200’000 und Dravens Keywords (9)

Bloody CryptHeppla, incredible, how time flies. Allowed the tomb late October 2008 just the 60’000 Visitor mention, so today was the 200’000. Registered visitors. Wow… 8The

Love Leseuse and dear Reader, with you I want to thank you sincerely for your great interest in the Crypt! Thank you for your loyalty and support! It is a great honor for me just you on my blog wissen may be, I am very pleased, do you find always back here. I hope, to continue to arouse your interest and you can (always) welcome back in the vault to be allowed.

And now it's time, consider in such a happy event the stats and here I present the most popular search queries:

  1. akinator
    Absolutely amazing, what can this software
  2. body worlds
    Dr. Death, Leichensex and Body Worlds, what is better in the crypt?
  3. against the dark
    A movie, I have not seen to date… ;)
  4. metallica Jonschwil
    My Review on last year Concert seems to perform quite a few people in the crypt

So and now ladies and gentlemen,, let us celebrate the festival and strong toast to the crypt. Bad! :drunk:

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60000 oder Dravens Keywords (8)

Hard to believe, but the spiral turns seemingly always faster, were there at the 22. September just 50’000 Visitor, I can now proudly over 60’000 – to be exact 61'369 – Visitors Report. I hardly think, But it is indeed true…

I wonder yet again, how many people are interested in it for my blog – thank you dear reader, I am glad really, find you again and again on my blog! As always, I take those positive events like the occasion, the statistics to check again and I put it as the always popular:

  1. Madagascar 2
    Personally, I was not even the first part already so intoxicating, but oh well, still had here the Trailer introduce
  2. flameless candles
    At the Christmas time also shine again Posts from last year to be cutting-edge…
  3. watchman
    There seems already a lot of interest to be present… ;)
  4. schokokuchen
    This recipe is also the hammer :)

And the strangest searches here:

  • get out of the debt
    The issues are diverse in the present days, bankers also…
  • Welsh clock
    That the Welsh tick a bit special, they prove here
  • horror masks
    Also Halloween is close…
  • indisch porn trailer
    Hmmm, so how now? A Bollyporn?
  • dexter sliced
    And dear Friends, Dexter runs only cut.
  • sex sites
    Exactly and afterwards always been the history and clear the cache ;)
  • Tomorrow is the day my
    Only Tomorrow?
  • rabbit blog
    By the way, that would be something again, delicious with mashed potatoes :)
  • how do you fondue
    I hope the Swiss have no comrades looked…
  • good and evil
    Since you are here so just right

Oh yes, and as part of the celebrations I have – or rather my blog indulged a new banner. More Draven, noch mehr Tales from the Crypt :cheering:

50’000 und Dravens Keywords (7)

Almost two months allowed my blog to celebrate its first anniversary and now there's already a reason to celebrate again: It far! My blog allowed the 50’000. Visitors welcome! It was in April, but only just 20’000 and in July 30’000 Visitor. Wow!

Meanwhile, on my blog about. 3,240 Article, 257 Comments and 69 Tags found and the 40’000 Visitors I registered very well be, But I wanted so soon after the 1. Birthday shout not already back to celebrations, because it seems always to go faster ;)

Also SLUG is my blog for weeks, always between the squares 30. to 40. represent, what surprised me very much, since these rankings but Switzerland's most famous blogs includes. And my blog is in the front ranks of this. He is only one year young. What an honor :)
I can hardly hold himself. A lot has happened this year and a lot is going to happen yet. I thank you sincerely for all faithful, unfaithful and occasional readers for their great interest and feedback. Mean on the boards as the world, I bow, thank you and look forward, you given me the great honor to come and may I be among the readers of my blog! Thank you!

Und hey, the vastness of the internetwork are unfathomable – also Draven know that from time to time and place but a nice find from the virtual and sometimes real world. How or where ever, whether in reality or somewhere slightly „found“ shall – I have much to blog and hope, in the future in order to arouse your interest and you (always) welcome back to my blog to be able to :)

As always, I like to take those positive events as an opportunity, The statistics again to look at and as always is thereby promoted some curious of the day. This „more specific“ Searches, which lead visitors to my blog, bring me yet again to smile. But first, the good order, and starting with the four most popular search terms:

  1. metallica Jonschwil
    A Hammer Concert, that absolutely Francs each and every jam was worth!
  2. the center of the internet
    Oha, I see, The adventurers and scientists are looking. No wonder after Lucas beat the fourth part follows.
  3. cunt
    Was such posting everything for horny bucks hot racers attracted to the page – now it is enough to place in the charts Searches 3!
  4. globalization definition
    I see, my blog has to give but so some instructive, after „the middle of the Internet“ is the question that definition ranked No.. 4

Sodele, because we had the medal ranks plus adding ner and now finally we focus the search terms kurioseren:

  • neighbors denounce
    Apparently on television seems a report this page went to be and also with our Politicians It seems a common practice, in any case, my blog was in very short page list many searches on this topic. Is indeed interesting to see the neighbors… „The biggest scoundrel in the whole country, This is and remains the informer“
  • yodel club pointed mountain
    The isch öppe no Home :)
  • moon-landing
    Sometimes I come in front of me as well on the Moon – or rather behind…
  • how do you become porn star
    After all, believe it or not just 40 Queries to, but na hi-o…
  • jimy hofer
    Eggs, now where it slowly on the Elections Bern to go, I can only repeat again, I have said this a year ago: Jimy Hofer for president!
  • body parts
    Oh right, Dexter do not miss tonight :)
  • chef seduce
    Oha, But there are certain ladies not looking after calming instructions, or?
  • trash metal blog
    Well I still feel almost honored! :)
  • slayer my apocalypse
    Hehehe, sorry, But I need you now even a little grin. The song is from the new Metallica album. And yes, it has components in it, which could of Slayer be :)
  • address of neverland / michael jackson
    Properly, was finally only just yesterday on NEN chat with Michael…

Yeah! And now fisted gefestet that it cracks and bend the bars. Since I do not even really Hooker diesel Champagne am, fits this piece of Tankard like ass on bucket: „Die With A Beer In Your Hand“! :drunk:

30’000 und Dravens Keywords (6)

Yeah, The time has come! As unbelievable as it sounds, but my blog allowed the 30’000. Visitors welcome! Yet it was still only just on 5. October 2007 500 Visitor, at the 16. November 1500 Visitor, until I am 1. Advent bereits the 3000. Visitor could include. On Tuesday the 12. February 2008 There were then 10’000 Visitor, until then on Tuesday the 1. April der 20’000. Visitor could be reported. And now, Wednesday 02. July, there are already 30'196 visitors. Wow!

Meanwhile, on my blog about. 2448 Article, 61 Tags, 189 Comments and 337'696 words published. Amazing numbers. Amazing how quickly this happens and yes, I do stuff on the statistics not so often ;)

Celebrations are, once has the Ogi (only with a G and no cockroaches) said, Now I say it! I want to sincerely thank all our readers for their loyalty, interest, the feedback and Patience thank you. It is a great honor, just you among the readers of Dravens Tales from the Crypt to be allowed! I have still a lot to blog and hope, in the future in order to arouse your interest :)

Since I take such anniversaries as an opportunity, evaluate the statistics again, it is also so curious transported some of the day. So here are the „more specific“ Searches, Visitors who have done on my blog, yet can lead to one or another smile. First, once the four most popular search terms:

  1. boxer beer bern
    There's nothing like a good beer! And Boxer is one of the best! But unfortunately a little hard to get in Bern, as also confirmed this search
  2. billy idol
    Buuuuh, I'm reassured, but did significantly better than the Billy No. 2, as the Lord Plörer
  3. rules of conduct for women during the em
    Rules seem to be a human need to be ;)
  4. football poem
    Was now the Euro 08 a poem???

Order now here, Curious about the term to take account of, the „more specific“ Searches:

  • kiss konzert
    Well, unfortunately, unfortunately, Unfortunately I could not go…for that I have the Boot :)
  • snail jokes
    For us Berner just right ;)
  • kamasutra
    Inquisitive also seem to be out on my blog :)
  • draven motorhead
    Nöööö, I'm not in a band…
  • Hafer bananen
    Yeah, desh the isch „Oats and bananas Blues
  • bigger faster stronger switzerland
    Since you are here, but something of properly ;)
  • geile Figger
    Eh ja, this fraction is indeed must be represented…
  • pussy in the wind
    Erm, jaaaaaaaa?
  • who perceive goats dancing video
    About Goats, the faint I blogged, This is ne variety? ;)
  • pigeon soup cooking in the pressure cooker
    And, wenns go fast, duldets no delay.
  • simplistic crybabies Streller
    The Streller! A subject in itself…

20’000 oder Dravens Keywords (5)

Nope, not 20’000 in any currency and certainly not Iranian Rial. But as unbelievable as it sounds, only at 5. October 2007 I was allowed on my blog the 500. Visitors are, at the 1. Advent bereits the 3000. Visitor, on Tuesday 12. February the 10’000. Visitors and now, I can hardly believe it, Today Tuesday 1. April 2008 was the 20’000. Visitors to my blog to visit :D

Wow, I am floored. Das Karussell um die Besucherzahlen scheint sich always schneller zu drehen, yes there is one almost dizzy. Meanwhile, about. 1600 Postings to report on my part, this too was quickly, But the wide of the Internet are unfathomable… ;)

I am extremely pleased. Even the mention of my blog twice in the Swiss Press. But above all I want to thank all readers for their loyalty, interest and feedback thank. It is a great honor, just welcome you as a reader to my blog may :)
I hope, I can take you, you and I continue to enjoy with my Tales from the Crypt! I'm blogging to all cases still some :)

On these occasions it is once again time, the statistics to evaluate. The u.a here. also the more specific searches, which have led to my blog, come to light, is a special treat. For the first time I present the first four places of the search terms:

  1. tax evasion policy
    Already, that Part is quite funny :)
  2. andreas Plörer
    Oh no, ein paar mal über den Herrn Vincent Raven (the name appears only funny enough to place no. 8 on) blogged and even the name is a keyword ranked No.. 2?! Had not really be, or? o_O
  3. metallica Jonschwil or Switzerland
    Hehehe, an event which apparently acts magnetically ;)
  4. draven tales crypt
    Wow, my blog as a search term to No.4? I do not come out to marvel…

The strangest searches below:

  • Dschingis Khan zitat
    Huh! Hah! Huh! :)
  • under a rock
    A pack of small Lemmings Lechers
  • charles manson t-shirt
    Fan T-shirts may not be worn in public enough ;)
  • Christoph Meili
    Already, the „good“ Christoph Meili. Not because the concept or better name is particularly curious, but still belong here and that just fits beautifully behind Manson :)
  • anti rauch bugs bunny movie
    Eggs, the old stoner seem to find their way to me, probably meant was the clip „Comic Stars gegen Drying
  • nudist gallery one
    Nope, something silently African is not found here, though scantily clad ladies, it's supposed to stay here for aesthetic ;)
  • shit
    I have well-considered letter. Shit shit… ;)
  • Switzerland rogue state
    The contribution is soooo awesome, I have to mention it again just :))
  • who dragula true
    Andreas Plörer, aka Vincent Raven…???
  • stripping on how to write English
    Aha, as you can see on my blog you can learn something.
  • how to make the pants into the socks?
    Oh dear, I say nothing now wiser to…

Dravens Keywords (4)

At the 5. October 2007 I was allowed on my blog the 500. Visitor count, at the 1. Advent bereits the 3000. Visitor and now it's time, Monday Night was 10’000. Visitors to my blog to visit :)

Wow, I am amazed. How quickly this happens, about 1000 Postings und 10’000 Visitors more… Also, I am extremely pleased. I wish all the readers of my blog on the world wide web out there to thank for their loyalty and interest and hope, I am able to continue to enjoy with interesting postings! As I on such occasions, here are the stats analysis ('m usually not one of the numbers man), here are some interesting words to light, which have led to my blog. The most curious here:

  • gadawan tortoise
    Well, the Hyenas dogs and their owners seem to fascinate not only me ;)
  • crypt porn
    Ohä, only in the tomb, it's going? Slightly necrophile Predisposition?:)
  • gloves zombie
    Erm jaaaaaa? Michael Jackson?
  • indisch children porno
    Well now but half long, extends the child labor in India has not? It must be also the child sex? Ugh!
  • lego sex video
    It is always better, I did not know that you can have with colorful plastic blocks and Sex…
  • old porn with grandchildren
    Exactly, Indian baby vegetables is not enough, the grandchildren will also get even. Hallo-o?!
  • oma porn adventures
    Holla the forest fairy! But now schlägts Thirteen! According to the Comic Adventures, Now even porn? And with ner granny, tststs…
  • legged cats in wrestling video
    Oh yes, legged cats were hardly here really meant…
  • Öko Rapper
    Aha, Since the Coop Advertising Stress is as eco Rapper? So quickly is an image made.

Dravens Keywords (3)

Exactly the 1. Advent I was allowed to 3000. Welcome visitors to my blog. Welcome and thank you dear readers for your loyalty. What can I say, Now after nearly 14 Meet, as I am 16. November 2007 mean 2000. Visitor should celebrate the page, have now been 1000 Surfer more viewing my blog.

Wow, I hope, that my scribblings like to continue and I hope, that I and you and you and you and you … can also continue to enjoy.

I have to take this opportunity once again looked through the stats and thereby following „exotic“ Keywords found, which in Google have been entered and is apparently surfaced my blog in results:

  • winter poem
    The poet to find me ;)
  • poker bescheissen
    Well then practice a lot of fun :)
  • skull blanket
  • from the diary one gunman freeware
    Ne Freeware for gunman? Was certainly a sleeper…
  • bmw sunk
    Gongrett grass :D
  • plate photos animals dead street
    But, but, called Roadkills one finds rather here
  • Italian porn
    And what about the other?
  • free Pornon wiedeos preteen
    But now it gets dirty – German and probably had also NEN window seat
  • metzgerei win
    Erm, yes i like some bloody Sun items, but by the Metzg I've never heard
  • testosterone
    Exactly, which brings me back to the porn

Dravens Keywords (2)

After I am 5. October on my blog the 500. Visitor could include, it is now a jiffy on the 2000. Visitors to. After one and a half months have therefore now 1500 People viewed my blog, what me very happy and I hope, that I can continue to draw with my scribblings and posts the surfer interest to me and if anyone should have subscribed to my blog, me, this is even more pleasing and I hope, that I can continue to enjoy yourselves.

I have looked on this occasion again the statistics, while following „exotic“ Keywords found, which in Google have been entered and is apparently surfaced my blog in results:

  • Human Skull
  • Book interrogation tactics
  • Chief seduce
  • Stress Öko Song
  • „as a guilty, which is inexcusable behavior“
  • Blog tanks RS tuna
  • Gays Rekruten
  • Smoker + Tolerance
  • Student sex sites
  • Webcam Strip Movies Blog
  • pen
  • Dravens Keywords (1)

    Now that I have to blog about three months and today was the 500. Visitors to my blog, it's time, einwenig go through the statistics. And I have the following Keywords found, which obviously surfers Google have entered and are then gets on my blog:

    • gays amputated leg amputated
    • black stripperin it can get money
    • raped in toilet

    Is quite interesting to see, according to what is sought, respectively where my blog appears in the search results obviously.