Guns N‘ Roses Not In This Lifetime Tour 2017 in Zurich

Guns N' Roses Not In This Lifetime Tour 2017 in Zurich

GN'R formerly know as the most dangerous band in the world come in 2017 for a Concert in the Switzerland namely with the reunited original members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan. AC / DC have been incidentally not been confirmed as support. The resurrected Guns N‘ Roses storm after its massive success in North- and South America now Europe. the „Not In This Lifetime“-Tour of the legendary rock formation makes u.a in June / July. in Zurich (07.06.), Munchen (13.06.), HANNOVER (22.06.) and Vienna (10.07.) Station. The fans in Zurich can look forward, the Presale for the concert starts on Wednesday, the 7. December 2016 at 10 Watch for friends&members and the mere mortals can from Friday, the 9. December 2016 from 10.00 PM order the tickets.

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Guns N' Roses - The Machine Is Back in 2017 Worldwide #GnFnR

The Cure 2016 in Basel: A concert with goosebumps

For more than 20 Years the hero in the saddest hours and the ancestors of the gothic scene are back. Uber 40 Years did it take until the first Cure-Concert in Basel and the wait was worth it. „The Cure“ live are not just a concert, „The Cure“ live are an event and the British led by singer Robert Smith spoiled the audience with 27 Songs DarkWave on indie rock and pop. The sound of „The Cure“ was and still is a definition for you and the band was at their concert in Basel's St. Jakobshalle really all, were the musicians but nearly three hours on stage, to leave home to the fans completely happy again. Can be so beautiful sad!

The Cure 2016 in Basel: A concert with goosebumps

at 19 AM was admission to the St. Jakobshalle in Basel and my enthusiasm is at this location always enormous back, because she was sonically far just never really worth mentioning and I do not really like generally large arenas. I just like it prefer something more intimate and especially the listening experience is very important to me. It was also Zig-thousand music fans on Friday night clear, the St. Jakobshalle will be rebuilt, as they must take a detour for the Cure concert, past barricades and wooden crates. Inside they expect although new toilets, but the hall itself still strongly reminiscent of that decade, in which most of the first time with „The Cure“ came into contact. However, at 19.30 AM was the opening act „The Twilight Sad“ rang out on the stage and the first notes.

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The Cure Basel

The opening act went well with „The Cure“, the singer of „The Twilight Sad“ from Glasgow looked not only like Ian Curtis of Joy Division, but also moved so. A sympathetic band, has been pleased, as they themselves said, that so many people were so get there early. They gave a very soulful concert, sprayed something melancholy in the hall. Nevertheless, some concertgoers seemed not quite so enthusiastic, many still remained at a short distance from the stage and the audience in general was very quiet. musical, are sound and vocally „The Twilight Sad“ Top. The first song „Reflection of the Television“ comes live fantastic. I had never heard of the four Glaswegians something, yet they have been 2006 published four albums and six EPs. This Scottish dialect like it eh very good and the guys played all seven songs and could musically with soulful Music and good, convince dark sound.

Setlist „The Twilight Sad“:

  1. Reflection of the Television
  2. Last January
  3. I Could Give You All That You Don’t Want
  4. Seven Years of Letters
  5. It Never Was the Same
  6. There’s a Girl in the Corner
  7. And She Would Darken the Memory

The Cure 2016 in Basel: A concert with goosebumps

at 20:15 Pm it was finally over. The five musicians of „The Cure“ took the stage, Robert Smith worked as expected was a little intimidated and simply let loose without his fans in the hall to look great. The lines from the first song of the night, „Open“, you could sign smooth, if one were to focus only on the acoustic. Unfortunately, you immediately notice the louder indeed, but this unfortunately also more modest sound on. Fortunately, you could hear the individual instruments well, but the sound is saturated, a phenomenon, I experience again and again. At the expense of the purity of sound massively turned volume, because I liked the Scots advance better. Why is it, it wummert, is hard to say: Acoustics? Technology? Mischmensch? damage. The euphoria is in this first Schweizerhalle concert „The Cure“ Since 2008 attenuated only for the sake of sound quality. What the quintet was playing on stage, was overwhelming and led after a few minutes in the first highlights. who would have thought, that we the band „The Walk“, „In Between days“ or „Boys Don’t Cry“ presented so early? Robert Smith, we are likely to experience even as bulky Hitverweigerer in the past, played with his four companions soon by the first great classic and spread really good mood.

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The CURE @Basel

Everything played beautifully and Roberts voice still sounds great. The 57-year-old is in fine form vocally, varies cool in the pitch and differs sometimes from the original lines from. His significant voice holds actually two and a half hours without compromising by. That the British as known numbers brought so early, also shows, from which they can choose, rich fundus. Your desire to change them apart on this tour. So the quintet Evening shakes for evening the Tour setlist by, to surprise and the audience. Bassist Simon Gallup, 56, wearing an oversized year Elvis-Tolle and Iron Maiden T-Shirt and played preferably on the monitor speakers. As the only Gallup explores the stage width of, sprinted auf Speed, as a contrast to the stoic keyboardist. The rest of the band wears simple black and her age well. So the Cure fans from the 80s and 90s, but there were a surprising number of very Boy people because, also mostly dressed in black. To celebrate the day had plenty of many manner Mid Kajal- and red lipstick borrowed from her daughters and her hair set with hairspray and hair dryer. The enthusiasm in the audience is large. Unlike previous concerts one can see only a few Robert Smith Lookalikes. We're all getting older and not necessarily hairy.

The Cure 2016 in Basel: A concert with goosebumps

of „The Cure“ apply no current plate, missing gigs maybe a little of the narrative framework, to her concert tours once dominated. The mood of the respective works carried over once to the setlists, which were awarded by the majority winged or in Fear before the age spiraling Songs. The light show is a feast for the eyes, lush and perfectly matched to the music and on the LED panels behind the band, there was now and live camera-Bulletin with infinity effect. After 15 Songs and nearly 90 Minutes duration was the regular set for the first time to end – and yet one which had only reached half, there still should follow three massive addition blocks. Especially the first block could with the great „Burn“ from „the crow“ soundtrack and „A forest“ convince, which made again for powerful enthusiasm. The band has performed in any case a very good cross section of her work. Numerous options are Robert Smith‘ Melodies, only „Charlotte Sometimes“ and „Disintegration“ missing. The third addition to the block party! on „Friday I’m in Love“, „Hot Hot Hot!!!“ and „Close to Me“ followed the bouncing uptempo Howler „Why Can’t I Be You“ and was the culmination of the evening.

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The Cure Bale Basel St familiar kobhalle 04-11-2016 first encore want burn a forest

„The Cure“ live are not just a concert, „The Cure“ live are an event! And it was indeed a grand event of a famous band, which also 2016 can completely convince. Schade was only the opener, a good song certainly, only the acoustics, which was unfortunately poorly underground. Despite the somewhat sedate start could „The Cure“ probably excite most of their followers, although not all have persevered the entire three hours and for many was still to another hour in line at the door. there is to regret nothing - or maybe more than the fact, that „The Cure“ at their concerts in Italy even it packed five songs and three hours played. And yet there were all hits, but still was not anbiedernder greatest hits Evening. „The Cure“ thrilled the fans in the sold-out St. Jakobshalle in Basel. A stunning band, rousing songs and two and a half hours exuberant melancholy, celebrates enjoyable by a perfectly tempered Robert Smith and colleagues at his best. A successful concert evening, who started with great feelings and it was completed with a goose bumps. Could not be better.

The Cure 2016 in Basel: A concert with goosebumps

Setlist The Cure:

  1. Open
  2. A Night Like This
  3. The Walk
  4. Push
  5. In Between Days
  6. Boys Don’t Cry
  7. Pictures of you
  8. High
  9. Love Song
  10. Just like heaven
  11. Trust
  12. From the Edge of The Deep Green Sea
  13. alt.end
  14. One Hundred Years
  15. end
  16. Yet:

  17. Want
  18. Burn
  19. A forest
  20. Yet 2:

  21. Shake Dog Shake
  22. Fascination Street
  23. Never Enough
  24. Wrong Number
  25. Yet 3:

  26. Lullaby
  27. Friday I’m in Love
  28. Hot Hot Hot!!!
  29. Close to Me
  30. Why Can’t I Be You?

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METALLICA: „All Angle“-Video from the concert in Minneapolis

at the 20. August minds Metallica im U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota occurred and there are the following „All Angle“-Video. On display are in addition to the preparations in the hall and backstage meetings of the band and fans, also clips of Metallica's appearance, including the performance of „Sad But True“…

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METALLICA: Minneapolis 2016 Recap (Sad But True - Live)

study shows, what we have long known: Regular visits to concerts make you happy

For the Study Researchers at the Victoria Deakin University in Australia in total 1000 surveyed Australians. They found, that those people, attend any kind of shared musical experience, von einer höheren Zufriedenheit mit ihrem Leben berichten. The study also found, that the common aspect of the important part is. Regelmässig Music alleine hören macht nicht so glücklich, as shared with friends on a Concert to go. Finally we have the, what we have long known, von der Wissenschaft bestätigt bekommen. Auf welches Konzert geht ihr als nächstes?

Concert Review: Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse

TV-Tipp des Tages: Iron Maiden Wacken show from Arte and streaming LIVE

Since February Iron Maiden tours already with their „Book Of Souls World Tour“ through history. Overall, they played a 72 Concerts in 36 Ländern und auf sechs Kontinenten vor mehr als 1,5 million fans. Tonight, the Thursday 4. August ab 21:30 PM is the complete Head Linger show Wacken Open Air 2016 live auf Arte Concert übertragen. the Concert Wacken Open Air Tour will conclude their. The link to the Livestream is available here

TV-Tipp des Tages: Iron Maiden Wacken show from Arte and streaming LIVE

Hellfest 2016: 15 Meter high homage to Lemmy

Hellfest 2016: 15 Meter high homage to Lemmy

The 140’000 Festivalbesucher des Hellfest erwartet dieses Jahr eine ganz besondere Begrüssung in der „Warzone“: a 15 Meter hohes und über 70 Ton monument of Lemmy. Zu Ehren des im Dezember letzten Jahres verstorbenen Bandleaders von Motörhead wurde in Zusammenarbeit aus mehreren Künstlern, sculptors, realized molders and designers within one month of this project in an unconventional way…

Hellfest 2016: 15 Meter high homage to Lemmy
Hellfest 2016: 15 Meter high homage to Lemmy

Autistic boy on his first Coldplay concert

Luis Vazquez has a collaboration with his autistic son Luis Noel Coldplay Concert visited in Mexico City. Der Sechsjährige ist wirklich ein grosser Fan der Briten. The boy's emotional response, während die Band ihren Song „Fix You“ plays, ist enorm rührend und geht als Video currently the world. Even Coldplay write this on twitter: „This kind of thing makes it all worthwhile“…

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Coldplay Foro Sol 16 April 2016. #cdmx

Guns N‘ Roses Reunion: 14 Videos of the two concerts in Las Vegas, Guest appearance by Sebastian Bach

When first reunion show at the Troubadour hat Guns N‘ Roses-Frontmann Axl Rose scheinbar etwas übertrieben und sich einen Fussknochen gebrochen, which had to be fixed in an operation with a retaining plate and screws. „It happens, when you do something, what you for almost 23 Years have not done“, Commented frontman at twitter und liess sich trotzallem nicht unterkriegen und bestreitet die kommenden Konzerte trotz Gips und Krücken. Tatsächlich zog Axl die beiden GNR-Konzerte in Las Vegas klaglos durch und sass, ganz nach dem Beispiel von Dave Grohl während des Konzerts auf einer Art Thron, wie ihr nachfolgend sehen könnt.

At the second of two shows in the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas stand am Samstagabend, the 9. April dann auch der ehemalige SKid Row Sänger Sebastian Bach bei Guns NRoses auf der Bühne, um the GNR-Classic „My Michelle“ to give the best. Den Auftritt von Bach könnt ihr euch in folgenden Videos aus den verschiedensten Perspektiven anschauen:

Video Thumbnail
Guns N Roses - My Michelle w/ Sebastian Bach - Las Vegas, NV 4.9.16
Video Thumbnail
Guns N Roses, My Michelle, Sebastian Bach, T Mobile Arena, April 9 2016

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Guns N Roses - My Michelle ( Ft Sebastian Bach ) live Las Vegas 4 /9/2016

This time were from the original lineup of GNR „only“ Axl Rose, Guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan with this, unterstützt von Keyboarder Dizzy Reed, Guitarist Richard Fortus and drummer Frank Ferrer. Also appearing with them a second keyboardist or accurate, a keyboardist, Melissa Reese. Hier haben wir für euch noch ein paar Clips mehr vom Auftritt in Vegas zusammen gestellt, so you can make an impression of the band reunion also times. Zu sehen gibt es Songs wie It’s so Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Welcome to the Jungle, The Seeker, Nightrain, Paradies City, Don’t Cry, Attitude and November Rain. The boys are not its age, but it is nevertheless neatly from the concerts…

Video Thumbnail
Guns N Roses, It's So Easy, T Mobile Arena, April 9 2016
Video Thumbnail
Guns N Roses, Mr. Brownstone, T Mobile Arena, April 9 2016
Video Thumbnail
Guns N Roses, Welcome to the Jungle, T Mobile Arena, April 9 2016
Video Thumbnail
Guns N Roses, The Seeker, T Mobile Arena, April 9 2016
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Guns N Roses, Nightrain, T Mobile Arena, April 9 2016
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Guns N Roses, Paradise City, T Mobile Arena, April 9 2016

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Space Lord MotherFucker – Monster Magnet im Z7

last Monday put the spaceship Space Lords at Z7 in Pratteln on. Unterstützt durch den Wahnsinnssupport der Texaner Scorpion Child, who worked, als kämen sie direkt aus den 70er Jahren, there were psychedelic rock at its finest! Monster Magnet „Celebrating The A&M Years Live“ was on the agenda and the guys around Dave Wyndorf were simply great! There was power riffs, much sweat and at the end an ode to the word „motherfucker“.

Space Lord MotherFucker - Monster Magnet im Z7

Am Montagabend wüteten Monster Magnet in der gut besuchten Konzertfabrik Z7 mit all der Kraft ihrer Leidenschaft. Already in recent years proved Dave Wyndorf and his band always Back, that they have great fun with it, ihre bisherigen Veröffentlichungen noch einmal live zu zelebrieren. Under the motto Tour „Celebrating The A & M Years Live“ feiern Monster Magnet die vier womöglich wichtigsten Tonträger ihrer Geschichte. On the label A&m Records the band signed in the early nineties and brought out there their previously known and most influential albums – starting with „Superjudge“ Annual 1993. Zwei Jahre später erschien „Dopes to Infinity“ with the single „Negasonic Teenage Warhead“, the first time placed the band in the music television. Wiederum drei Jahre später folgte mit „Powertrip“ their most successful album to date. Annual 2000 appeared with „God Says No“ then their last album on A & M Records.

Space Lord MotherFucker - Monster Magnet im Z7

In preliminary program but showed only Scorpion Child, wie Psychedelic Rock früher ging. Very groovy, Vintage und voller Atmosphäre. As three years ago hatte Sänger Aryn Jonathan Black alles im Griff. Die fünf Herrn gingen auf der Bühne so richtig ab und legten sich ordentlich ins Zeug. Visually and stylistically reminiscent of the boys „Led Zeppelin“, mit ausufernde Psychedelic-Jam-Passagen mit wabernden Echogeräten und Rückkopplungseffekten. Titles like „Polygon of Eyes“ or „The Secret Spot“ had their effect and let the audience again and again in cheers erupt. „Scorpion Child“ are absolute thoroughbred musicians, playing the bombastic rock and that with a lot of heart, Joy and vigor. Die anfängliche Zurückhaltung im Publikum legte sich sehr schnell und die Bühnenpräsenz der Band war einfach grossartig.

Space Lord MotherFucker - Monster Magnet im Z7

After half an hour breather then came finally the rock heroes from New Jersey on the dance floor. 27 Jahre steht der umtriebige Sänger Dave Wyndorf mit seiner Kombo schon auf dem Parkett und Dave wirkte fitter den je, even the Speck of prior few years was almost completely gone and you could see nothing of his old age. „Crop Circle“ ballert mit dicken Bassdruckwellen durch die Boxen und Dave brüllt wie ein Bär. The second song described the march towards the evening: „Powertrip“, otherwise this was. „Es ist schön, zurück in Pratteln zu sein“, rejoiced Dave and jumps right back and haute with all his strength in the strings of his guitar. Spätestens jetzt, with the thick groove monster „Melt“ it is done by almost all in the audience. Songs wie „Superjudge“ and „Look to Your Orb for the Warning“ steckten das Z7 in Brand und die punk-orientierte Stücke wie „Dinosaur Vacuum“ and „Tractors“ burned finally everything down.

Video Thumbnail
MONSTER MAGNET – Space Lord, Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, 21.03.2016

The band was already 1989 gegründet, but is still enthusiastic and fully committed to this. It is precisely this enthusiasm comes 1:1 rüber und man merkt, that they had Bock, bringing the store to the quake. The audience is from the first second full case, welches übrigens auch einige ältere Semester enthält. Dasselbe gilt für die Band, which, although a bit in the years, aber mehr abgeht als viele jüngere Kollegen. Stimmlich ist Dave Wyndorf wirklich top und mit einem Ventilator vor ihm auf der Bühne wehen seine Haare im Wind. Man hört die Leute mitsingen, einige lassen sich auch zum Tanzen verführen, wenn auch eher etwas zurückhaltend. What is certain, dass Monster Magnet eine der wenigen noch übrig gebliebenen „real“ is rock bands of the old school, the reason is probably the fans have remained loyal from then until now. Von Classic Rock über Acid Rock bis hin zu progressiveren Nummern war an diesem Abend alles dabei. to Stop Worrying „Space Lord“ shows Wyndorf all gestures, who taught him the rock history. It follows peace, Pfiffe und überzeugende Rufe nach mehr. This opinion was also Monster Magnet and so they contacted „I Want More“ wieder auf die Bühne, Followed by brutal „Face Down“ goes into the final with „Negasonic Teenage Warhead“, a hearty greeting and a brilliant bottom. Auch für Nicht-Kenner der einzelnen Songs war es eine unterhaltsame Show.

Space Lord MotherFucker - Monster Magnet im Z7

Monster Magnet und ihre Kollegen von Scorpion Child brachten dem Publikum einen unterhaltsamen Konzertabend voll Rock’n’Roll. Wynford need to 27 Jahren und zehn Studioalben als Songschreiber und cooler Performer längst niemandem mehr etwas beweisen. Monster Magnet steht wie keine andere Band für Kick Ass-Hardrock mit Stoner-Flair und diesem gewissen Garagenfeeling der 60er und 70er Jahre. A class Concert, great atmosphere and a Horde avid fans, the guarantees could experience a great start to the week with this Monday evening concert. Wer an diesem Montag als Zuhörer nicht im Z7 in Pratteln war, has definitely missed something!


  1. Crop Circle
  2. Powertrip
  3. Melt
  4. Superjudge
  5. Twin Earth
  6. Look to Your Orb for the Warning
  7. Dinosaur Vacuum / brainstorm
  8. Cage Around the Sun
  9. Tractor
  10. Dopes to Infinity
  11. Space Lord
  12. Yet:

  13. I Want More
  14. Face Down
  15. Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Space Lord MotherFucker - Monster Magnet im Z7
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Card t: Waterproof Open-Air Festival dwelling from cardboard

Card t: Waterproof Open-Air Festival dwelling from cardboard

Who like to visit regularly multi-day open-air festivals, knows that: They bent over especially for this time a tent and then forced to watch, how to transport the part. Therefore it is not surprising, that one of 4 Festival visitors leaving the tent in the grounds. On average waste came up with the makers of Card t and therefore developed a more environmentally friendly solution. Your tent is made entirely of cardboard and is therefore fully recyclable after use. Who is skeptical the purpose of the material now: The roof over your head is waterproof and is even three (!) through days of rain. One can also personalize his tent yet and photos, be provided texts or your own logo. Another plus is, you can undisturbed sleep it off, without you wake tickled by the morning sun. In the box-tent, it is namely always dark. About the transport must also worry. Man ordered to the desired open-air festival ticket simply be Card t to and is exactly where it is then also brought. At the moment the concept is still in its infancy and therefore for the time being or only for festivals in the Netherlands. bookable Belgium. But if certainly also conceivable here and certainly ne sensible thing!

Card t, a temporary festival tent made entirely out of cardboard. The cardboard allows for easy recycling of the tent; after the festival the tent can go directly to the paper recycling industry so that they can re-use your tent to make toilet paper, schoolbooks, shoe boxes or other romantic things!

Card t: Waterproof Open-Air Festival dwelling from cardboard
Card t: Waterproof Open-Air Festival dwelling from cardboard
Card t: Waterproof Open-Air Festival dwelling from cardboard

The Night Before: Metallica concert in Stream

at the 6. February, the Night before the Super Bowl, have METALLICA headlining „The Night Before“-played event. The overall performance of the AT&T Park in San Francisco was streamed live. The recording of the two and a half hour concert there now to see here…

Video Thumbnail
Metallica׃ The Night Before Live from AT&T Park, San Francisco, as, February 6, 2016.

Mötley Crüe Tommy Lee „The Crüecifly“ Disturbances on Final Concert

Mötley Crüe Drummer Tommy Lee’s Schlagzeug hatte während des letzten-Konzerts-ever am 31. December, which at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California held, a malfunction. Seht hier was dabei abging und den tränenreichen Abschied der Band.

Tommy Lee’s Trommel Stunt, „The Crüecifly„, a machinery, welche ihn auf einer Plattform mit seinem Schlagzeug auf eine Achterbahn ähnliche Strecke an der Decke der Halle über den Köpfen des Publikums schickt. Standing on his head sitting. With bass music and gimmicks. Eigentlich eine riesen Show an jedem Mötley Concert. Doch während dem allerletzten Konzert der Band, blieb der Achterbahn-Drum-Wagen plötzlich einfach kopfüber stehen und bewegte sich weder vor- noch rückwärts. The Road Crew Members were still trying to repair the part, but Tommy had to climb down from the platform and commented:

It looks like the roller coaster is broken. Well, fuck the roller coaster! Come on, guys, Help. Come get me. I can’t believe this is happening on the last night. I knew something wasn’t right when I took off.

Das Drum-Kit wurde schliesslich ohne Tonny von Hand wieder auf die Bühne gerollt, so the drummer could play his set to end.

Video Thumbnail
Tommy Lee's Cruecifly Fail on Final Show 12/31/15 - Stops Working During Drum Solo Motley Crue
Video Thumbnail
Tommy Lee Stuck Upside Down on Drumkit - Part 3

Ein Review zum letzten Konzert von Mötley Crüe in Basel in der Switzerland you can find here. The last concert ever moving fans and band very, as evidenced by the following video. When this came to an end, sat bassist Nikki Sixx the point:

Maybe a year from now, somebody’s gonna look at you and say, ‚Remember that band Mötley Crüe? They were pretty cool.‘ And you know what you’re gonna say? ‚Well, Fuck you, Because I was at their last concert ever!‘

Video Thumbnail
Motley Crue Vince Neil's Tearful Goodbye plus "Same Old Situation" 12-31-2015
Video Thumbnail
MOTLEY CRUE FINAL SHOW - NEW Years Party! Kick Start My Heart.

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

The Finnish band Nightwish is currently with her new album „Endless Forms Most Beautiful“ on homonymous European tour and made it on Saturday, 28. November 2015 Halt in St. Jakobshalle in Basel. As support were high-caliber as the Swedish Metal-Band Arch Enemy and the Finns Amorphis With this, the audience with a mix of Death- have and Pagan Metal entertain. In Metal see hard guitar riffs, often elements of folk, Rock, Pop and even opera singing again, because the metal almost all varieties are possible. The Finnish band Nightwish uses this tolerance of up to the limits, ihr „Symphonic Metal“ blended so many styles, that one at the end of the show head is spinning off.

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

Already at 17:30 AM opened the gates of St. Jakobshalle in Basel, to the mighty rush of fans to master. The hall was sold out, ie ca. 9000 Fans wanted to see Nightwish and their hits live. This is for symphonic metal, as the band itself categorized, incredible and therefore the band plays in Music-Business in the first division. 1996 gründeten Tuomas Holopainen, Emppu Vuorinen and vocalist Tarja Turunen, the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. Shortly thereafter, drummer Jukka Nevalainen and bassist Sami Vänskä joined the Confederation. Until the year 2001 and three studio albums, the band remained in this occupation, bis Basser Vänskä, because of disagreements within the band, was replaced by Marco Hietala. Now we started with the albums „Century Child“ and „Once“ right through. After the end of the „Once“-Tour in October 2005, Then it came to Split with Tarja Turunen.

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

Without singer the Finns moved in September 2006 the studio to record the successor of „Once“ to potter about. Meanwhile, the singer-search was intensified to finally end of May 2007 Anette Olzon, the Swede, from CA. 2000 selected submitted demos, imagine. That same month, you could already the first single „Eva“ download and in August they released the single „Amaranth“. Ende September 2007 then appeared the long-awaited by fans Album „Dark Passion Play“. The prophecies of doom album sold very well in spite of. In Finland you have already on the second day 60’000 Sold copies, which earned them a double platinum award. Elsewhere in Europe, the disc catapulted place 1, u.a. in Germany and the Switzerland. The subsequent tour was as successful as the album. Of course, the new singer not met everyone on cheers, which is often on their different interpretation of the „Tarja“-Songs was due, or simply because the DieHard fans Tarja wanted. The Swede worked hard (including. Collapse on stage) per se, with simultaneous support of the other members, and could just as new singer of Nightwish by boxing.

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

at the 11. November 2011 released their highly anticipated seventh album entitled „Imaginaerum“. the 13 Songs form the soundtrack to the movie Nightwish. 2012 launched the Tour, Anette Olzon on which ill and in Denver, at the 28. September 2012 by Elize Ryd (Amaranthe) and Alissa White-Gluz (Kamelot, current singer of Arch Enemy) was replaced. This decision held Olzon wrong and it came to a rift. at the 1. October 2012 came the news, Olzon in agreement that the band Leave has. As an initial replacement the current Dutch singer Floor Jansen was (After forever, ReVamp) committed. It remained for the next record for the eighth album „Endless Forms Most Beautiful“ not the only change / new signing. So Uilleann Pipe player and former guest musician Troy Donockleyein was solid band member. Due to strong sleep drummer Jukka Nevalainen had to withdraw. In Finland Wintersun drummer Kai Hahto a worthy replacement was for the album and this tour found. at the 27. March 2015 It was far and it seemed the awaited eighth album with melodies, Choirs and music with epic bandwidth Metal robe and the tour for this album was on 28. November 2015 in die St. Jakobshalle in Basel loaded.

Video Thumbnail
Nightwish Basel live Ghost Love Score

Be Supportet „Nightwish“ on the tour and on this evening of the two bands „Arch Enemy“ from Sweden and originating from Finland to also „Amorphis“. Especially the latter band is a veteran of Heavy Metal and coined the early 1990s the Scandinavian Death Metal scene. Over the years, they continued to evolve and let the progressive influence free rein, as was the guttural singing over the years always more by a clear, replaced clear voice. Amorphis has made 25 Offer years of Schafens a lot of the partially astonished audience. Not everyone Nightwish fan is also a Heavy Metal fan, which is clearly seen in some (long) To read faces. But with evergreens such as „Sky Is Mine“ and „Hopeless Days“ it also catches people, who are not familiar with Amorphis. A very good performance, unfortunately too short fails.

Setlist Amorphis

  1. Death of a King
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Hopeless Days
  4. Bad Blood
  5. Sky Is Mine
  6. Silver Bride
  7. The Four Wise Ones
  8. House of Sleep
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Nightwish Basel live The greatest Show on Earth

After Amorphis the stage is prepared in a very short time and „Arch Enemy“ join the boards, All the world. In the tape, there was 2014 a highly acclaimed in the metal scene replacement at the microphone. Alissa White-Gluz took over as the singer and also played the last album a. For connoisseurs a treat, to experience the new singer live. A true Power bundle with blue dyed hair leaves no doubt arise, that she is the right person. Something strange seems the costume, she wears and more like a membership „The X-Men“ recalls. The setlist is clearly dominated by the last two albums „War Eternal“ and „Khaos Legions“. Songs from the old days do not occur with two exceptions, what the appearance and its good quality but does not detract from.

Setlist Arch Enemy

  1. Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
  2. War Eternal
  3. Ravenous
  4. Stolen Life
  5. You Will Know My Name
  6. As the Pages Burn
  7. Under Black Flags We March
  8. Avalanche
  9. No Gods, No Masters
  10. Nemesis

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

at 21:10 PM then drops the raised for the renovation break curtain and after a short intro pours with fat drumbeats and a famous Pyroshow a brilliant light, Video- and music installation to the eagerly waiting crowd. Nightwish singer Floor Jansen runs springy step on stage. What a presence of the pretty Dutch, pulling with her charisma, the audience immediately into their spell. As much as the previous separations of front women have split fans, Nightwish with Floor Jansen found the perfect replacement. Likewise, you can tell the rest of the band, vor allem Marco Hietala und Emppu Vuorinen, the joy of it, the audience into a mixture of dream- take and film world. This is supported by an insane video installation in the background and recurring pyrotechnics in the form of mini flamethrowers or smaller Bengali effects like fire gyros. The light show and sound do the rest, to frame the evening for most visitors memorable.

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

The fans have fun, clap and sing joyfully with. But sometimes bordering the Sound of Finns for me so close to Kitsch, that one can imagine almost veräppelt – is all but Metal called and actually has nothing to do with Metal, besides the guitar riffs. Nightwish are formidable compositions, could have emerged from Hans Zimmer. But if only spherical keyboard sounds, Organ and panpipe to Floor Jansen pretty little voice resound, is nothing to feel truly of Metal – Unfortunately, nothing of irony, these pathos excesses might have been explicable. At least I do not see any hair mats trepidation except perhaps this itself by Floor. But the show is definitely great, otherwise as with other bands is tuned from the stage to the flamethrowers everything on the Sound, underlines this and puts him at the center. The video effects are almost spherical and act just great about this film music, already alone it could get brain flutter. Nightwish mingled with her Concert so many styles, that one at the end of the show head is spinning off. Nightwish connect past, Present and future into a flawless whole. Is it time for a new era? It is time for „Endless Forms Most Beautiful“.

Nightwish: Wannabe Metal in St. Jakobshalle in Basel

Setlist Nightwish

  1. Shudder Before the Beautiful
  2. Yours Is an Empty Hope
  3. Ever Dream
  4. She Is My Sin
  5. My Walden
  6. The Islander
  7. Momentum
  8. Weak Fantasy
  9. 7 Days to the Wolves
  10. Alpenglow
  11. Storytime
  12. Nemo
  13. Stargazers
  14. Sleeping Sun
  15. Ghost Love Score
  16. Last Ride of the Day
  17. The Greatest Show on Earth

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Slash plays in Mumbai „Sweet Child O’Mine“ – and everything sings

In Mumbai standen nicht Guns’n’Roses auf der Bühne, but Slash and his Conspirators, currently on a world tour. However, at least one-Roses song had brought, zu dem dann auf der Bühne keiner singen musste. Das haben die Zuschauer übernommenund dies gänzlich! Woah this is cool. particularly: In Mumbai! Unthinkable, was da bei einer ernsthaften Reunion los wäre… goose bumps!!!

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Sweet Child of Mine - Slash and the Conspirators live in Mumbai featuring the Mumbai boys
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