Hurricane Matthew: Headbanger defies with Slayer and American flag hurricane

He rocked the hurricane! The American Lane Pittman Florida defied shirtless and a good buzz Slayer Hurricane Matthew. While the wind whipped through the streets, he let the song „Raining Blood“ his hair flying, headbanging middle of the road and waved to a US flag. He could thereby hardly left to give, but obviously made him simply fun, laughing a deadly hurricane in the face. „It was an emotional roller coaster“, said Pittman local Press. When he his actions did not refrain despite police order, took him with the cops. Before Hurricane Matthew had called in the Caribbean several hundreds of deaths…

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Hurricane Matthew Meets Slayer

Thunder Storm Time Lapse

Beautiful storm, but was that probably still being chased by After Effects, which actually would not have been necessary. A thunderstorm, that is so present, therefore,, needs no further effects…

This storm off of Maroochydore, Australia. I know what my version of hell would be: this storm off of Maroochydore, Australia. I know all this because this time lapse footage from Blue Dog Films is terrifying in the worst ways with lightning buzzing and snapping all over the place and clouds morphing into every imaginable shape all at once.

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Dramatic Thunderstorm off the Sunshine Coast

held body cooling at freezer degrees with the thermal camera

The BBC has sent in the name of science someone in the cold, to undress. Of course not fully and only for fun, but before a thermal imaging camera to show, how quickly a person at freezing degrees cools. And that goes vordammt quickly - especially, if you with it Snow rubbing. Typical beginner mistakes ...

Using the military spec Selex Merlin thermal imaging camera, Oli Martin vividly shows how the human body loses heat when exposed to the blistering cold of the Scottish highlands.

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Shirtless Heat Loss Experiment In Freezing Conditions #Winterwatch - Earth Unplugged

Icecat: The „Save-the-world“-ice cream

In the stem Icecle a little secret hidden. Ne friends, nix with chewing gum in stick. This is about something Ecological, not a Plombenzieher. The Italian product designer John Busetti has Icecat made ice cream, which not only looks incredibly delicious and equal to even a seed of each type of fruit hidden in the handle. Thus, if the stem implanted somewhere, sprout from raspberries, Kiwi, Strawberries or blueberries. Sehr cool! Very nice idea

Icecle strawberry
Icecle Kiwi
Icecle Blaubeer
Icecle raspberry
Icecle style

Visualization of global warming

Ed Hawkins, Climate researchers from the University Reading, has global warming visualized by climate change and as a GIF animated with data from 1850-2016. Grade the outbreaks of recent years leave it close, that we probably actually not until the end of the century, at best, 2 degrees warmer, but very soon with dramatic effects in the next 50 will have to do years. Here the GIF in large

The animated spiral presents global temperature change in a visually appealing and straightforward way. The pace of change is immediately obvious, especially over the past few decades. The relationship between current global temperatures and the internationally discussed target limits are also clear without much complex interpretation needed.

Visualization of global warming

Why not run Chihuahuas through the snow?

Friends, no Chihuahua was injured in this experiment, because Nic Bello loves his Pancho despite these petty meanness very…

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Why chihuahuas don't run on the snow?

Fire-breathing Snowman

Friends, went after me yesterday evening this morning similar… I'm off just outside. In the garden. Build a snowman. And so a snowman. Harharhar!

Fire-breathing Snowman
(via Manniac)

Specht hamstert 150 Kilo acorns as stock

A woodpecker has gradually thousands of acorns collected in an antenna housing. And this so long, until the part eventually stopped working. No wonder, with 150 Kilogram stock! When you open the panel, it has certainly taken something, to the glans rain dried up - that is true squirrels-Porn! Hopefully the poor Specht was not totally at the end on the ground, when his home was broken into and ransacked by these people…

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Squirrel fills Antenna with Acorns

Weather in Finland: Winter is Coming!

It is November and the mild temperatures will not last forever, especially if you live near the Arctic Circle. The popular weatherman Pekka Pouta (its name means „dry weather“) brings us here the weather forecast for Finland: Winter is Coming!

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Pekka Pouta - Winter is coming (Original)
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