Max rapper dissed Kollegah in live concert and Porsche wins

Who or what is Kollegah ye shall ask? Kollegah a German rapper whose style is largely based on the Gangsta Rap, where he initially called him Zuhälterrap. So a very bad boy, the äussserst is popular with all, All, very evil pubescent boys. Since immersed type name Max when performing live on and Mobb Deep's raps for Instrumental by „Survival Of The Fittest“ the Kollegah fans all stereotyped prejudices to the head may have so that you face a Kollegah fan. Great, Necessarily ankucken!

In the new show by Joko & Klaas „My Best Enemy“ to learn as quickly as possible memorize lyrics candidate Max and then this at a live Kollegah-Concert rapping on stage. Since he does not know yet, that it is primarily the audience and Kollegah is dissention in yourself and so does Max the task itself securely to. Max wid immediately carted to a concert by Kollegah and summarizes Backstage the text by heart to learn. In between, there's a meeting with rapper and his crew Kollegah, because grabs a colleague a real gun. Max is quite impressed. But it does not help: He has the stage!

His performance is incredible. He dissed not only the audience, but also Kollegah. At least he can text. Kollegah remain only the following words: „What's going on at the?“ In der Show „My Best Enemy“ it's about deep friendship and absolute glee. How far best friends are actually ready to go for each other, you can see in the following presentation :)

My Best Enemy - Max Disstrack against Kollegah