breaks in the tranquil sanatorium suddenly all hell, and Nica begins to wonder, whether they may have become really crazy. Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), Chucky now adults that have become nemesis, rushes to her aid. But for this he must first with Tiffany (jennifer Tilly) record, tape, who is willing, to do everything for the diabolical doll.

Universal omitted this time on a theatrical release and brings „Cult of Chucky“ According to current plans Pairing Halloween on DVD and Blu-ray out…

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CULT OF CHUCKY Teaser Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

Sadako vs Kayako: The Ring vs The Grudge – TRAILER 2017

The American streaming platform „Shudder“ has a first TRAILER Summit „The Ring“ and „The Grudge“ released. „Sadako vs Kayako“ should be for die-hard fans a highlight! As a director Koji Shiraishi was (Grotesque) committed, Actress Mizuki Yamamoto is in the middle of these two iconic horror-must prove curses. Release date for Shudder is on 26. January 2017…

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Sadako vs Kayako - THE RING VS THE GRUDGE US Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

wind: With the drone over Iceland

The Russian photographer and filmmaker Vadim Sherbakov has let grow his camera drone in the Icelandic sky and cut some wonderfully relaxing aerial photographs of the great landscapes along. A little feel we really, as well the „wind“ doing there…

Vindur means wind in Icelandic which is relevant to the way its shoot. So for 3 minutes you will get to enjoy Amazing drone footage portraying Icelandic unbelievable landscapes. Beautiful waterfalls, endless valleys, unusual mountain ranges, out of this world landscapes, oceanic cliffs, old glacier, fantastic canyon and many other wonders that makes Iceland so unique […].

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As the figures were animated in Rogue One

Industrial light and Magic have for the latest movie star wars-quasi placed number two figures completely virtual to the canvas. Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia are therefore risen Using CGI again. We found the both times not really succeeded and sometimes unnecessary. Especially with Leia hints would have been enough and Tarkin would have done one or the other shorter setting. Here and there it looked really not bad, but in the end it falls flat on completely and you get yourself out of Story. well. ABC News in any event the makers visited and gives us insights into the development of the scenes…

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How Rogue One Created Princess Leia, Grand Moff Tarkin
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