Heidi Klums Halloween-Outfit

Once a year courage German top model proves to ugliness: For their legendary Halloween-Parties can be Heidi Klum always tailored especially outrageous costumes. This year, the model has outdone themselves and did not let the Covers, but the skin fall. The 38-year-old model let himself rolling a corpse without skin on a stretcher on the red carpet. How she took the inspiration for her outfit? „From death - simply skinless.“ Reminds me of the outfit Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds

body worlds: A matter of the heart – Basel

Last May we were reporting already in the vault, now again: at the 26. August starts the fascinating exhibition „Body Worlds - the Heart“ in the hall 5 Messe Basel. Here visitors can more than 200 marvel real human specimens. When thematically specialized exhibition back Plastinator Gunther von Hagens and curator Dr. Angelina Whalley's heart in the center and explain for physicians and laymen easily understood single organ functions and common diseases. the „body worlds“ point out, as already small changes in our daily lives a great impact on the overall condition of our body. Ticket gibts to up 2. January 2012 At Ticket Corner

Body Worlds from 26. August in Basel

from 26. August celebrating the new Anatomy Body Worlds Exhibition plastinator of Gunther von Hagens and curator Dr.. Angelina Whalley grosse Switzerland Premiere. Under the main theme „A matter of the heart“ provide a plurality of more than 200 Preparations unforgettable views of our inner life, individual organ functions and the most common diseases. the body worlds already have about 33 Million fascinated people worldwide - up 2. January 2012 visitors can in Halle 5 Messe Basel amazed to learn and. Tickets gibts now!

Statistically, there are still almost 2 Million Swiss high blood pressure. One in four people live in these often undetected disease with fatal consequences, such as hardening of the arteries, Heart attack or stroke in themselves. Diseases of the cardiovascular system in industrialized countries already the biggest killer.

This is where the thematically specialized exhibition BODY WORLDS - the Heart of. She tells people without warning finger, as already small changes in our daily lives a great impact on the overall condition of our body. More than 200 Preparations provide medical and lay an unforgettable view into their inner workings, individual organ functions and the most common diseases. But the emotional component of the heart and its symbolism in Religion, art and literature are illuminated.

The doctor Dr. Angelina Whalley emphasized the educational value: "In our hearts, this vital organ, we pay often only, if it falls ill or suffers under heavy load. I therefore hope, that the exhibition encourages visitors, heart conscious and healthier lives. "

body worlds: Dr. Death shows Leichensex

After watching the middle of last month Opening times and dates blogged the Body Worlds exhibition in Zurich, yet is this exhibit Von Hagens two groomed bodies making love in the crypt:


You can see the Leichensex and other new products at the exhibition „The scan cycle of life“ which starts in September in Zurich and takes place at the moment in Berlin. Von Hagens for his controversial new work: „In the body donor form to have two-thirds of manner and a third of the Women offered their, that their bodies may be used for the representation of the sexual act.“ The two bodies were only poshum „united“. „It teaches visitors more than any biology classes, revolutionized the Anatomy-Could. With pornography has nothing to do, it is not to arouse sexually“, said von Hagens further.

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Body Worlds from 11. September to the end of the year in Zurich

Already in Last December I reported, that Gunther von Hagens fascinating exhibition Body Worlds this year in Zurich bore is.

Now it is also clear, when this will be, namely from 11. September bis 31. December 2009 with the following opening times:

Monday - Thursday: 09:00 – 19:30 Clock (last admission 18:00 Clock)
Friday – Sunday: 09:00 – 21:30 Clock (last admission 20:00 Clock)

Tickets are the way here in Ticketcorner. Kosten für Erwachsene von Montag bis Donnerstag Fr. 32 Fri and from Friday to Sunday. 35 and children & Youth (7-18 Years) from Monday to Thursday Fri. 25 Fri and from Friday to Sunday. 28.

Körperwelten ab 11. September in Zürich

body worlds 2009 in Zurich

KörperweltenWell that but are ever good prospects for 2009! The exact date is not yet known, but probably sometime this summer comes Körperwelten again in the Switzerland. Before, I've already put a hook, Now I just have to remember * scratch head * because I really want to go there for sure go:

BODY WORLDS is on their world tour in summer 2009 to Zurich The newly designed exhibition allows the visitor a deeply moving encounter with the inside of his body; self-examination without mirror, as it had hitherto been reserved to only physicians.

BODY WORLDS is the only public exhibition, which is based on an established body donor program. All specimens on display in the exhibition are real. They come from people, who during his lifetime has about, that their bodies should be after her death for the training of doctors and laymen available. More than 9000 Donor, thereunder 51 Swiss, are in the body donor program of the Institute for Plastination in Heidelberg registered.

Detailed information about the exhibition, as well as information on advance ticket sales available from February 2009 under www.koerperwelten.com. Information on Location: www.puls5.ch.

A presentation of the exhibition, von Hagens you also get the following video clip of the Exhibition in London. More after the jump gibts!

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