DBD: Hell Haw – John 5 and the Creatures

Here the Video the current Single „Hell Haw“ by Rob Zombie-Guitarist John 5. The track is also on the upcoming album „guitars, T!ts And Monsters“ be heard, which will be released later this year. In October John want 5 and his solo band The Creatures come for a few concerts in Europe.

John 5 and the Creatures - Hell Haw

DBD: Here’s To The Crazy Ones – John 5 & The Creatures

In the following Video makes John 5 (Rob Zombie, ex-Marilyn Manson) to monkey! As huge fan of „Planet is Affen“ he dedicated to the sci-fi film in collaboration with producer Matt Zane and his solo band „The Creatures“ a tribute video. Für das Make-up waren Laney Chantal, Miranda Jory und Kaloffornia Casey zuständig. Der Track „Here’s To The Crazy Ones“ is on John 5s Album „guitars, T!ts And Monsters“, which will be released during the year, be found. Die Scheibe wird auch eine Dokumentation über die Produktion der Platte sowie alle Clips enthalten.

John 5 and the Creatures - Here's To The Crazy Ones

DBD: Making Monsters – John 5 and the Creatures

Rob Zombie-Guitarist John 5 has his song „Making Monsterseinen Clip veröffentlicht, der den Titel des Songs sehr schön widerspiegelt. Later this year, wants John 5 his new solo album „guitars, T!ts And Monsters“ bring under the people, but rlease date is not yet known…

John 5 and the Creatures / Making Monsters / COFFIN CASE

DBD: Behind The Nut Love – John 5

Rob Zombie Guitarist John 5 hat ein Video to his new song „Behind The Nut Love“ released. Originally, the song is from his 2005 album „Songs for Sanity“. The new version has John 5 with his band „The Creatures“ was added and the song will be on the upcoming album „guitars, T!TS, and Monsters“ be included with. Unfortunately An exact release date is not fixed yet…

Behind The Nut Love - John 5 and the Creatures