2015 Movies in Lego

I know, 2015 is over and thus also the time of recaps, but Lego has since last year just the endgeile shit and you have to applaud the company simply, that they have managed, to be from pure toy at a trend product. So Lego fetzt again properly and so we make in the flashbacks again an exception, finally has Antonio Toscano here with a lot of Love staged the best films from last year with Lego. Here and there a bit hard to recognize, but on the whole this is a fine piece of Internet history - and much, much better than the silly LEGO film of two years ago…

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2015 Movies in Lego

Suck It, 2015

Things don’t get better just because the calendar changed. Things get better because you make them get better.

Suck It, 2015
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YouTube Rewind 2015

Interesting and a sign, that you can not become younger: In compilation of the year can be seen always less YouTube Stars. There is also a look back on the great Viral Videos of recent years, da YouTube 2015 also the tenth anniversary celebrated. Now I have to explain these skeletons but someone… something went past me in the past year? A Video, brimming with young and beautiful people only so… My YouTube is not the…

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YouTube Rewind: Now Watch Me 2015 | #YouTubeRewind

Here’s to 2015: The year 2015 summarized in an illustration

Annually appear Beutler Ink an illustration and yes, only it is just one of drölftausend year flashbacks and summaries, but here is just connected to damn a lot of creativity and wonderfully compressed. Therefore it is a bit of a hidden object: Like many of the small allusions and annual themes can be discovered? This year is a graphic designer and cartoonist Luke McGarry responsible for the presentation of the events. 152 2015he he has stuff „hidden“, Movie about virals to news events. Should not you all can see - There is a listing of all Items. Prints you can also purchase, currently for 14 Dollars each.

Face front, true believers! Beutler Ink has once again gathered the biggest stories of the past year—from soaring triumphs (Pluto flyby) to sobering tragedies (Paris attacks) to stomach-turning travesties (Go Set a Watchman)—and packaged them together into a single, sprawling illustration.

Here's to 2015

Final Cut 2015: Trailer Mashup brings together the movie highlights of the year

The YouTuber of JoBlo Movie Trailers have once again given their best and a XXL-Trailer tinkered. With this Mad Max, Steve Jobs, Jurassic World, The Martians and Avengers: Age of Ultron. And dozens of others. 2015, which is clear when watching the trailer, was a great movie year… Since actually only the question remains: What's that for a movie with zombie girl since 6:24 and which is coupled to the mask immediately afterwards? They look creepy from. Maybe I like it…

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Final Cut 2015 - A Movie Trailer Mashup

2014 – Year in Review

This annual review is always good enough, to be seen, even if the year 2014 something long ago. This recollection is better than any one-hour TV show, which are always cut us to the end of the year around the ears and before the year 2014 completely dust, here we go!

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Youtube Rewind 2014

Here the annual review for 2014 from the perspective of YouTube. In this 6,5 Minute clip were many celebrities, Viral Video-Heroes and musicians, the importance of this year were housed…

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YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014

People Are Awesome 2014

Here the „People Are Awesome“-Compilation of the outgoing year.

Featuring mind blowing footage of people achieving the seemingly impossible and pushing the boundaries of human endeavour. Including parkour, cycling, skiing, base jumping, xpogo, kayaking, trick shots, acrobatic dunks, martial arts and loads more!

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The year 2014 in a minute

The following Video summarizes the past year together entertaining. From the pompous Winter Games in Sochi on the lift-fight between Solange Knowles and Jay-Z up to the Ebola epidemic and the Sony Hack: Animation Domination High-Def has an ornately decorated video released, the passes once again the defining events of the late year Revue.

The video consists of a series of GIFs, produced by various artists and it requires a quick eye, to recognize each event shown in single view. But anyone who takes the time, a second or third time to be aware of the clip to heart, should recognize all.

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