Interview with Dave Mustaine and Kerry King to his appearance on Megadeth

A few days ago we had the clip for the first Appearance of Kerry King in Megadeth Since 26 Years in the vault. Here are some Quotes Dave after the show:

Not very many people know this, but Kerry King played guitar in Megadeth in the very beginning. David Ellefson [Megadeth Bassist] still touts [Kerry] as being the best rhythm guitar player that Megadeth ever had, which I think is really cool.

It’s funny, Because when Kerry played with us, he would still wear his Slayer colors. We didn’t, so we would be there with high-tops and sneakers on and Kerry would be there with nails for days everywhere. [Laughs] And I remember going to his house and he was making that thing [nail-studded wristband], Man. His dad’s sitting on a chair watching TV and Kerry’s just sitting there just hammering away, making a pentagram like it was nothing — not a big deal at all. [Laughs] And we had a great time, Man. He’s a really smart player and he was able to learn the stuff that I wrote really quickly, which made a huge impression on David, ‚cause he still talks about it.

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