Creatures of the Night: The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour in Zürich

A primary school teacher named Demon, and a taxi driver named Starchild make together with Spaceman and Catman since 40 Years, the stages of the world unsafe. Demon, Starchild, Spaceman and Catman are not about Marvel's newest superhero, but Rockstars – namely with the probably best-known makeup of music history. Fire fountains, Thunderclaps, Laser, Stroboskopblitze, Fake blood and confetti: If Kiss occur, everything ascended, what the entertainment fundus hergibt. So it was on the anniversary show last Wednesday, the 10. June and the masked band led her delightfully anachronistic show at Zurich's Hallenstadion on.

Creatures of the Night: The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour in Zürich

I again see Kiss, I would have let me not even dream of until recently. Once in a lifetime you should have seen Kiss, Beginning just because of the great show and the 2010 the reason, I then attended a meeting of the Men. Kiss, I knew even from an early age, but actually these were yet always only the Poster and patches of the other, I myself, I thought it with Black Sabbath, Jimy Hendrix, AC / DC and punk rock. Those were the days, where you had to decide between bands, between musical genres, between life settings and Image. Kiss, These were the men painted in Leggings, these were the Poser and if I ehrlich thousand, I've never been much further advanced into this band as up to „Detroit Rock City“, „I was made for loving you“ and „Lick it up“. But now you have brought me into the Hallenstadion back and forwards really and truly are Kiss, a voice announces the Best Agers in their Comic-Costumes as the hot famous band in the world at. Even before the Concert you could make countless Kiss T-shirts and various Kissig angemalte people between five and eighty.

Creatures of the Night: The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour in Zürich

A concert of Kiss is always a parade of fans. Some of Hallenstadion had on Wednesday the letter K, I, S and S painted on the naked torso. other, the most recent of which was estimated age of five, wore the same faces as their idols. Dozens Space Mans and Catman stood around there and when loving couples, it could even happen, that Starchild Demon kissed intimately. But it was also a time in the more than forty year career of Kiss, in which the four characters of this band would not be a great rock'n'roll essence more. It was the time of the nineties, when they got rid of their make-up masks, a „MTV Unplugged“-Played concert and briefly betrayed with this unmasking all, which made her band for global brand. A global brand, the autumn 2014 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the addition countless merchandise products now also includes the indoor professional football team LA Kiss. Twenty studio albums they released in their career and more than 100 Sold millions of records. In U.S.&A they are the band with the most gold records. Worldwide they are in third place, behind the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

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KISS live in Zürich 2015 Hallenstadion - Detroit Rock City

As the black curtain with the four-letter Band Logo falls, breaks on Wednesday night all hell breaks loose. Laser flashes grab twitching through the hall. Flamethrower lick hotly in clock. Firecrackers explode and glistening fireworks sizzle on stage. You can not see the band members behind all the make-up showing their age. Gene Simmons is 66 Years old, Paul Stanley 63, the other two are in their fifties. In mock youthful exuberance the experienced musicians stalk across the stage. One hears of course, how they do something difficult vocally in some pieces, especially Paul Stanley. He notice the signs of age not only vocally to, on stage helps a teleprompter when possible text hangers. But no matter. The atmosphere does not diminish and the bombastic right from the start! In this exuberant Feuerzauber the four musicians stand with their black and white painted Horror-Clownsfratzen, in schwarzledernen, studded fantasy costumes including dangerously high platform boots and banging around the 7000 Visitors their song „Detroit Rock City“ around the ears.

Creatures of the Night: The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour in Zürich

Nothing is comprehensible, than to dress in crazy costumes, if you want to stand up already on a stage in front of a few thousand people, covet fun. Kiss govern the hall, it is, as if their super costumes give them super powers and with great respect one sees them in their work to. periodically, if he knows his projection on giant screens, Gene Simmons goes the famous tongue, which seems to have none of its length and elasticity, rolls his eyes, licking under impressive salivation the strings of his guitar from, can be at one point, the classic, martial flow never understood and never declared fake blood from the well distended jaws and again while he is in this way that indestructible black and white monster from the seventies, so he is always a gentleman winking in the prime of life, of the world are, which obviously requires the world: Rock music, wants to be the party music and must therefore primarily be nonsense. Wonderfully anachronistic entertainment to quite very dull Hard Rock. But it's like this: Kiss, This also means a year 2015 Entertainment, which encounters the holy seriousness and authenticity of the holy popular rock hero with Liner.

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KISS - Lick it up - Live Zurich 10.06.2015 - Hallenstadion FULL HD

Kiss is a cult. Kiss's Party. Kiss care and a half hours for boisterous amazement. „Deuce“ Play and „Psycho Circus“. The sound is well, the volume enormously, the use of pyrotechnic wasteful degree. The impressive stage with their razor-sharp LED video walls, Headlamp Batteries and hydraulic platforms takes up the whole width of the hall. During the wonderful self-deprecating band Schlagers „Do You Love Me“ is told in the video wall, the history of rock'n'roll institution in the picture fast forward: The beginnings in New York, the golden years together with the pioneering Pyroshows, the groupies and the private with the Kiss logo and after the unvarnished years fortunately the way back to the great masquerade of the classic tape past. Kiss make out the rock stage a funfair ghost train together and Kuriositätenkabinett. Together, they stage a rock'n'roll revue, has spared no expense in the. Oh well, a little maybe in Music. The presence of US legends provides powerful food for the eyes and the pyrotechnician is strictly speaking the fifth band member.

Creatures of the Night: The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour in Zürich

Compared to some colleagues Kiss have a great advantage. Kiss songs are really pop songs, They stand – said pointedly – Abba closer than Led Zeppelin. Clear, it's a little harder to the crunchy riff songs, But the sly calculated effect is quite similar. And Kiss have the, what they do, completely under control, the fans at the Hallenstadion were certainly satisfied. For his bass solo before „God of Thunder“ hangs Simmons, the man with the longest tongue of Rock'n'Roll, an instrument in the form of an order Schlächterbeils. He pounds short and crisp in the strings. He looks grim in his Kabuki-comic face into the distance. And spits in bright green spotlight, all have been waiting, with fake blood around. Little gross, but always comes back to good – as well as the Arschwackler and dance steps of his accomplice Paul Stanley. At „I Love It Loud“ chanted everything and eventually floats Paul Stanley at „Love Gun“ in fact over the heads of the audience towards Halle center, where he simply passed the ball on a pedestal. little bit „Rocky Horror Show“ with monsters to cuddle and a movement-intensive music, which comes familiar in its classic simplicity and catchy.

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Kiss - Rock and Roll all Nite - Zurich - 10.06.2015

Kiss and offer us a nice, senseless evening and let it not just flash and mists, but also arrhythmic firecrackers on stage, they still drive along with their instruments on absurd lifts into the air, to make music there continue, Funk splendor shoots them from the guitar necks, Confetti flutters in white swirls on people down, Bursts of hot air at the same time achieve a, as you can see shoot up the firing bursts on stage, beer mugs trembles of the basses, Charmer Paul Stanley on guitar throws every second plectrum in the amount. So good is the mood, spread the Kiss, that one is not even their own preconceived lower educational problem. Always you can easily join in the songs and something with Party, Rock’n’Roll und Love rausgrölen. A great evening, to which one will remember for a long time like. Clear, Zurich has „the best fans“ or at least „the loudest“, and of course the show rolling machine Kiss as well oiled as experienced from, but very entertaining that is still. The mother of all Poser rock bands has been one 40 Years the most popular live bands in the world and that with good reason, because Kiss set everything in motion, to the most loyal fan bases of show business „The Kiss Army“, which keeps them on the ups and downs until today the fidelity, that to offer, what they verrdienen: „You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world!“

Creatures of the Night: The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour in Zürich


  1. Intro: Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin Song)
  2. Detroit Rock City
  3. Deuce
  4. Psycho Circus
  5. Creatures of the Night
  6. I Love It Loud
  7. War Machine (Gene spits Fire)
  8. Do You Love Me
  9. Hell or Hallelujah
  10. Calling Dr. Love
  11. Lick It Up (with „Won’t Get Fooled Again“)
  12. Bass Solo (Gene spits Blood and flies)
  13. God of Thunder
  14. Cold Gin
  15. Love Gun (Paul flies out to the Crowd)
  16. Black Diamond
  17. Encore:

  18. Shout It Out Loud
  19. I Was Made for Lovin‘ You
  20. Rock and Roll All Nite
  21. God Gave Rock’n’Roll to You II
Creatures of the Night: The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour in Zürich
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DBD: I Was Made For Loving You – Kiss

Due to recent events, speak tonight guesting the old boys of rock'n'roll for their 40 Year anniversary celebration at the Hallenstadion Zurich, gibts today as part of the „Death Bell of the Day“ the classics „I Was Made For Loving You“…

Video Thumbnail
Kiss - I Was Made For Loving You HD

KISS garden gnome

Beautiful tinkering Amy Lynn, has here created KISS in miniature:

Amy Lynn of Geek Crafts turned two ceramic garden gnomes into performers for the glam metal band KISS. She used sculpey, model car paint, sequins, and beads to make guitarist Gene Simmons and drummer Peter Criss. All Amy needs now is a few firecrackers to complete the scene.

KISS garden gnome

Kiss Write song for „Scooby-Doo! And Kiss: Rock And Roll Mystery“

In the new „Scooby-Doo“-Film called „Scooby-Doo! And Kiss: Rock And Roll Mystery“ Kiss are seen! Also writes the band not only a track for the animated film , but also appears in the strip as cartoon characters and talk to yourself. The new adventures of Scooby-Doo and his human friends is all about a Halloween-Concert the amusement park KISS-World. Is the appearance of the strip according to „USA Today“ The end of July on Blu-ray and DVD…

ARVE Error: Oembed Call failed

DBD: I stole your love – Reggae Kiss

Here the idiosyncratic cover version of Kiss classic „I Stole Your Heart“ of Sweden „Dressed To Thrill“, which transform thus the Destroyer-opener in a relaxed reggae number… ;)

Video Thumbnail
Reggae Kiss - I stole your love

Last Kissmas

Here is a Christmas gift for all fans of the Tomb, maybe it conjures you a little smile on his face. Not a single time this year I have „Last Christmas“ belongs. And now I play the spoilsport itself ... But this version is simply too magnificent, not to bring it. And Tschuldigungen genes, Paul, Peter, Ass, George and Andrew – and thank you very much, because without you… :)

Video Thumbnail
Last Kissmas

Album Review: Ace Frehley – Space Invader

Wer Ace Frehley’s Biografie „No compromises“ („No Regrets“ in the original English version) read will be surprised, that the Space Ace yet always among the living. The longtime Kiss guitarist wants it again wissen: After his previous band currently has large clearing up on tours and the younger Tommy Thayer thereby assumed the role and the costume of Frehley, brings the 65-year-old out a new solo album. The „only true“ KISS guitarist has been going on for almost a decade dry and published more or less regularly new solo material. The last heard the name „Anomaly“, appeared in 2009 and was as easy listening as the now Transferred „Space Invader“. The sound of the album you can over long distances as „Classic Kiss“ denote.

Ace Frehley - Space Invader

The Spaceman cultivated on the new record „Space Invader“ be extraterrestrial Image, starting with the nifty artwork and space reference exuding album- and song titles. With the title track „Space Invader“ rocking the plate los equal tidy, also the subsequent „Gimme A Feelin'“ knows how to convince despite its polished on mainstream rock radio facade with a casual catchiness. But who after this opening genuine on a Monster-Plate is hoped, is disappointed in the further course of the album. The total sixth solo studio album by former KISS guitarist never drops in subprime realm, but with few exceptions, not to offer more than solid home cooking. Provided songs like the one with unimpressive chorus „Toys“, the vertonte Belanglosigkeit „What Every Girl Wants“, the tame „I Wanna Hold You“ oder das Steve Miller Cover „The Joker“ indeed provide evidence, the Frehley is still a guitarist in a class – but can not deceive the acting bit old-fashioned songwriting away. Moreover, it has the final (Near-)Instrumental „Starship“ then a real bore to „Space Invader“ ensconced.

Video Thumbnail
Ace Frehley - Gimme A Feelin

Since, however like the refined with slight psychedelic rock-list „Reckless“, which is equipped with a great chorus and also the casual „Immortal Pleasures“ and the spacey „Inside The Vortex“ certainly have their exciting moments – Ace provides both the micro and the bass a decent performance from. High moves „Space Invader“ to approximately the same level as „Monster“, the current disc of his former bandmates KISS. Some Songs, as the brilliant title track, the banal and amusing „Toys“ or the easy breezy „Gimme A Feeling“ would „Monster“ ganz gutgetan. And because „Space Invader“ so retro klingt, Ken Kelly contributed the cover at. The artist was for the design of the packaging of the two popular Kiss albums „Love Gun“ and „Destroyer“ responsible. Ace has in the past repeatedly expressed his displeasure, Kiss that at any other musician in his mask and his costume occurs. As the New York lineup was taken in spring in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Although the two were ex-Frehley and Peter Criss founding members (Drums) there, at a joint appearance with Paul Stanley (Singing, Guitar) and Gene Simmons (Bass, Singing) did not it – the two kiss-„Heads“ had vehemently denied the.

Ace Frehley

The guitar work of the man, who was responsible for the really hard tones at KISS, however, is still breathtaking. The guy knows from the beginning unassuming riffs or licks to make something special, Only the compelling songwriting skills, which his groundbreaking solo album of the year 1978 had distinguished, which are the good Ace it swam over the years probably. So the ripples clad in a dress designed by Ken Kelly „Space Invader“ as well as the five years before seem „Anomaly“ more or less unspectacular from the speakers, know hardly excite a song so right and the imperative in the brain firmly milled choruses you look back in this very space-heavy ambience rather with a magnifying glass.

The album can you Buy in our shop.

Ace Frehley - Space Invader


  1. Space Invader
  2. Gimme A Feelin` (Radio Edit)
  3. I Wanna Hold You
  4. Change
  5. Toys
  6. Immortal Pleasures
  7. Inside The Vortex
  8. What Every Girl Wants
  9. Past The Milky Way
  10. Reckless
  11. The Joker
  12. Starship
Album Review: Ace Frehley - Space Invader
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Kiss, puts down your guitars!

That was a long half hour for Gene Simmons. HuffPost Live in the studio had the Kiss bassist guest, the viewers could ask questions via social media. These were quite harmless, but with a few rebellious punk rockers he had not expected.

Kiss, puts down your guitars!

As already mentioned, the questions via social media were consistently harmless. How great it is, when listening to several generations Kiss in a family? Does your mother much? What does the future of Kiss from? For Simmons merely food for thought, because unasked began on the America enthusiasts Policy to converse, denigrated immigrants („Learn fucking English!“) and urged the company to, less „wassup“ to say - which he presumably aimed at the black share of the American Society.

The moderator tried in vain meanwhile, Political Correctness uphold and laughed but only embarrassed given the adventurous world views, the spread his counterpart. Simmons scars not only more narrowly past the racism, also misogyny was accused him several times. But then it was time for the moderator, reconciled to a special contribution from the community. The Black Lips, a boy Punk rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, are known for their sprawling live shows, there is urinated on stage, puked or ignited fireworks. The Punk Rocker had joined via webcam and announced, makeshift makeup à la Kiss, „the end of the misogynistic, sexist rock'n'roll“. „We require, that the Kiss Army immediately yields“, riefen the Black Lips in the Camera. „Put your guitar down! Accept this request?“

Simmons reagierte, reacts like a self-lover, if one steals the show: Äusserst humorlos. He let himself further taunts of course not take: „Compliment an eure Mutter, she has the walls of your basement, in which you are allowed to live, really nicely decorated.“ Below you can watch the interview and even to make a picture…

Star Wars – Metal Strikes Back

Metal Hammer UK has come up with for the cover of the February issue of something very special and numerous Metal Koryphäen als Star Wars Mapped heroes. The whole was of sixmorevodka drawn with a blessing of Lucasfilm and shows numerous metal masters such as:

  • Slipknot/Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor als Han Solo
  • Zakk Wylde als Chewbacca
  • Machine Head’s Robb Flynn should probably be Qui-Gon Jinn
  • Opeth'S Mikael Åkerfeldt als Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Ghost’s Papa Emeritus als Imperator Palpatine
  • King Diamond als Darth Maul
  • Iron Maiden’s Eddie Darth Father
  • Down’s Phil Anselmo als ein Imperial Officer
  • Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister als ein Imperial Officer
  • Mastodon'S Bill Kelliher als Listen
  • Devin Townsend als C3PO
  • Anthrax'S Scott Ian als Boba Fett
  • Soulfly'S Max Cavalera als Yoda
  • Ronnie James Dio and Slayer'S Jeff Hanneman als Force Ghosts
  • Ghost’s Nameless Ghouls als Jawas
  • Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe und Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows the Rebel Pilots
  • Within Temptation’s Sharon Den Adel the Prinzessin Leia
  • Kiss‘ Gene Simmons‚ Kiss Demon as a Stormtrooper
  • Ihsahn als ein Imperial Officer
  • Skindred'S Benji Webbe als Lando Calrissian
  • Clutch'S Neil Fallon als Wicket Wystri Warrick
  • While She Sleep’s Loz Taylor als Luke Skywalker

Star Wars - Metal Strikes Back

A Very Satan Christmas – Merry Pissmass

Even the family Simmons comes in a festive mood when Satan celebrating Christmas. The following Video Gene Simmons disguises herself as a demonic version of Santa Claus! Merrrrrrry Pissmass!

Video Thumbnail
A Very Satan Christmas
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