SUPER-HERO-BOWL: The slaughter if 100 compete superheroes and movie characters against each other

And what a great Carnage! With many allusions, funny jokes and especially correct many deaths, because at the end just only one can win. From the Marvel films is pretty much all here, course star wars, Batman, Deadpool, Harrison Ford made in different versions and of course a few fuzzy types „The Lord of the Rings“. was ArtSpear Entertainment has since tinkered, can really be seen – except maybe the end. Still, very cool!


Indiana Jones films as maps

Indiana Jones Filme Karte 1

Andrew DeGraff had the idea, Indiana Jones Filme auf Karten zu übertragen. Natürlich keine geographischen oder politischen Karten, sondern Flussdiagramme mit den Hauptschauplätzen des jeweiligen Films. Smart thing and properly implemented. Fans should definitely risking a glance. Das Ganze hat DeGraff übrigens auch mit star wars made.

Indiana Jones Filme Karte 2
Indiana Jones Filme Karte 3
(via Super Punch)