The best villain: R.I.P. Christopher Lee

Sir Christopher Lee has already last Sunday, the 7. June, aged 93 Died years in a hospital in London. be Dracula is and remains by far the best of all bloodsuckers. In star wars He was Count Dooku and the Lord of the Rings he played Saruman. Now he is gone from us, the gentlemen of the old school, where he gave private and he will be missed, the best of all bad guys!


the 1922 born son of a British officer and an Italian countess decided after 2. World War II from a beer idea out for acting, „without natural talent“, as he always candidly admitted. Ten years he had to hassle with small performances and extras roles and used this his motto: „You can watch the roles do not always pick - but still have the freedom, to interpret them with dignity.“ Soon he was offered a to bloodthirsty horror specialized company called Hammer, which hired him as Count Dracula, he then gave seven more times. „Dracula gave me a name, a fan club and a used car“, Lee noted gratefully in his autobiography „Lord of Misrule“.

Christopher Lee as Dracula: Bite Montage

The long now legendary „Hammer Horror“ is inextricably linked to his face: A narrow, elegant face, the good fit to the undead from old noble family, a stoic, fast steifes Mienenspiel, the psychological dimensions of the vampire role - could sound out anyway - loneliness and sexual greed. However, Lee played for the hammer and the mummy, Frankensteins Monster and five times the villain Fu Manchu. he was early at an excellent villain in film history. Among the best known figures of Scaramanga is one of „The Man With the Golden Gun“ and Bond creator Ian Fleming a distant kinship relations connected him.

Vampire, it is said, may become detached from their shadow. Christopher Lee knew better, because the bloodthirsty Count, he was never quite going. Lee has ridiculed this lifelong identification. He really never complains. more 2002 was Johnny Depp, a good friend of recent years: „You play on the side of Christopher and can not help but think: Oh my god, it is he - Dracula!“ In the films, the Lee were particularly dear, certainly looked towards hardly anyone. He was proud, In „Jinnah“ (1998) to have embodied the founder of the same name Pakistan. As his best work of the actor himself described in the mass relatively unknown British Horror „The Wicker Man“ (1973) a macabre pagan ritual.

The Raven (Christopher Lee)

Together with his wife Gitte and daughter Christina he lived, the already part of his childhood in the Switzerland had spent, for a few years on Lake Geneva. From there, he traveled the whole continent: The voice talent was Italian, French, Spanish, German and of course his native language English fluently and was happy working anywhere. He himself went to all these commitments conscientiously, to make too great illusions without over her film history Rank. Thus, the top performance also remained rather then a different nature, hardly anyone has probably starred in more movies than Lee - depending on the source swings the number oscillates between 250 And over 300. 17 He has fought in front of the camera sword fights - Errol Flynn came to only 9. Even Lee's body length was repeatedly stressed: 1,96 Meter, at least in the bloom years.

aged 63 Years, had the opera lovers, passionate golfers and cigar smokers undergo heart surgery. At the end of the millennium he befriended with the passionate B-movie devotee Tim Burton, Lee now regularly engaged, for instance for „Sleepy Hollow“ and „Charlie and the Chocolate Factory“. George Lucas gave him a blockbuster appearance in Episode II and III of „star wars“ And are we Ehrlich, Count Dooku is the best thing about these episodes and a barely disguised reminiscence of his most famous role. Lee was a great admirer of Tolkien and had the opportunity, to meet him even more personally. the „Lord of the Rings“ he read once a year and so it is not surprising, that the role of the evil wizard Saruman very to his heart. The greater was his disappointment, as its part of the theatrical version of the third part, „The Return of the King“, was deleted – when „Hobbit“ He was then back again.

Thanks Christopher, thank you for all the great monsters and tell Peter Cushing and Vincent Price a nice greeting.

The Time Warp Instructions - Christopher Lee


Somehow what is wrong with the story of the terror bombing – and there were no junk foods for lean Models – bei Germany’s Next Topmodel. Not Stories, about celebrities which „prefers“ were evacuated, would already be worrying enough, that's all just distraction, Opium of the people, so you also always nice what has to be discussed and that significant loses from view. The Seriously friends, the story appears as a wonderfully staged show the fascists, to the Polizeistaat continue to vorantreiben. Or in other words: Had this „Topmodelterroristen“ not given, they would have from the SS to be invented by our intelligence agencies.


It is precisely this police state, who stands in the criticism for a long time, whether in Germany, us&A or Switzerland, the secret surveillance of innocent citizens still seems not to go far enough. It's been an incredibly clever move by the „Terrorists“, to cover precisely Heidi Klum's inhuman model show with terror bombing. So they provide the fascists again a „Reason“ more, the police state drive and get this even applause from the whole Topmodelglotzern, which is likely to largely recruit layers from uneducated, whereas the intersection of Klum- and monitoring critics should be quite large. Well, since we are looking forward to an exciting yet finale of Germany's Next Top Model on 28. More.

11 Franken pro Zigi-Päckli: Smoking is service to the fatherland

Smoking must plug the open legs in the coffers of the AHV / IV. As announced yesterday, wants the Federal tobacco tax increase. The Swiss homeland becomes even more dependent on the performance of his smoking. Which have been used to finance the AHV / IV, health insurance and anti-Terror-Used struggle. The consequences include high blood pressure, Lung cancer, yellow fingernails and death.

Smoking for the fatherland

Longest, most smoke only from patriotic sense of duty, overcome every day their disgust, to no jobs, jeopardizing the medical care or pensions. Many smokers consider this psychological burden of bad. The conscience stress leads to high blood pressure, Lung cancer, yellow fingernails and deaths. Sufferers need a stable environment, offering them the Fear takes, always to be guilty, if invalidity pensions reduced or jobs Lost move. They are always on the prowl for the next Glimmstängel, to drag a vertex to the life expectancy of another time.

Nobody warns Non smoking so much about the dangers, the disadvantages, the annoyance of tobacco, as the smokers themselves. „Very bad habit“, then they say, as if they had learned it by heart, Pull gleefully continued on verteerten filter and drive: „Not merely catch even so to!“ The message is clear: Smokers want to keep to themselves, they are a cursed Elite, of which Non smoking should keep as far as possible distance. Rattling Non smoking are deliberately not noticed by smokers or simply ignored, because not all may belong to this elite. For this reason, Non smoking inside have defined themselves in the role of victim and the children banished the tar and nicotine from public buildings. In restaurants it smells finally after Eating instead of tar pit, Bars and pubs smell of booze and vomit and discos and clubs welding.

Unfortunately, all this brings Father State no revenue, to cover the exorbitant costs. And it's not just about the AHV / IV, Health insurance or the fight against terrorism. It will also annually 300 – 350 Tobacco farmers with more than 20 Million francs to be subsidized, or the 5 Million francs for prevention campaigns against the Smoking must finally also come from somewhere. Soon could Switzerland be forced, to attract highly skilled heavy smoker abroad. Another possibility would be, train new passive smoking, may purchase the cigarettes, but not smoking – to the state budget to serve longer than cigarette buyers.

Incidentally, recently did a study showed, that birds like to use cigarette butts for nesting. Result: The parasites is much lower. Meanwhile, so few cigarette butts are thrown on the floor, that the employees of the street cleaning service must be seriously worried about their jobs. Although we see currently still from a public call cigarette butts to throw onto the ground, but other ideas are already spun. So likely you, alcohol- to increase and gasoline tax massively, additionally fondue, Model railway, Ticket, Curse, Plastic Wrap, Running Shoe- and hiking pole-control introduce and those necessary to establish with reeducation camps popularly. Only then can we create it…

Bradley Manning: When uncovering the truth 35 Years in prison leads

the Video „Collateral MURDER“ sorgte 2010 for worldwide attention and showed, wie eine US-Hubschrauberbesatzung eine Gruppe von Zivilisten – thereunder children and a Reuters journalist – took under fire and thereby gave scornful comments from itself. For this exact war crimes Bradley Manning was now in court. But Manning is none of the shooters, sondern der US-Soldat, the Wikileaks the video and much more information has leaked. The US government has been able to bring itself in all its generosity to, Not to condemn Manning to death, but „only“ 35 Years in prison!

Free Bradley Manning

Friends, I am shocked and want Barack Obama, notabene winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, puke in the middle of the table in the Oval Office. The Nobel Peace Prize degenerates into farce, when wearing it a president, by the people- and shines internationally wrongful activities:

  • Guantanamo: America's torture chamber, which operates beyond any rule of law, is contrary to Obama's promise of full-bodied, To close it immediately after taking office, always still in operation.
  • Under the Obama administration, the US military has several thousand people executed on foreign territory with remote-controlled drones. Without process, without a mandate.
  • An organization like Wikileaks, a modern form of the extinct, investigative journalism, as a terrorist organization pursuing.
  • Certainly there are some more, some Knowledge we, the biggest part but not…

Bradley Manning saw this suffering. He saw the cruel, cynical and inhuman deeds of soldiers brutalized, which constitute nothing more death and suffering. Bradley Manning did not look away. Bradley acted and revealed, what the cloak of silence should be. His humanity, his indignation, his despair were the reason, that we know today, the extent to which WE ALL were deceived and are. His example encouraged other, not to hide and reveal the secret acts of, the plan and conduct the wars in the world.

Edward Snowden revealed, that respect even towards its own population or the population of friendly states no longer exists. How long do we want to allow this injury OUR freedom nor? What limits will explain the intelligence agencies and states tomorrow and void? America remains a country, for the preservation of our own position of power has a higher value than truth. The U.S. will continue its „Results“ bombs in the world, when the worth of political power. But one question remains: What values ​​actually?

Here is a young man from our big brother America destroyed. We all should be intimidated, be silenced, be warned. Man, I believe the Nobel Peace Prize far more worthy than all the Kissinger and Obama together. It ranges! Let us rise up against this madness. Against this hypocritical war. Against the power of the secret. Let us stand together. For Bradley Manning. For a fairer world. Each in his own way. Each according to his ways. But together and decided.

Is that still punk rock? I do not think! – Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

„Is that still punk rock, If your favorite song is on the charts?“, Ask The doctors in one of her latest songs and the answer is the same supplied with one: „I do not think!“ I am also of this opinion, But Die Toten Hosen been able yet to convince. Quite possible, that The doctors had in mind when densities of these lines to the fans of the band from Dusseldorf. And the question is entitled! As successful as the band from Dusseldorf is currently in German-speaking only the hit-count of Unholy. Punk leaned immemorial times against the social consensus on, but this German beer rock bliss, which celebrate the Pants on the straps, is rather a kind of antithesis to punk. I have the pants in the years 1996 and 2002 enjoyed on the straps and maybe it's because, that the pants and I have grown old, as Campino sings again? „I am not yet sixty, and I'm not close.“ Well, because of close and, at Campino it takes another nine years… with me luckily a lot more :)

Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

„No Future – that was yesterday, A lot has happened since the“, to quote again the input mentioned song and „which has as the coolness factor of a garden tractor“ fits like ass back on bucket. But we are only the second day of the 30. Gurtenfestival, that with more than 20’000 Visitors was sold out. Again, a small parallel to the Toten Hosen, which last year you 30 year consist celebrations could. Back to Festival, the day opened Hoffmaestro from Sweden with a full load of ska. Tamed Indiepop presented on the tent stage the countrymen of Friska Viljor and similarly changeable as the concert program was the weather, which did not, whether it should choose between sweltering desert heat and light rain.

Die Toten Hosen - Here comes Alex ( Gurtenfestival 2013 )

Those who wanted to escape the impending rain, twisted under the tent of the tent stage, where the Swiss Celtic Metal-Band ELUVEITIE significantly positively by the previous acts on the straps abhebte with their sound. Celtic sounds, Bagpipes and urhelvetische iconography attracted diehard metalheads, but the average visitor seemed to confuse rather. The latter therefore sat down but rather to the brave Lunik on the forest stage from. Sophie Hunger strikes meanwhile bravely on the main stage and is clearly motivated. A clean Concert, but the spark just will not really skip to the audience. Partly audience sway to the big band rhythms with, But hunger can not move more with greatest effort, because all waiting for Die Toten Hosen.

Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

then, Finally, punctual as hip to 21:45 Clock, hoist the pants the flag on the main stage. Frontman Campino leaves nothing burning and provides equal you start a big show from. Already the second song he can from his „Security“ contribute to the fans. The hungry crowd bawls inspired hits like „Ballast of the Republic“, „Bonnie & Clyde“ and „Everything from Love“ With. There is a relaxed atmosphere and the lead singer Campino tells us of a world, which are mainly Soccer, Barley juice, Party and passive sport seems to be turning. Campino, which lately quite like as a composer something even more striking Zusammengehörigkeits anthems („On days like these“, „Arise, if you On the bottom are“) excels, is a born entertainer.

Paradise - Pasci & Die Toten Hosen, Gurtenfestival 2013 HQ

The singer noted, that he has in years 1996 and 2002 was on the straps and he can not remember well by its own account. He also remembered the April 2012 occasion the band on „Magical-Mystery-Tour“ pants a private concert on a Bernese attic, belongs to a private apartment, played and according Campino one of the best parties celebrated ever. I even remembered, As „The Golden Lemon“ gave a concert in the riding hall and Campino, Kuddel and Wölli were as friends on tour. That evening it was possible, to tip a few beers with the boys, to talk and to provide some nonsense. Schön wars, but it's been forever, hardly true and therefore back to the concert. „Paradise“ broke the band suddenly, because a (Ambush) in the audience held up a banner with „Campino, I can better“. Campino asked Pasci from Aargau with the words „Here the stage is the loser“ on the boards mean the world and the Aargauer's doing not bad and used the once big stage, to play to the gallery and the 15 Enjoying Minutes of Fame.

Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

Next we went and latest at „All for Love“ the people were to jumping in the arms and Pyros are fired, which offset the fierce Broncos in a frenzy. Soon it was no longer clear, what welding, what were spilled beer and what tears of joy. The big headliner on Friday night brought the text safe Bern to the brink of the circulatory collapse and offered a huge and energetic concert. But somehow it was many years ago on the Mount Gurten better and that made not only partially finely dressed out over 20’000 People from. no, somehow the straps charm has given the absolute commercial, Friendships to see and be seen, and anyway somehow all look the same and even this evening. They are clean, healthy, gutriechend, without hair, efficient and unobtrusive. How boring and kinda disgusting. Where are all the Freaks remained? Where are the goths and punks? All the „Spinner“ you can count on one hand. Nothing more going, everywhere neat people, all look, as if they are middle 30. Even if they 20 are, see it like this. If they Crazy are, carry beards and hats and trousers Shirt.

Is that still punk rock? I do not think! - Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival

but what the heck, also a parallel to the tape – and yet somehow makes it so fun. Nearly two hours rocked the band and the humor regular highlight of this year's anniversary edition proved once again as an ideal candidate for a festival in these latitudes. The usual enthusiasm and interaction with the audience was missing just as the crowd surfing trip to the mixing tower campinos – including Bengali torch on the roof – and back. The belt is located in the Toten Hosen concert in Sing-along-to-noise, „Here comes Alex“, „Make a wish“, the doctors-Cover „Cry for love“, „Days like these“ and as the first addition „eisgekühlten Bommer Lunder“. The rest give the weary rebels the belts with the counting rhyme „ten small“ and adoption of official anthem „Goodbye“. A lot of spectacle, but what the dead has to offer with punk pants no longer care much, is probably more likely to become Schunkel Punk. Ja Macht nix, Heino covert meanwhile tion of song „The doctors“, will fit it all, otherwise it is suitable „made“… Are you still punk rock?

Campino ignites Pyro, Die Toten Hosen, Gurtenfestival 2013 HQ

Setlist der Toten Hosen am Gurtenfestival:

  1. Ballast of the Republic
  2. Old fever
  3. away game
  4. This is the moment
  5. All that was
  6. Today here, Tomorrow there
    (Hannes Wader Cover)
  7. Bonnie & Clyde
  8. Paradise
    (Is it better Pasci?)
  9. Never an opinion
  10. All for Love
  11. Pushed Again
  12. Cry for love
    (The doctors Cover)
  13. Lovesong
  14. Arise, when you're down
  15. Here comes Alex
  16. Make a wish
  17. Days like these
  18. Yet:

  19. Eisgekühlter Bommer Lunder
  20. Everything will pass
  21. far far away
    (Slade Cover)
  22. ten small
  23. Best regards, Good-bye
  24. Yet 2:

  25. Outside the door
  26. Sunday Word
    (Campino Croudsurfing)
  27. to the bitter end
    (Campino surfing back)
  28. You’ll Never Walk Alone
    (Gerry & The Pacemakers Cover)
Is that still punk rock? I do not think! - Die Toten Hosen on Gurtenfestival
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Concert Review: Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse

Year 1987 In the „Palace of Beaulieu“ I had my first in Lausanne Concert Of Depeche Mode see, time played Front 242 the first part of the show on the „Music for the Masses“ World Tour. 26 Years later I was allowed the men now on the last Friday on her „Delta Machine“ Tour and admire what should I say, Depeche Mode live is indescribable. With what the best, what I have so far heard and seen. No big light show, or other spectacle, The focus is on Music and nothing but the music and that's good. In glorious weather a band inspired in top form over two hours, the nearly sold-out Berner Stade de Suisse. Where else the gods of football show their Ballzauber, played that night the gods of distinctive sounds!

Concert Review: Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse, Bern

In May 2013 the band with the „The Delta Machine“-Started by European Stadium Tour, which will lead them in the fall to North America. If Support ist in Europe Band „Trentemøller“ of the party. The Danish DJ and producer Anders Trentemøller garnered numerous awards to date as a producer and a DJ and made an international reputation as a remixer, u.a. For the „Pet Shop Boys“ and 2011 hat is the Hit „Wrong“ refreshed for Depeche Mode. With the Danes Depeche Mode have brought a sought-after musicians on board, the latest since his acclaimed album „The Last Ressort“ (2006) could absolutely convince one of the most sought-after artists and also this Friday evening in Bern.

Concert Review: Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse, Bern

Depeche Mode, the English synth-pop group with the name of a French fashion magazine, has after massive internal strife, rediscovered the departure of keyboardist Alan Wilder mid-nineties and drug addiction and suicide attempt of singer Dave Gahan and now all the band members have the necessary space, to realize themselves. Some successful solo albums testify to this step, and the whole thing has an impact on the songwriting. Was formerly Martin Gore responsible, act today with all the band members. The appearance of Depeche Mode at the 7. June 2013 became a triumphal procession for the band. An enthusiastic and sing joyful audience made from the beginning of euphoria in the stands and on the stage. With „Welcome To My World“ welcomes Depeche Mode on Friday evening, the Berner Stade de Suisse. The story of a Depeche Mode concert is always the story of the fans and their incredible enthusiasm. With a good sense of stress build-up, the band brings to two songs from the new album the first classic. After an abstract sound intro, not yet revealed the song, starts the earwig „Walking in my shoes“. Immediately, the audience in the stands rises, to sing and dance with them and the enthusiasm increases even more with the following, bleak seething „Black celebration“ and „Policy of truth“.

Depeche Mode - Black celebration - Bern 2013

The 51-year-old Dave Gahan has visibly enjoyed the atmosphere, smiles at the audience, dances across the stage and shaking his butt lasciviously, whereupon (especially) female visitors react with cheers. He grimaces and waves his arms. Once he was hard drug addict, threatened suicide and ill with cancer. But at the concert in Bern Dave Gahan is full of energy and is on the stage of rotation- focal point of Depeche Mode. Topfit he is sharpening like a madman across the stage and exercises in poses of rock stars. Sound wizard and main composer Martin Gore chatted with a few exceptions in the second row and let Gahan the show and Animation. Andrew Fletcher, the third veteran, remained completely in the background. the trio was supported by a drummer, and a further keyboard. Live has Depeche Mode long since moved away from a pure brand of synth-pop of the early days and has been reconciled to the stadium rock. You, once banished the guitar from the pop music, have resorted back to the defining instrument of rock.

Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse, Bern

Dave Gahan has already impressively clear and strong singing. At „Should be higher“ now show up weaknesses in the upper layers of the voice. But he is not overused these, but they can dramatically Cancel, What about the effect of the text Love strengthened and falsehood. This is followed by songs sung by Martin Gore „Higher love“ and „When the body speaks“ and they disclose, that Martin is a more versatile and safer singer. Mr. prob. Motionless behind the keyboard, can a fully loaded stadium just does not pack quite, because it lacks his voice easy charisma and so this part is one of the most boring moments of the concert. The audience gives Although every effort, to thank for his songs with warm applause, but for a stadium of his songs are just too quiet and especially too long and the initial euphoria has settled again. With fresh Gilet Dave Gahan appear on stage again and it follows the slow, melancholy „Heaven“, the poignant song of the new album.

Depeche Mode @ Stade de Suisse Bern - Enjoy the silence - 7 Jun 2013

The low point of the whole evening is the performance of „Soothe my soul“. The alternating vocals between Gahan and Gore do not work in dröhenden live sound and both text Beats also act flat and unoriginal. Depeche Mode play this evening although some newer songs, but of course the audience waits for the big 80- and 90s Hits. Depeche Mode could easily inspire fans with original versions of their numerous hits, but many of the classics clearly interprets the reinforced with two guest musicians band differently. „A pain that I’m used to“ is presented in a straightforward pumping dancefloor version and remarkably loose and easily gets the version of „A Question Of Time“ from the year 1986. And so the songs follow, waiting for any: „Enjoy the silence“ gets the expected sing-orgy, While „Personal Jesus“ extremely slow starts, then to really explode. in the play, „Goodbye“ however, the musicians enhance the tonal contrast between bluesy guitar, distorted electro sound and intimate choral singing. Corbijn root designer can so some patter about the giant screens visually movies and camera gimicks to the fans: The hat-game acts funny and fire oscillators are spectacular, But things like the dog parade are just stupid.

Personal Jesus, Depeche Mode at Swiss stage, Bern, 07.06.2013.

Meanwhile, all dancing crowd up to the highest ranks and the more joy knows no bounds. Here are five encores, including an epic interpretation of „Just Can’t Get Enough»“ from the year 1981, the fans einheizt their party groove on this evening so right. But after two hours, it is time to stop: At „I feel you“ Dave Gahan has hoarse and „Never Let Me Down Again“ calls Depeche Mode finally the between happiness and madness raging feeling remembered, that the musicians enjoyed the late 80s with the worldwide success. So at the end of two classics, bring the audience to fully disengage. To experience such a feeling again, one must probably wait until the next Depeche Mode concert.

Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse, Bern

Depeche Mode are just as a live band, a safe value and it is certainly not entirely correct, Depeche Mode als „Girl Band“ to title, But the Women-Proportion is much higher than other concerts the same order. This is probably for the most part to Dave, the always even a charisma and stage presence has, the problem reached the back rows of the Bernese stadium. The front man sweeps the only way across the stage, circulates cool hips, stamps his microphone stand on the stage floor, bared his torso and acts as fit as twenty years ago. He performs his fellow musicians literally on the wall, But that's what makes the trio of: Front raging the stage animal Gahan, flanked by Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher. But much more than „Thank you“ and „Come on“ brings Dave Gahan that night not on the lips. Rather he turns to the audience every now and then back on, looks over his right shoulder and throws these demanding, lascivious look into the crowd, which of course always responded with thunderous applause. Dave Gahan One can not simply withdraw. Great, this enthusiasm and Dave's boundless energy and to the Personal Jesus stahlte with the evening sun in shining. So cheerful to see him, did well, although he was several times the Zurich audience (!) thanked.

ARVE Error:
thats all folks! - Video not available

Depeche Mode live is awesome and the gentlemen were still loose 2 can play longer hours, because it lacked countless hits like „People are people“, „Blasphemous Rumours“, „World in my Eyes“, „In your Room“ to name only a few. But what surprised me was not on stage, but in the audience instead: I've never been to a concert so many Champagne drinkers, Evening dress- and saw men in suits! Previously, the audience looked different: gloomy, cooler, permeable – Today, all is almost like a state ball for champagne drinkers. But thanks to many original oldies-arranged round it was still a night. the three were still held 7 only 3 new cheese Brought songs, it would probably be the concert of the year was.


  1. Welcome To My World
  2. Angel
  3. Walking in my shoes
  4. Precious
  5. Black celebration
  6. Policy of truth
  7. Should be higher
  8. Barrel of a gun
  9. Higher love (Martin Gore)
  10. When the body speaks (Martin Gore)
  11. Heaven
  12. Soothe my soul
  13. A pain that I’m used to (Jacques Lu Cont’s Remix)
  14. A qestion of time
  15. Secret to the end
  16. Enjoy the silence
  17. Personal Jesus
  18. Goodbye
  19. Encore:

  20. Home (Acoustic)
  21. Halo (Goldfrapp Remix)
  22. Just can’t get enough
  23. I feel you
  24. Never Let Me Down Again

Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse, Bern

Concert Review: Depeche Mode im Stade de Suisse
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Dravens Hate List

  • People who go to sleep in the station at nearly
  • People smell the sweat in the morning after
  • People who smell of sweat
  • People have no decency
  • SAP as a casual user
  • Sunday drivers
  • Braggart, Braggart and Heissluftplauderer
  • „Manager“ + „Banker“
  • Neighbors, the homeless seem to have, but constantly in progress on all day- and night talking loudly and a spy
  • Queues at cash. I just want to pay only
  • annoying telemarketing calls
  • slow Internet connection
  • screaming children
  • the media coverage of which she has no idea about things
  • Flash Intros
  • Compartment squatters in the SBB
  • Seniors at the wheel
  • Märklisammler at the Coop Checkout
  • Stars with aging 1 Hour delay of concerts
  • People who do not sincerely, if I greetings
  • Guggenmusik

to the bitter end! – The Toten Hosen in Basel

Nothing remains for eternity: Campino & Co. are no longer the anarchic punks, they were once. The once rampant band itself always more Rules verpasst. Began a Concert used to be rare sober, Alcohol is frowned upon long before the show. What could jeopardize the success, is banished and although their current tour has something of review of the good old days and a bit affects the punk attitude doubtful, remain Die Toten Hosen living legends. Now the dead are pants on anniversary tour with songs from three decades of band history, the large audience in St. Jakobshalle in Basel pulled into the spell. After thirty years of punk career Die Toten Hosen played on Tuesday as part of the „The noise of the Republic - Tour“ first time in Basel. Frontman Campino came two hours not on the brakes and immediately found the wire to the audience.

To the bitter end! - Die Toten Hosen: The noise of the Republic Tour 2012

Support as was the Swedish alternative rock band Royal Republic at the starting line. Singer Adam Grahn, Guitarist Hannes Irengard, Bassist Jonas Almén and drummer Per Andreasson have since their first album „We Are The Royal“ a considerable fan base and are an absolute live band, at least they made it with their punk rock music fans get the pants on Betriebsemperatur. The gig itself was a bit short, but that's just, when you stand as the opening act on de stage. After Royal Republic had cleared the stage, followed a fairly short inbetween, whose lapse was plotted, by the imperial eagle skeleton, which was projected onto the screen, slow down and ran for well 30 Minutes passed and finally the lights Die Toten Hosen took the stage. The intro „Three Crosses (that we are here)“ and the obligatory lift the „To the bitter end“ Logos below the ceiling of the hall, the show began the Dusseldorf heroes.

Die Toten Hosen - Old fever [18.12.2012, Live at St. Jakobshalle, CH-Basel]

The St. Jacob Hall was sold out, as at nine o'clock stormed the icons of German punk stage. Thirty years in the business, and k(the)a bit tired, they proved from the first note of the opener „Ballast of the Republic“, the title track of their latest CD. The logo for this is a mixture of German eagle and hammer and sickle, the coat of arms of the defunct East German workers and peasants' state. Tellingly, the role of pants in the German music history can hardly symbolize. Just five minutes after the five musicians took to the stage, sang about 9000 in the sold-out hall. Many on the full seat ranks never even took their seats: Man sang, man gröhlte, they stretched his arms, man stampfte. Not just musically, the band was in top form, even the gigantic multimedia show on the huge LED screens in the back of the band caused a chicken skin.

Days like these - Die Toten Hosen

It was half an hour after the concert starts, as a singer Campino also welcomed those, for the first time attended a concert with Die Toten Hosen. Many can not it have been, which these words were greeting: The show Düsseldorf punk rock band, which this year celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, was a home game, a triumphal. Campino and his band threw for 9000 Fans, och, For 9000 Buddies in the sold-out St. Jakobshalle the steepest punk party of the year. Campino is also 50 still a gifted entertainer. An energetic punk-Conductor, who has his people choruses with the little finger grip, the paternally supplies the emaciated pack in the first row with drinks themselves and the water over the bare torso tilts. So I experienced as Campino climbed the crossbar sound stage in the nineties on the straps and still sang. Another time, the band from the stage adopted by about 10 wiederloszurocken minutes later in the headlight cone of a completely different town hall, amid Fanreihen. And this is precisely the Toten Hosen important - Fannähe.

Christmas with the Dead Pants. Live in Basel.

I had a little surprise, that began with one of the best songs of the new album – „Old fever“ – a very strong piece, which I just spoke from the heart. But so it is with many songs by Die Toten Hosen, recognize each other again… The first big surprise came for me then, as the cover of „Cry for Love“, yes everybody knows, which in the original of the former rivals „The doctors“ dates, from the actual passage „Between disturbing force and the Onkelz stands ne soft rock LP“ was sung by Campino „Between disruptive force and Bushido“. As far as I know, the doctors sing the song now in this or similar wording, in any case, I found it good, that breathed with this line of text to the song something timeliness rather than still to overthrow the past the Frankfurt Presley.

To the bitter end! - Die Toten Hosen: The noise of the Republic Tour 2012

Master Campino and his faithful companion Breiti, Andi, From hugger and threw this evening with hits only way to get, „Lovesong“, „Bonnie & Clyde“ or hijacked by Hannes Wader „Today here, Tomorrow there“, Of „Alex“, „All for Love“ and „Days like these“ not to mention. With „Hang On Sloopy“, „The Little Drummer Boy“ and „You’ll Never Walk Alone“ played the pants that night, no matter how few other cover versions. Front of the stage torches were burned and over again, many waving the flag with the German eagle skeleton. The revolutionaries of the eighties, who angesungen tirelessly against social conventions and the right-wing violence, that are mutated in the nineties for musical commonplace today than ever. Time thoroughbred Punk Rock, times accelerated Hard Rock, times gruff Sixties Beat, the band in the hall hinauspowerte. Frontman Campino was limited to short passing and vocal and physical exertion, the rest of the band on the hinrotzen wonderful songs and the audience turned out to be completely safe text.

DTH @basel

Campino raging two hours across the stage like there's no tomorrow. Where other bands cumbersome reel off three encores, pants hewed three whopping adding blocks out, accounted for one-third of the concert. Even after using it „Best regards, Good-bye“ actually had a clear signal, that there is now nothing left, the audience cheered tirelessly, to them for „Paradise“ once again come. These obsolete Campino a twelve-year-old boy on stage and can sing along with him. But just as with the Family Concert. But when a band, that such a clear message of tolerance and freedom represents, is a mass phenomenon, you can really only be appreciated, that it runs, how is it going. Fortunately, they renounce mostly on the songs, more reminiscent of pop than rock music, until the very end, as almost all the glory is over, then comes still the unspeakable „ten small“ and cheered wildly.


  1. Ballast of the Republic
  2. Old fever
  3. away game
  4. You only live once (previously)
  5. All that was
  6. Madelaine (from Lüdenscheid)
  7. Today here, Tomorrow there (Hannes Wader Cover)
  8. Hang On Sloopy (The McCoys Cover)
  9. Bonnie & Clyde
  10. Call Of The Wild
  11. This is the moment
  12. Never an opinion
  13. Europe
  14. Pushed Again
  15. Cry for love (The doctors Cover)
  16. Lovesong
  17. Arise, if you On the bottom are
  18. Everything will pass
  19. Here comes Alex
  20. Make a wish
  21. Days like these
  22. Yet:

  23. Outside the door
  24. damage, how that can happen?
  25. All for Love
  26. Friends
  27. Yet 2:

  28. The Little Drummer Boy (The Von Trapp Family Singers Cover)
  29. Still, Still, Still
  30. All in all these years
  31. Best regards, Good-bye
  32. Yet 3:

  33. Paradise
  34. ten small
  35. You’ll Never Walk Alone (Gerry & The Pacemakers Cover)
Die Toten Hosen live in basel 18.12.2013 by THE GRAVEYARD SCENE

All of this with a repertoire, the 15 Album covers. The mix of old and new songs were very well received by the public, the performance in and of itself was quite large cinema from the beginning to the end and up to and including the devoutly celebrated Liverpool sanctuary „You’ll Never Walk Alone“. The setlist comprised of genuine old to brand new as well as wild and romantic songs just about anything. A perfect blend of substance gutverdaulichem. Like the new songs a little softer, the lyrics, the guitar riffs have become a little more diverse and profound – on stage, the punk rocker radiate pure energy, play their songs as usual faster than on the plate and Campino rushes across the stage almost as ten, Twenty years, but not quite, because I have concerts from earlier days in memory, where Campino still put a bit more power to light. Whether this is the age, or because, that he already had to tread water through the day and mitmachte on a crispbread test, I let times undecided, Finally Campino is no longer twenty and it did not cancel the appearance of the pants. The following is a small piece of the just mentioned activities. On days like these… if one of the best live bands ever true intense and sweaty party… one wishes to infinity.

Die Toten Hosen // Basel
to the bitter end! - The Toten Hosen in Basel
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Sanitary installations7
Parking situation4
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From hell it came! Twins of Evil Tour 2012 Feat. Marilyn Manson and ROB ZOMBIE

With or without make-up on face, Marilyn Manson und Rob Zombie have one thing in common: Both men like to provoke and plenty. Each of the two names already awaken the urge, with terms such as „Legend“, „Titan“ or „Superstar“ to submit to. the „King of provocation“ Manson and the „Masters of horror“ Zombie got together for a common world tour of Secrets. Together they tour as „Twins of Evil“ by Europe, made here in Basel just a Concert and attracted quite a motley crowd in the St. Jakobshalle. Having Rob Zombie last year in Lausanne in the rather small shop „The Docks“ had seen, I now finally got to be allowed the opportunity one of his big shows experience. I Love Zombie because of its horror-Roots and his penchant for genre and luckily plays Rob Zombie starring on this „Twins of Evil Tour“!

Twins of Evil - Rob Zombie

After the two had their last appearances in Romandie – Rob Zombie last year in Lausanne and Marilyn Manson at the Festi Neuch in Neuchâtel, they were now in the German-speaking Switzerland. For me, Manson is a kind of evolution of Alice Cooper. Marilyn perfected some time ago, what Alice has submitted: Polarize issues, which many people are shocked, also in terms of make-up, ie the external appearance. But an artist can still really outraged, is playing well and going up and down like on MTV? I do not think. To the former protégé of „Nine Inch Nails“-Frontman Trent Reznor was the last time eh quieter. The last three albums were no longer commercially build on the success of predecessor.

Twins of Evil - Marilyn Manson

After a slightly subdued Metal DJ insert as opening act, Marilyn Manson - the curtain and on stage falls. The prelude make „hey, cruel world“ by the current disk and the old beater „Disposable Teens“. People go well with, the sound is loud and oppressive. „mOBSCENE“ is the first highlight of the show. After each song changes Mr. Manson's wardrobe, the whole thing is of course quite bizarre and broken, but also makes an awful lot of fun. Thus, besides some new songs a mix of his hits, from the mainly „Coma White“ stands out, wherein artificial from the ceiling Snow falls. „The Beautiful People“ stop after one hour with confetti rain a surprisingly good show, Light and sound its best, and the front was Psycho, despite previous brawl in Zurich and horribly mangled ear, seemingly well-placed.

Marilyn Manson - Coma White @ St.Jakobshalle Basel

His show has also impressed me then far, that everything was perfectly staged. The stage also often changes, as the actor's clothing. The program appears to me, as working to a program point by point. Without showing great emotion or to get in contact with the witnesses of the show. Marilyn Manson has disappointed me vocally. I did not expect top performance, but that he I did not expect so bad singing, he probably was hoarse or something and in the Ricola country. Strikingly, however, the sound was in the St. Jacob Hall was really damn good, at Metal everything merges at times also a booming sonic mush, nicht so bei the Twins of Evil.

Twins of Evil - Marilyn Manson


  1. Intro: Suspiria
  2. hey, cruel world…
  3. Disposable Teens
  4. The Love Song
  5. No Reflection
  7. The Dope Show
  8. Slo-Mo-Tion
  9. Rock Is Dead
  10. Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode Cover)
  11. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics Cover)
  12. Coma White
  13. King Kill 33°
  14. Antichrist Superstar
  15. The Beautiful People

Twins of Evil - Rob Zombie

That the reconstruction phase 30 Minutes nam, can be watched closely in view of the whole stage sets. During this time, a huge curtain covered the stage, to a black-and-white image of King Kong sheet. What strikes, that many people are obviously only because Marilyn Manson present and retire after the show and the front rows Leave. For me absolutely incomprehensible, because the true king of horror is yet to come, but the better For us and some other experts, Rob Zombie at the slip thus further forward.

By about 21:30 Clock starts the zombie intro. A giant Robot on stage, bassist Piggy D and drummer Ginger Fish with and guitarist John5 addition, two former members of Marilyn Manson with Rob Zombie on stage, comes gradually to the band, and as the first bars of the opening track „Jesus Frankenstein“ resound, the robot and Mr opens. Himself out zombie rises. For best sound, he climbs onto one of the many platforms and true to the song one - on his head, a cylinder, on his arm, which is already known mechanical claw, which he always again stretched direction hall ceiling. All my hopes, that he saves the evening, lay on him. And I was not disappointed. He dances across the stage, founded with his show „Jesus Frankenstein“ and catching up with the public „Superbeast“ from. So after creating the two songs, what is in front of his colleagues do not even really managed to finish.

Twins of Evil - Rob Zombie

I have to mention again, the sound is good follows, it really makes a good mood. The riffs are booming in an official volume of the PA and this time the good Rob has its entire show here (last year in Lausanne, there was only the stripped-down version, there would have been available hardly the place) and that means a pile LED screens, Pyros, Confetti, Columns of fire and all sorts of robots, Monster and animals on stage. The LED screens show look stunning on the respective songs matching sequences, to the upper Zombie swirls over again like a dervish on the boards or to participate directly in contact with the front rows on.

„Living Dead Girl“ emerged relatively early in the set to, It follows the old White Zombie classic „More Human Than Human“ – Hits am Fliessband also. And every song there's a new gimmick - it was a robot or a giant devil, After the stage greets. The drum solo is in this sound really good - the double bass hums nicely in the stomach. At „Mars Needs Women“ Rob runs with a monster lunar rover on the stage back and forth and „Sick Bubble-Gum“ dancing colorful big balloons over the crowd heads. Meant everything with a wink and never seriously. Zombie and john5 rocked the booth and especially Rob spun from side to side. During a guitar solo, he even makes a trip across the hall. After an extravagant guitar solo the covert troops still „School’s out“ von Alice Cooper, Rob's a great role model and says goodbye then from the stage. The fans arrived with long and loud, especially „Zombie, Zombie!!“ Call but an encore. But after „Dragula“ was then definitely closing.

Rob zombie live

After little more than an hour was thus also zombie with his gig by and I gained another more great live experience! Rob Zombies Show was seen as a whole damn big cinema, the man knows how to make the audience happy, holding. Danke Rob, you have convinced me even more real! One can only hope, that Rob Zombie's look at all 1 – 2 Year visited! The biggest drawback to the evening was, however,, fact that both concerts were much too short. For the many songs, both the band have written, would be more than ever scarce 80 Minutes have been appropriate. But that seems to be in American bands ever more common practice. Nevertheless, an extremely worthwhile, if short evening concert.


  1. Intro: Sawdust In The Blood / Sinners Inc.
  2. Jesus Frankenstein
  3. Superbeast
  4. Meet the Creeper
  5. Living Dead Girl
  6. More Human Than Human (White Zombie Song)
  7. Theme for an Angry Red Planet
  8. Mars Needs Women
  9. Drum Solo

  10. Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
  11. Sick Bubble-Gum
  12. Scum of the Earth
  13. Lords Of Salem
  14. Thunder Kiss ’65 (White Zombie Song)
  15. Guitar Solo

  16. School’s out (Alice Cooper Cover)
  17. Encore:

  18. Dragula

Twins of Evil - Rob Zombie

After the show in Basel, there was only a concert in Bologna, Italy and then the tour was, With 33 Performances in 10 Countries to end, just as this little report and fits to, I want the Quote of the band close to the end of tour. Lets do this again soon!

So that’s all folks as a certain Porky Pig would say at the end of a certain series of famous cartoons. The Twins of Evil tour has come to a close. The tour gear is being packed, robots are going back to storage, Tired and weary souls return to the comforts of their beds. 10 countries were visited with 33 shows played. Every city welcomed the show with raucous cheer and invigorating energy. Even when Rob apologized to the Birmingham UK crowd for his croaky voice, the crowd still bayed for Zombie and left the show with smiles from ear to ear.

Thank you to everyone that came out; to those who flew across countries, travelled for hundreds of miles on the road, came out night after night through snow storms and cold, wind and rain. To those who came not once nor twice but many many times, to the fans met on meet and greets, or who hung around before and after shows to say hi.

Thank you. Lets do this again soon!

From hell it came! Twins of Evil Tour 2012 Feat. Marilyn Manson and ROB ZOMBIE
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the atmosphere10
Sanitary installations7
Parking situation4
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50 Things you should have done in my life

  1. appeal to a strangers pretty woman on the street
    But not too plump! When I think of some acquaintances, brrrrr
  2. The whole Night go through and see the sunrise
    Just one night? May it be three in succession?
  3. A tree planting
    And call him Olf? :)
  4. Reading the Bible
    Both Testaments already through and back again
  5. a Concert visit the favorite band
    The favorite band? Only one gibts not with me…
  6. Have sex in a car
    Since I can well imagine but berauschendere cookies
  7. Learn a musical instrument
    Counts also Recorder? :)
  8. Sick leave can, although it is not
    Something I do not, brings, anyway…
  9. A snowball fight Participate
    But wait? There actually someone in our region, who has not done this?
  10. A woman kissing (For manner and Women ;) )
    Have kissed already nen man, But is not my thing…
  11. collect a slap for it
    Not, ne never slap cashed. Am a good, not to mention an excellent kisser ;)
  12. Paris visit
    always again anytime!
  13. Climb the Eiffel Tower
    So when's the big Paris, is the obligatory, and the Catacombs
  14. Spontaneously fly abroad
    Is now the question, what is meant by spontaneous.
  15. The campfire sing and play guitar and
    Beautifully wrong is also nice!
  16. At night, go skinny dipping
    …At Full moon!
  17. His Computer clean up
    was? The need to clean up? Thus one finds yet again to nibble what… böööörps
  18. „I Love you“ say
  19. Bungee Jumping
  20. Skydiving
    That I still have to make sure, but absolutely!
  21. Surf
    Internet probably does not count…
  22. Spend a week at sea
    What very nice, may also like to be more :)
  23. Even a fish catch
    And kill, harharhar!
  24. Pretend, a superstar to be
    No, I never did and I'll never. Has enough superstars or those which they had a mean
  25. Japan visit
    Jepp and Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South America…
  26. The Great Wall of China visit
    I'd rather fly over it…
  27. Send a bouquet of flowers
    There are yet again Gelegnheiten :)
  28. Build a house
    Tearing makes it much more fun
  29. start his own business
    I probably prefer to let…
  30. Have a baby
    Nope thank, Nexter point…
  31. join a fight
    And no pride! Schoolboys stuff among men!
  32. A marathon run along
    Neeeeeee friends…
  33. Write a book
    Bin dran… whether it will ever what gscheites, will show…
  34. Oral sex while driving
    Since I can certainly better, „Prohibited“ introduce, oh imagine what that means…. a gentleman and enjoy silent!
  35. An old car into shape
    Better a motorcycle…
  36. Uber 200 km / hour
    Ready to take off?
  37. Tree Hugging
    Olaf, my Olaf
  38. paint its own painting
    well, Painting is viellecht somewhat exaggerated, extends also.
  39. make fire with his own hands
    Have wondered many times, NOT something that you can.
  40. A series of non-stop watching until the very end
    But is hardly noticed and ages ago, the present series are not good anymore really
  41. A mountain climb
    Already done :)
  42. Marry
    Bustin, no, never again!
  43. A kite flying
    Works here but only once so correctly for hours
  44. Make a snow angel
  45. visit the Cologne Cathedral
    No, I do not really need.
  46. Swim with dolphins
    Almost worked, but the respect for the little baby dolphin was greater
  47. Go walking at night
    Hahaha, I, as a night person, but not yet…
  48. Ride in a helicopter
    And then get out with a parachute, yeah!
  49. A picnic
    Since I've even had to NEN basket
  50. 50 Write down things that you should make
    here we go…

If you have additions I would like to read in the comments! Otherwise, write what you have already done or would like to do what you!

Green Mile Star Michael Clarke Duncan ist tot!

Alongside Tom Hanks (56) Michael Clarke Duncan was in „The Green Mile“ a world star. Monday Tomorrow the actor died at the age of 54 Years.

Only in July, he survived thanks to the bailouts his fiancee Omarosa Manigault a heart attack. The fight for his life, he has now Lost. According to information provided by his fiancée was with him in hospital. Omarosa to the room for a moment Leave have, when she came back, was the actor dead.

a spokesman of the actor, that Michael had probably never quite recovered from his heart attack in July. „Manigault is grateful for all your prayers and wishes for privacy during this difficult time“, the spokesman continued over the issue of Michael's fiancee.

Duncan's first major film was „Armageddon, "directed by Michael Bay. For his role in the film „The Green Mile "by Frank Darabont, he received an Oscar- and a Golden Globe nomination. Moreover, he played among others in the movies „Planet of the Apes "and „Kung Fu Panda "with.

„Top Gun“-Director Tony Scott commits suicide

Der Hollywood-Regisseur Tony Scott, the action flicks including how „Public Enemy No.1“ and „True Romance“ turned, but probably most moviegoers as a director of the '80s blockbuster „Top Gun“ a term to be, ist tot. On Sunday afternoon, local time the British-born in Los Angeles from a bridge had jumped, reported. In addition to his famous brother Ridley Scott, Tony leaves a wife and two Boy sons.

In the car, the 68-year-old Brit, a suicide note was found, the contents of which is not known. Now the police are looking for, Firefighters and the Coast Guard of Los Angeles in the water for the body. the „Los Angeles Times“ reported, Scott had crashed near Los Angeles from a bridge. Several witnesses are said to have observed, as in the village of San Pedro (Los Angeles County) bei der Vincent Thomas Bridge, a suspension bridge between San Pedro and Terminal Iceland, jumped into the water.

Tony was the mid-eighties with the action film „Top Gun“ world famous, in which Tom Cruise played a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy. Later he turned blockbusters like „Public Enemy No.1“, „Beverly Hills Cop II“ and "“True Romance“. Scott was the third marriage to actress Donna Wilson married. His older brother Ridley is also director. He turned, among other „Alien“, „Blade Runner“ and "“Gladiator“. Together, they also produced television shows such as „Numb3rs“ or „The pillars of the Earth“.

hach, „True Romance“, what I loved this movie. is in my personal ranking „True Romance“ very close to the top! Everything is just right: Across the board good actors services, Story the wacky could not be, timeless sayings and merciless irony, made the film for me an absolute Trash Perle. Tony Scott (Direction) Quentin Tarantino und (Story), to an overwhelming Christopher Walken, was will man mehr? This movie has everything, what makes a really big movie. It is both exciting and captivating, but on the other hand he comes always with a lot of humor in the dialogues therefore, being completely dispensed with macho sayings or awkward scenes. A masterpiece! Who can not deal with the Sicilian scene Dennis Hopper remember from the movie (if this was supposed to be indeed the case, below the clip)? Just great! And now is the man, of such brilliant work handed in, Divorced committed suicide? Very sad! Tony, what was the go ..?

Concert Review: Sonisphere Festival 2012 in Yverdon-les-Bains mit Metallica, Motorhead and Slayer

The first issue sank into the mud Jonschwil, the second Basel organizers broke Free and Virgin the neck. The Sonisphere Festival has been available under a bad sign. Last Wednesday, the third attempt succeeded in new surroundings and with new operator. 32’000 Metalheads - more than expected - flocked to the Parc Rives Du Lac in Yverdon-Les-Bains on Lake Neuchâtel with headliners Motorhead, Slayer and METALLICA. The restart was successful, is far from perfect. The sound was, if he come – At Mastodon did not run as the PA half the time and fell always again – but surprisingly well. The Golden Circle was designed to be big and we had once again, Jonschwil sends his regards, Uber 30 pending minutes for drinks. Nevertheless, my impression was that this was the best so far Sonisphere Festival, the sunny weather and the stunning location made it so offset some.

Around 32’000 Have music fans METALLICA on the former Expo.02 Gelände in Yverdon-les-Bains, which 28 itself’000 Population has, curly, where on Wednesday was the third edition of the Sonisphere festival on the stage. This was the first time, that a festival was organized in this magnitude in this city. The festival began at 15 Clock with blue skies, the atmosphere was ok and the decibel high, so hoch, that the concerts to the 13 km away Cheyres (FR) were heard. Around 1,200 workers were involved in the success of the festival, installation took about a week and it had some 50 Takeaways, 5.5 km barriers and 300 Mobile Toilets. Funnily enough, was placed no bar in the Golden Circle area, which I did not really care but, because I always do not belong to the Weichspülmetalern with too much coal in the bag, but organizationally it certainly could be better solved, but so halt had to get drinks for the infantry Rich People, what the wait times are not just reduced.

Gojira Live @ Sonisphere Switzerland Yverdon - The Wild Child

With headliners Metallica, Motörhead and Slayer could indeed concentrated Metal-Power will be presented. ELUVEITIE, Gojira and Mastodon were also of the party, the three had but to bite the bullet and quasi in the sun geschwängerten audience - in the afternoon 30 Degree - their Music make delicious. With Eluveitie was unfortunately completely dead pants, But perhaps what the sound was, presumably in comparison with the rest of the program something fell out of the frame and thus has not met the expectations of visitors and the band already had to play half an hour after door opening. But Gojira had to remind the audience it, that this was ne metal show and invited to pits, but what took place. And so could only Mastodon, they offered, especially their newest album „The Hunter“ error, ensure a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, increased during 45 Minutes without exaggeration 15 times the sound off and it really was the lowest level, I can only ausprechen a big compliment to Mastodon, which it did not let itself be swayed and constantly batting confidently and without the eyelashes might enlarge.

The subsequently occurring living legends, Slayer, indeed had no inconsistencies with the art, But somehow giving the impression, Problems with the musculoskeletal system to have. Similar dynamic as a terracotta army it reeled from their setlist. Perhaps this was also in the audience and Slayer became fascinated by the motionless crowd – or was it simply the age, because Tom looked visually in my eyes as not quite the freshest. Slayer bribed with their uncompromising, flurry and rock-hard sound. This incredible precision but the Slayer was not necessarily expected, for guitarist Jeff Hanneman has still not recovered from his spider bite infection and had to be replaced by Gary Holt. There were a few mosh pits but, Although not directly in front of the stage (Golden Circle Problem), But the foot soldiers but it went off, worked although these pits mostly more like children's birthday.

Slayer - Raining Blood - Angel Of Death - Sonisphere 2012

Motörhead showed turn from their dirty good side and never sprayed boredom. But here lacked the sentiment front of the stage and Lemmy often stood unquestionably, waiting for reactions from the audience, when he announced a song. New, however, was not to be heard by the old masters of the hard tones course. Cult rocker Lemmy Kilmister offered its usual, unfussy, honest rock. At the same time, the Sun withdrew and handed over their place of matching Dusk. The more time passed, and the darker it became, the more sought their place with direct view to the stage. The entire fan base waiting for Metallica and expected a black spectacle. Incidentally, it is not surprising me, Free and Virgin that has gone bankrupt at the Sonisphere Basel, when I think of the Schlangensteherei in Yverdon and how much revenue in Yverdon by waiting Lost went, I can only say: damage, damage, damage.

Extremely punctual and full of playfulness outdid Metallica on, each song technical register was drawn. Californians played the „Black Album“ – their legendary landmark work of 1991 – in full length. But the album just by Song 1 to 12 runterzunudeln, that would be too easy for the Metal-heroes, Metallica turned instead to the order of the songs and started with „The Struggle Within“, the actual final song of the album. The twelve songs of the disc are now considered anthems of rock music. How much, it showed on Sonisphere Festival, agreed as thousands of fans in the singing of frontman James Hetfield and applauded along the beat of drummer Lars Ulrich. And not just in the radio-friendly ballad „Nothing Else Matters“, but virtually every single song. Metallica convinced, up to Kirk Hammett, to each of these screwed up constantly easiest passages.

Metallica @ Sonisphere Switzerland Yverdon 2012 - For Whom the Bell Tolls HD

Pleasing was at Metallica, that musical aberration with Lulu and the unsuccessful collaboration with Lou Reed survived without damage and with the interpretations of the „Black Album“ While nothing new was offered, but the boys signaled with her long, spirited performance, that they are still the old ones are. „Blackened“ let your heart open with big flame-pillars and at every little pyromaniac „One“ convinced with top fat lasers. the „Black Album“ was in my view something langfädig and for me years ago The death of the band, But one gets older and so the sound came total over very well and (my) Fortunately, it does not stick to the songs from this album, but it was commanded inclined fan also older Kost.

Overall it was a horny, relaxing event in a harmonious environment. The Sonisphere in Yverdon was marked by moderation: fewer bands, fewer viewers, less megalomania, fewer crowds at constant musical quality. The band change went smoothly and the sound was of astonishing transparency and came over really fat. Annoying was only the crowd in front of the beer stands and probably for the bands of much too large-scale Golden Circle area for the Rich People, which were too small or too lazy, to move her ass. The main thing, then you go to the merch booth, buys an expensive Shirt and then can hang out the big fan. And that the Golden Circler were too good to show enthusiasm, was actually more than foreseen and hence I have no pity for – except the bands over. Nevertheless, METALLICA, Motorhead, Slayer, Mastodon, Gojira and ELUVEITIE were simply class. Obviously, it needs to get the same Romandie is a great festival. Really great location and probably the best so far Sonisphere…

Metallica @ Sonisphere Switzerland 2012 - One

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