Alien: Covenant – German Trailer

With „Alien: Covenant“, the new chapter of his seminal Alien franchise, celebrates Ridley Scott on 18. More 2017 the return to the Alien universe he created. And Scott has big plans with his alien Prequelreihe and even already the successor to his „Alien: Covenant“ down on paper. With luck, it could therefore already 2018 come to the case of the first flap. Prior to Katherine Waterston (Inherent Vice), Danny McBride (Eastbound and Down), Alex England, Billy Crudup, Amy Seimetz or Jussie Smollett (Empire) but still make involuntary acquaintance with those horrors, the home of the engineers For us holds. The crew of the colony ship „Covenant“ is on the way to a remote planet at the other end of the galaxy. There they discover something, which acts initially as an undiscovered paradise. In fact, it turns out to be dark and extremely dangerous world. When they discover a threat of almost unimaginable magnitude, they must start a harrowing escape…

Alien: Covenant - German Trailer (2017) Ridley Scott

Thermite launchers homemade

The latest project of our favorite inventor Colin Furze is a thermite launchers. Thermit is a mixture of iron oxide- and aluminum granules – and is well known not completely harmless. The fabric has to be lit, but if he does then burn times, do not want to be anywhere near. So Colin has summarily tinkered a thermite launchers and shows us the following clip, how did he do that…

Making a THERMITE LAUNCHER Part 1-Thermite shells

Friday the 13th: The Game: TRAILER, Start Date and Special by Tom Savini

Meanwhile, the row is available to „Friday, the thirteenth“ 37 Years and in these movies you were not spared from stupid protagonists, whose actions can not difficult to understand until. Plan Loser struggle for survival often leads to the inevitable, For us However expectable and cruel death. But you would in a dicey situation, about the meeting with a Machete wielding psychopath, actually different and react sensibly especially? Owner of a Xbox One, PC or a PS4 can from 26. More 2017 find it yourself, then celebrating namely „Friday the 13th: The Game“ its premiere. The realized via crowdfunding Game could now but after intensive work finally be completed.

Friday the 13th: The Game Release Date Announcement Trailer

around honing the design of occurring in serial killer has none other than Tom Savini (From Dusk Till Dawn). It was he that is also, Jason already in the original film of the year 1980 and the continuation „The Final Chapter“ helped his look. In the video game and the attached Preview-Video shows us the artist, Jason Voorhees looks after his stay in hell. Play this version of machete wielding psychopaths can, however, only by preorder or players, who have supported the project then the crowdfunding. All others will be at a „ordinary“ must be content form of the hockey mask carrier.

Tom Savini designed Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th: The Game" REVEALED!

Tye Trujillo: Look at the 12-year-old son from Metallica bassist live on bass with grain

Friends, many may have kept the message for a belated April Fool, but recently announced Korn, that they take Tye Trujillo on tour. Tye replaces Reginald „Fieldy“ Arvizu, because it can not be present at the gigs in South America. What is special is, that only Tye 12 Years old and the son of Robert Trujillo, the well known bass for METALLICA plucks. The following clips were in Bogota, Colombia received and show Tye backstage with his father in the preparations and then on stage.

Korn - Drums & Bass solo Ray Luzier ft Tye Trujillo Live Bogota 2017 04 17
Opening: right now + Here To Stay - Korn @ Bogotá 2017
Somebody Someone, choir sings public - Korn @ Bogotá 2017

Life-size Xenomorph Skull Replica

A life-size replica of a Alien Skulls of Neca, as if the Giger made selbest. This part is almost a meter long, hand painted and appear on March 2017, costs 230 Dollars and can, among other things be pre here… – would not there again 100 beat Oken to book for shipping, hätt‘ I slammed equal…

Add the ultimate trophy to your collection with this massive Xenomorph Skull replica!

Based on the deadly creatures from the classic Aliens movie, this incredible piece measures 36” long and comes with a display stand for tabletop use or wall mounting. The Xenomorph Skull Foam Replica is made of durable foam rubber and latex that’s carefully hand-painted for extra eerie detail. Stand requires minor assembly; instructions included.

Gremlins: Lifelike characters from Trick or Treat Studios

Friends, Who would not like a little Mogwai at home? As is well known, it remains but not for long when innocent furball, once these past midnight with Eating or water coming into contact. but the subsequent transformation can be absolutely see. Suitable for Halloween bring the Americans from the Trick or Treat Studios two lifelike Gremlins from the eponymous classic by Joe Dante on the market, either or without tufts of hair on the head. The small Monster measures an impressive 71 Centimeters and strikes with 200 $ to Beech. can be pre-ordered, although already, the detailed dolls are sent but only towards August or September. to hunt ideal for guests to Celtic Halloween festival a shiver down the spine – or to bring them into raptures before rapture and nostalgia.

TV-Tipp des Tages: Ash vs. Evil Dead today 20:15 PM on RTL Crime

Friends, who would have thought a few years ago, Sam Raimi „The Evil Dead“ (Evil Dead) goes into production, let alone ever with FSK 16 would be to buy. But times change and so it happened 2015 the series debut of Ash (Bruce Campbell) and his considerable entourage grown and RTL Crime has the rights to „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ secured and showing the first season starting today, the 19. April 2017 always Wednesdays at on the best time slot 20:15 Clock. Groovy!

Ash is warehouseman, aging womanizer and demon hunter - with a chainsaw instead of a hand. The last 30 he has shied away years, to take responsibility, to grow up and to fight evil. As a demonic plague wipe out humanity threatens, Ash, however, forced, to face his demons - in literally. But fate does not seem to antihero trying to escape from the evil clutches.

Ash vs Evil Dead - Official Trailer (hd) 2015, Bruce Campbell

Daddy has built a roller coaster in the backyard

If a child claims, to have a roller coaster in the backyard, Knowledge his classmates usually, that this is a fib. but in the case of young Wyatt Brazelton it's the truth, because his father SCOTT actually a roller coaster built, driven by elbow grease and gravity… :)

Back Yard Roller Coaster - Wyatt's First Ride

Venom: Spider-Man spin-off focuses on horror and R rating

Venom has his first date, last and thus only appearance in the third branch of directed by Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. That was almost exactly ten years. 2018 the villain finally gets his own movie, has nothing to do with past or future Marvelverfilmungen, should thus plays in its own universe and make a kind of anti-hero from Venom. Sony Pictures already announced, the spin-off in October 2018 The desire to bring to theaters. Too much time is allowed in the production therefore no longer be, if the appointment is to be held. A shift also is at the moment, but nothing in the way, as the studio behind the project told, that you want to start in the fall with the shooting. The casting for the sequel of Topher Grace should run at full speed so now. In addition, they seem to target an R rating, in fact,. According to the film's producers to Venom in action, horror- set and sci / fi elements…

star wars: The last Jedi – Trailer and Poster

The long anxiety was worth it! Within the star wars Celebration and the roaring cheers of countless fans now the first moving pictures were celebrating the next chapter in the Star Wars saga Premiere. Director Rian Johnson (Breaking Bad), Kathleen Kennedy, Producer and president of Lucasfilm, and the Star Wars actor Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Kelly Marie Tran and Mark Hamill wanted the spectacle also not to be missed and were there live on site. With the surprisingly late Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, there is also a reunion like Rey, Luke Skywalker or Finn. confirmed for additional roles are Adam Driver, Lupita Nyong'o, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Gwendoline Christie und Andy Serkis. They are supported by Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro, Laura Dern and newcomer Kelly Marie Tran. And now friends: Curtain up!

star wars: The last Jedi - Teaser Trailer (German | German)

Lara Croft GO

The world-famous video game icon aristocratic descent explored a long-forgotten world, which of the Croft Mansion from the original trilogy is similar. On thrilling gameplay little contrast, has fortunately changed: You move around Lara Croft, on an interactive map, is filled with traps, Puzzles and enemies. The mostly ancient ruins waiting, that elicits the last secrets, so you then can a treasure to tear under the nails.

Lara Croft GO: Mirror Of Spirits - PlayStation and Steam Launch Trailer | PSX 2016
Lara Croft GO
Lara Croft GO
Developer: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
Price: 0,99 €+

The Lord Inquisitor – Prologue

Erasmus Brosda is art director at Crytek and has in his spare time over six years a „Warhammer 40k“-developed Short, simply that not only looks great, but get you going, also an exciting story. The film is great animated and perhaps one should nevertheless times a little deal with the books. In fact, this is but really just the prologue, namely to next year, How the side of the film Treason, an entire short film appear, which then tells the story to an end…

The Lord Inquisitor - Prologue [UHD]
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