The Walking Dead: What is the start of 7. Season should know

Nearly half a year we had to wait, until Zombies again are within reach, but soon the time has come and the 7. Squadron „The Walking Dead“ started! At the premiere of Season 7 FOX offers a special service: Once the 1. Episode in the original language as early as 4.00 shown in the morning. Who spoilers so want to go out of the way, therefore arises very early in the clock. All other episodes are then regularly from Monday to 21.00 broadcast aM. Other important information, Speculation and news, we have summarized again here for you.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Finally the wait is almost over. In a few hours starts Season 7 „The Walking Dead“. Shortly after the US premiere also German fans will enjoy the new episodes. You've already forgotten, what happened in the last scenes? Then there is the refresh a Fast forward by John Cleese or one of us, the last episodes of 6. Squadron: After Rick and his people have obliterated a camp of Saviors, they think, that the new enemy defeated and is defeated. Life in Alexandria on as normal. Suddenly there are complications in pregnant Maggie (Lauren Cohan). You want it as soon as possible bring Hilltop, where there is a trained physician, can help her. But on the way there suddenly members of Saviors block the roads - more, than previously ever seen.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Ultimately grope Rick and his men into a trap of Saviors. Finally, shows for the first time leaders Negan (with his baseball bat Lucille. He tells them, that he will teach them a lesson, by he will kill one of them. Overall kneel eleven main characters at this time before Negan: Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl and Eugene. The finale ends with, that Negan striking out with his baseball bat and kill one of the characters. Wen? That was the great mystery of the last months. More advance would like to test, when it comes to 1. Episode of 7. Season hits, makes our quiz.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Meanwhile both have Greg Nicotero, and actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirmed, that in the premiere of 7. Season "The Walking Dead" will be more than just a victim. In addition to the character, who was beaten to death in the finale of it, there is still another loss for people Ricks. Fans must therefore already now adjust psychologically it, that the comeback of Zombie-Series with the loss of several main characters starts. A gloomy season premiere, which is to leave the group of our survivors completely broken. Among the eleven main characters, the need to fear for their lives, are four Women. Nevertheless, many fans and many years are „Walking Dead“-experts agree, the survival of the female characters, we must not fear. Negan is cruel, would kill in this situation, but not a woman, since the Comic-readers agree.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

AMC published nearly three minutes of 1. Episode, the especially a conversation between Rick and Negan show - shortly after the cruel murder. Rick schwört Deny, that he would kill him sooner or later. Then Negan grabs an ax and pulls Rick in the caravan. If he loses his hand now? This rumor spread like wildfire on the Web. Even in the comics loses Rick a Hand, However, by the Governor and not by Negan. Then draws the eye of the camera over a bloody mess on the ground. Nearby Daryl is ceiling. Finally, you recognize, it is not only the blood - there are the remains of a head. The other survivors are obviously so in shock, that you can hardly hear them in the background. The whimpers and screams are almost completely silenced. Negan won and thus initiates a gloomy 7. Season one of the zombie series.

Video Thumbnail
The Walking Dead - New Season 7 sneak peek!

Abraham to be killed according to various rumors as the first character. His death we have already seen in cliffhanger short. Shortly thereafter, it shall die, another character. Daryl disobeyed Negan and is killed in a cruel manner: Negan kills another character - due Daryls disobedience. In this character, it should be calculated act to Glenn, is beaten before the eyes of Maggie to death. In the comics „The Walking Dead“ there are in this situation, only one dead: Glenn. Therefore, many fans were after the cliffhanger safe, that he was killed by Negan. Apparently to this assumption - though minimal delay - true. If the leak rumors, Abraham dies first. Glenns death should be inspired by the comic book. In addition to a recent call for Maggie, to the scene to be similarly represented graphically and brutally. Squeamish viewers should better keep his eyes here.

"The Walking Dead" Squadron 7: Two new teaser with unseen scenes and new images

If Rick does not lose his hand, which means the little speech about the „right hand“ really? To this we must take a step back, to look at the group and decide, Who is Rick's right hand among the survivors. Most fans would probably respond Daryl Dixon or Glenn at this point. If this is true, results also Negans talk sense: Daryl is - the wissen We of the shooting - deported to the Sanctuary, so would Rick lose an important man at his side. And if the rumors are true, that Glenn, as in the comics, is killed by Negan, are two long-time friends and advisers as „right hand“ missing. Moreover, there are indications, that we in Season 7 another group will get to know of opponents: Die Whisperer. Speculation about the introduction of this hostile group are not new. Even with the release of the trailer was rumored, that were seen Whisperer. On top of the casting call for another leader, which should be seen in the new episodes. And now even the Instagram image (see below).

You’ve been warned – #TWD premieres October 23.

One of The Walking Dead (@amcthewalkingdead) gepostetes Foto am

But what does this picture have to do with the Whisperern? In the comics kidnap a number of Alexandria residents and kill them not only, they behead their victims and even impale the severed heads on. At this point we want to mention any names, but the Whisperer are responsible for the death of several „Walking Dead“-main characters. Negan is not therefore the only threat, lurking outside the walls of Alexandria on the survivors. At „The Whisperers“ is it a group of ice-cold killers, which are equated with the „Wolves“, we in Season 6 to have met. They are a kind of cult, wearing the skin of the biter as masks and thus move among them and live among them. It took its name obtained by, that they would like to chat whispers - they talk too loud each other, they could thus attract the attention of the zombies on yourself. They are led by a woman named Alpha.

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The Walking Dead - Season 7 - Comic-Con Trailer

AMC has also published a summary of the new Season. This gives us a foretaste, what the survivors of the zombie apocalypse expected future. The English original can be found on inter alia „„. Here freely translated:

Until that time, our characters have survived conflicts ... disease, Hunger, hundreds of undead, tragedies, Betrayal and unimaginable loss. This helped them respekteinflössend. Powerful. Unstoppable. To start the 7. Season taken them this power. Spotted security and stability. They have created a home. they thought, the world would be their. they thought, They know the world. They were wrong. The first half of 7. Season shows our group broke, shattered, mourning and as they pick up the pieces, while forced to live in oppression.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Negan brought the survivors with success under his control and with brutal means and a deadly and cruel example, what's happening, if they oppose, convinced, after his Rules to live. Other characters do not know, what's happened, because they were separated by an incident or of his own accord from the group - they will learn, that they can not escape this new turn of her world. This season is about half of these characters, the need to start from scratch. The overarching theme of the season is "start over". The world is not so, as they thought. It is larger and more dangerous.

In particular, the second paragraph seems to Carol, Morgan, Heath and Tara to play, have been separated from the original group. But even they can not escape the violence and the influence of Saviors and Negan. It is a dismal season for the characters, since we 2010 accompany in their struggle for survival.

John Cleese summarizes us the previous seasons of „The Walking Dead“ together

This summary takes only four minutes and is more entertaining and better, as the first three or four seasons of the series, I have seen all. It was sometimes really bad bad, then suddenly it was good, it got better and now I am again in a phase, in me does not really matter, whom Negan now his Lucille skin around the turnip. Because of me all must die, but I hope a bit, that they as adhere to the Comics. Anyway, John Cleese told here, what happened in the previous seasons, that you quite wonderful to Sunday or Monday preparing for, if it continues at last…

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John Cleese talks The Walk(ing Dead) with NOW TV - with subtitles

Logan: Wolverines last fight – Red Band Trailer

Logan: Wolverines last fight - Red Band Trailer

Here let the copyright no faithful adaptation of Old Man Logan. no matter, thinks 20th Century Fox and adapting Mark Millar iconic story about a gealterteten and weakened Wolverine, stumbling through the post-apocalypse and fights against overwhelming odds to villains from the Marvel universe, adapted still loose for Hugh Jackman's last film as Weapon X. And although X-Men as Comic always brought a certain degree of brutality, renounced 20th Century Fox on an implementation for an adult audience and focused on teens and the young at heart. So fans hoped in the past 15 Years in vain for a filming of her Wolverines. But exactly which they are in the spring 2017 get now but. For a rethink in the home Fox made the comic book adaptation Deadpool, also located in the X-Men universe, despite an R rating to the world about it 700 Million dollars brought. No X-Men movie, regardless whether it is actors like Jennifer Lawrence and Patrick Stewart and characters like Mystique or magnetometers, ever achieved such a remarkable result. The film showed with this success, that a higher age rating and the loss of youthful viewers need not necessarily be associated with less revenue. That's why Fox pressed for Logan, the last film of the Wolverine series, one eye and let director James Mangold free hand. As proof, that really relies on the support of fake blood this time, was a Red Band Trailer published. Curtain up for Hugh Jackman and his last, bloody appearance as Wolverine Mutant.

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LOGAN Red Band Trailer (2017)

Freddy Krueger's glove homemade

Here's a new clip from the Prop Shop, in which they show us this time, how the glove of Freddy Krueger tinkering…

Video Thumbnail
Freddy Krueger Hands - DIY PROP SHOP

First insights to „Vikings“ Squadron 5

The cast of the History series „Vikings“ holding the fans to the shooting for 5. Season to date. While fans in the second half of Season 4 wait, offers a preliminary assessment to 5. Season on Instagram. A few of the best shots we have put together for you.

My son don't mess around #vikings

One of Alexander Ludwig (@alexanderludwig) gepostetes Foto am

Squadron 4 is far from over. In November we expect the second half, includes the once ten episodes. Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) has by his affair - from a child has sprung yet - his with the Queen Kwenthrith and his sudden disappearance of the trust and sympathy Men lost. Seine Frau Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) seems more and more renounce her husband and to strive for the sole authority. And then there were as yet always Ragnar Bruder Rollo (Clive Standen), who was in France a traitor. The 4. Squadron „Vikings“ ended a little too suddenly for many viewers – and this also directly after an exciting time jump, showing the sons of Ragnar than adult men.

Forget yesterday. Today was crazy. @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) gepostetes Foto am

While shooting for 5. Season of the TV series were created following pictures around everyday on set. And not only that, Alexander Ludwig commented a snapshot with Jasper Paakkonen as Halfdan the Black, Alexander Ludwig as Björn Ragnarsson and a small, blond Vikings-Boy, the already holds a sword in his hand, with the words „My son albert not around. #Vikings“. After 10. Episode of Season 4, knew nothing of the audience further offspring. In the new episodes was only revealed, that Siggy, the daughter of Þórunn and Björn, has died. Now Björn father of a male offspring seems to be, whose mother only his mistress Torvi (Georgia Hirst) can be. In the 10. Episode of Season 4 there was a time warp, have elapsed in which about ten years. This can meant, that Björn is now father of several children, we've got just yet to face. As with the 5. Season continues, not yet known. A few of the most recent snapshots around the „Vikings“-Shooting for 5. Season we have gathered here for you.

You know it has been a messy day if you look like this even though make-up already tried to clean you up. ? @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) gepostetes Foto am

When you realise your mom is gonna hate this snap. #sorrynotsorry @historyvikings #season5 #makeupdepartmentoftheyear

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) posted etes Video at the

#brotherlylove with @marcoilsoe

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) video posted on

#brotherlylove @historyvikings #juststupid

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) video posted on

Viking brothers (or maybe sisters). Anyway, I love these fuckers.

One of Marco Ilsø, 21, Copenhagen ⚽?? (@marcoilsoe) gepostetes Foto am

Squad goals ? @historyvikings. Ps who spies new Torvi braids ;) ?

A Georgia Hirst (@geehirst) gepostetes Foto am

Just Happy @jordan_patrick_smith

One of Marco Ilsø, 21, Copenhagen ⚽?? (@marcoilsoe) gepostetes Foto am

Which ways West

One of Jordan Patrick Smith (@jordan_patrick_smith) gepostetes Foto am

Happy days on @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) gepostetes Foto am

Stunt rehearsal @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) video posted on

Aqua Racer: Waterslide with special effects and Sea View

The following Video was recorded on a Norwegian cruise ship. Their slide provides not only a visual colorful Flash, but also a stunning view of the sea. When did you say this „Summer“? I need something!

Video Thumbnail
Norwegian Escape: Aqua Racer

wants And all who with what fetzigerem Sound in places reinziehen, here you go:

Video Thumbnail

Mutti crochets E.T. Costume

Stephanie Pokorny of Crochetverse has this year really upped their game and „free snout“ crochet and without presenting this E.T. costume for her son. In only 4 Days she has so leave the top extraterrestrials the world fully formed from wool. The idea is of course not so far: Stephanie is a child of the 80s and loved E.T. - And in the film plays the theme Halloween indeed a role…

Mutti crochets E.T. Costume
(via Bored Panda)

Lego Yellow Submarine

We all live in a Lego Submarine! From the 1. November 2016 there John, Paul, George and Ringo and their yellow submarine as Lego Ideas Set commercially. Cool! Lego & The Beatles! With minifigures of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrisson and Ringo Starr and the matching submarine. Granted, is not cheap at € 59,99 but still should be possible to open the submarine, so actually find all minifigures in place. Christmas comes this year probably premature for many Lego- and Beatles fans… :)

Take a surreal trip under the seas in the LEGO® version of the Yellow Submarine from the iconic 1968 animated musical fantasy film inspired by The Beatles. Ideal for display or role-play fun, the Yellow Submarine features loads of cool, authentic details including a cockpit for the included minifigures of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Lego Yellow Submarine
Lego Yellow Submarine
Lego Yellow Submarine

Album Review: Abstürzende pigeons – Goofy was said to live longer

Finally they fly again! At the 23. September with „Goofy was said to live longer“ the new album by Fun-punk band „Abstürzende pigeons“ appeared. Fun-Punk? In the strict and orthodox punks the term was then more than frowned upon. Even Michael „Olga“ Algar, Singer of Toy Dolls, apply internationally as the inventor of the genre, rejects the concept until today. The crashes ends pigeons contrast, the Mirco „Micro“ Bogumil 1983 founded together with Konrad Kittner, wore the name with pride. A response received the pigeons at the very beginning of their careers to hear: „You guys are no punks!“ From the rigors and Orthodox. To Whom, the understanding of real freedom little…

Abstürzende pigeons - Goofy was said to live longer

It was the „Fun“ of crashes ends pigeons in my view, the real liberation, the air we breathe, the impish grin at clenched fist, the flower in the buttonhole to studded belt and red laced boots. They always played fast, grip and stage diving and fraternity on stage without grid and shut themselves in larger events they used earlier than most. The music industry opened and denied them simultaneously. As them in the nineties around albums like „Under the Sign of Blöden“ and „The last shuts the door“ obeyed even chart success and BRAVO stories, they wrote with „EMI“ a parody of their record company and made it almost, to smuggle the song unnoticed on the album. „The plate was practically in pressure“, says Micro, „only sometime someone has the tape actually belongs times until the end.“ The single of the album consists mostly of original Call on Conrad AB. In Hape Kerkeling's film „Kein Pardon“ they play Wiring Aids. The tours through the new federal states newly pushed-after reunification with the FRG were to „Self defense tours“ by occupied by aggressive fascists area. One Day travel them 150 Neo-Nazi hooligans after even by train.

Video Thumbnail
Abstürzende pigeons - Never again Pegida

About 25 Years later it looks in some parts of eastern Germany again as it did. Since it is only logical, that the pigeons as the first single of the new album a catchy tune called „Never again Pegida“ unpacking. 1997 was – except for two small Reunionkonzerte 2002 – dissolved the band. 2006 Micro had his best friend and fellow Konrad with only 44 bury years after cardiac arrest. stands on Conrad's grave stone „Peace and circuses“, an evocative blend of the Roman „Bread and Circuses“ and the 1993's album title of band, „War and Games“. An attitude, the Micros new and current colleagues Olli has absorbed his life as a fan of the band, until he 2013 finally himself was a member. „It has long used Calls, until we shared a Music could make, which really sounds again like doves“, says Micro, „But it worked.“ Now everything will be done so as before: recorded in their own studio, produces itself, toured the dangerous Eastern. „Most have advised us: Power merely no new album, playing the old stuff. That's enough.“ to heard „Goofy was said to live longer“ one can exclaim with a big grin on his face: Thank you, Micro and Olli! Thank you, that you did not hear it,! Because DAS, dear critic, Operators and journalists, her this text here just read, THIS is the air we breathe, the punk needs and makes you feel, to be alive! Neither interminable manifestos nor profane Suffschlager, but the essence of a lot of enthusiasm and the few clear boundaries, the one shall work for a dignified life obstructive. against fascists. counter surveillance. against Frühvergreisung. For freedom, for pleasure, for life, in the time it simply shits! The Strict and Orthodox? Sitting today a home, in parties or built. Because they have never understood, that the best breaks his chains by simple measures.

Abstürzende pigeons - Goofy was said to live longer

I liked the Punk Pathetique the two already always, because it was the Antipol to deadly serious riot Punk the Strict and Orthodox. The pigeons were simply refreshing and you could easily make only party. Now they're back – and the classic pigeon vibes are good to hear again. 16 Songs, slightly more than half an hour, perfect! More must also not be. Well produced and a cover in the style of old records. Perfect! One can easily recognize, Who here is on works - just in opener „Horror Part 3“. Here one feels immediately in the 80s or early 90s set back. Sure are a few things rather flat-funny and silly - but they are just. And clearly there is still also serious issues. The pigeons have always clearly positioned against the right and they need due to the AFD and consorts now unfortunately again. And the rest of the songs is without of course have quite entertaining draft, but that was anyway always the core competence of the two. Funny to silly, but always emulate fast and fresh go without hurt. On the concerts, since the deaf 2013 play again, experienced Micro, how much has their kind of punk actually causes. „Because people come from the former East Zone, who say: You have saved our lives.“ Or cabinets, „three years jail under his belt, tattooed, Rings in face“, take Micro in the arm and say: „You were as Boy for me is the great.“ Great for all the young people of today, which can make this experience now again from scratch with the pigeons. Konrad would be proud of this, O kings of Punk Pathetique!


  • The horror part 3
  • sleep off
  • peaks Punk
  • Lindener Girls
  • freedom dies
  • Never again Pegida
  • No Future was yesterday
  • No appointments
  • The roadie job is not as easy as one might think
  • Tim Buktu
  • Break
  • The flowers are for you Mr. Police Officer
  • You know what you want me times can
  • In the garden are murderers
  • The pigeons come
  • Past
Album Review: Abstürzende pigeons - Goofy was said to live longer
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Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless about horror movies

Friends, I could Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless, the stars from Ash vs. Evil Dead, watch the whole day here, as they talk about horror movies and what good Gore makes. Given a few classic blood were- and intestines selected Horror Scenes, which the two now Rate. Are u.a with it. „A Nightmare on Elm Street“, „Halloween“ or „Jason X“. Simply delicious delightful to watch the two experts in their analysis… :)

Video Thumbnail
Ash vs Evil Dead Stars Bruce Campbell & Lucy Lawless React to Horror Films | WIRED

(via Rob DiLauro)

Captain Future Remastered in HD

Captain Future Remastered in HD

End of the year appears Captain Future remastered in HD on Blu-Ray, as among other limited Komplettbox, in addition to the German version of the 52 contains Japanese episodes in section of the original. Captain Future was then almost completely recut by ZDF and on 40 shortened episodes, and provided with a new soundtrack. At the same time Captain Future in Japan will also appear first on Home Video. The series has resided there not really ignited, like here, The picture above shows the Japanese Box. Unfortunately, the boxes are not low, 200 Euro for the limited Komplettbox, 100 for BluRay-Box, contains only the German version. There is probably no longer enter the series in a better quality, is my Christmas present 2016 hereby established… :)

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Burning Moments

Ari Fararooy hat mittels eines zweiteiligen Kurzfilms unterschiedliche Momente vom vergangenen Burning Man Festival festgehalten. part surreal, some nice. And mainly both and simply sugar for the eyes.

This year I attended my first Burning Man festival and had an insane time. The whole week felt like a really trippy, lucid dream. I was so busy exploring and meeting people that I barely took my camera out (hence the minute long video). This video is a collection of various moments I experienced that week.

Video Thumbnail
Burning Moments
Video Thumbnail
Burning Moments Part II

GEEK aka Backwoods (1986) – Full Movie

„Backwoods“ or just „GEEK“ is a small, cheaper and rather unknown representative of Horror-Genres, the nevertheless quite be described as atmospheric and initially appear despite, in reality, however, is not ineffective precisely because of its more moderate pace. The majority of the playing time used the film thereon, to establish his Backwood setting, not least works well thanks to the very credible acting Dick Kreusser. Probably still requires a pronounced taste for this genre, to Backwoods so to like. Opposite the miserable reviews in the various film databases on the net I find Backwoods precisely because of its unglamorous nature beautiful, especially as the compatible perfectly with the Hinterland Sujet, the off-time fallenness, which the Backwood genre yes always addressed, as aptly reflects how the banality, with the sometimes breaks the misfortune to life. Backwoods is certainly no magic moment of its genre, but one of these small contributions, about their (Again-)Discovery I am happy and contribute furthermore to, to construct the genre as such only.

GEEK aka Backwoods (1986) - Full Movie

Karen (Christine Noonan) and her friend, the doctor Jamie (Brad Armacost), take a bike ride to the hinterland of Kentucky, to spend a romantic camping weekend. They meet the Hillbilly Eben (Dick Kreusser), its accident-damaged daughter Beth Jamie saves the life of a courageous tracheotomy. As the couple's invitation quirky backwoodsman follows, guess not both, that they will do soon unpleasant acquaintance with Ebens degenerate son William. The is held by his father imprisoned in a wooden crate, because he has the nasty habit, Small animals bite off the head…

Video Thumbnail
1986 GEEK Aka Backwoods

Ash vs. Evil Dead – Featurette for 2. Season and 3. confirmed Season

Ash is simply unstoppable. Since the Horror-Icon has returned from retirement, lined up „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ From strength to strength and there is no end in sight. With the recently initiated 2. Season is far fortunately final, because Starz has already the next season of the Evil Dead spin-offs of Sam Raimi announced, paving the way for even more bloody-crazy adventures in Evil Dead universe. The good viewing figures of Start Season could „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ hold early October almost. In the first episode of the second season Ash returned to his hometown of Elk Grove, to there to take a fragile alliance with Ruby. The following Featurette we learn, among other, as they have tinkered and made up these nasty kids in the first episode of the second season:

Video Thumbnail
Ash vs Evil Dead | How to Kill a Deadite | STARZ
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